Timeline Evolution Ascension

In the previous timeline you were linked with the human, collective unconsciousness. The collective unconsciousness is removed in the metaphysical healing. With the collective unconsciousness removed and your sentient energy returned to you, you are no longer subjected to human unconsciousness on an energetic level.

Timeline Evolution Ascension removes all collective consciousness from your new timeline.

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Timeline Evolution Ascension – Sentient

Timeline Evolution Ascension is part of what Metaphysical Healing restores. Our organic, sentient being is now free of metaphysical restraints that have been forced on us.

Timeline Evolution Ascension has Sentient Natural Lore. Sentient Natural Lore is important. The energy restored in a Metaphysical Healing has been returned from the matrix.Sentient Natural Lore is the sentient ‘law’. On the old Timeline we have to ‘abide by Lucifarian law’.

The matrix operates on a system of divide and conquer and separation. Timeline Evolution Ascension is synergy, connection and heart connected.

Sentient Natural Lore is protection from occultists.

Timeline Evolution Ascension – Activations 1111

Timeline Evolution Ascension 1111 means that your Soul Purpose Ascension is activated and all the hard work and healing you have been doing finally begins to pay off.

Sentient Liberation 1111 Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker
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Timeline Evolution Ascension- Equilibrium 1111

If you are tired of drama then welcome to serenity. The human matrix projects chaos into our lives. A sentient timeline activates equilibrium.

Timeline Evolution Ascension- Synchronicity 1111

Timeline Evolution Ascension is the metaphysical removal of your old timeline. This means that you are on a new timeline free of numerous blockages that prevented you from finding your authentic, soul purpose.

Frequency Embodiments - Abigail Pattman, Metaphysical Biohacker
Sentient Liberation 1111 Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker

Timeline Evolution Ascension – Freedom 1111

Timeline Evolution Ascension 1111 activates freedom from the matrix and its subordination. Freedom to have peace and serenity free of matrix control and authority. The matrix feeds from chaos. Freedom 1111 is freedom to choose peace of mind.

Soul Ascension Frequency Embodiments

COMING SOON – Soul Ascension Frequency Embodiments to support your sentient, soul advancement.

Timeline Evolution Ascension is the replacement of the matrix Devolution Timeline. The Devolution Timeline is a collective fear based construct. Timeline Evolution Ascension restores peace and serenity.

Humanity is not evolving collectively. The divide between those that choose peace and those that choose war is an unconscious disconnection from Gaia. Gaia cannot maintain human destruction - many choose to reject the suffering of our planet and it's inhabitants.

Timeline Evolution is the beginning of a Timeline Split. A Timeline Split can not be achieved within the metaphysical matrix. In order to initiate Evolution Ascension ALL metaphysical matrices need to be hacked and Sentiency restored.

Holographic Matrix by Abigail Pattman - Free Download
Abigail Pattman - Metaphysical Biohacker, Spiritual Outlaw

Metaphysical Matrix Exit - Abigail Pattman

The Holographic Matrix is the first book explaining the Matrix Metaverse.

Abigail hacked the matrix codes with sentient transmissions. 

Holographic Matrix is free. You can download the book here. 

Metaphysical Matrix Exit will be avaliable 27/09/2023.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker
Metaphysical Matrix Exit Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker
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