Memoirs of an Indigo

I was stumbling, it was dark and I was in a forest being pulled by someone through the trees. I was small, very small; I could hardly keep up with him. He was an adult and walking too fast. I was terrified. Something was wrong. I could hear chanting. It vibrated through me and there was nothing I could do. Then we got to a clearing and what I saw moved me beyond terrified into a frozen place that permeated my soul and left icy scars that took root within my being.

There was some kind of slab or table and stood around it people; (they could have been demons, probably both) in long dark robes their faces hidden by masks and hoods holding torches lit with flames. It was like a movie, a vividly real horror movie and just as in a movie I zoomed into the ritual and then I woke up. Gasping for air, heart pounding in my chest, I was shaking, in a cold sweat. It was day time and I was 14 years old. Nightmares were common to me but this felt real. I never forgot that dream. Later on I realized it was a flashback.

This actually happened.

It happened to me and in the time it took me to journey through it and heal the wounds that had consumed my life for 40 years; I searched for a reason, a purpose as to why I was a child of Satanic Ritual Abuse? Why if I had chosen this on some spiritual level, which by the way I didn’t embrace gracefully in flowing white robes and dancing around crystals waving incense around to ‘cleanse negative energy’, why on some ‘higher level’ I decided to be on this planet and endure such dark, sick and warped madness and as when I ask such questions, being extremely connected to the universal messages that come my way, I found my answer.

I’m a first wave indigo.

Indigo’s have come here to make changes although a lot of them don’t make it because it is so hard. A lot of us you see choose painfully traumatic lives in order to understand the sickness on this planet and I went for the jackpot. Satanic Rituals are designed to totally crucify the soul and turn it’s recipients into modern day puppets that are so broken they inevitably commit suicide or live a life so fragmented that somehow they manifest the abuse and trauma continuously in the people they attract and the lives they lead. I came into this world to work from the inside out because even through the hell I was put through, I knew that life was sacred and it is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS.

Indigo’s are activists, they think outside of the box.

Indigo’s don’t like authority, they see little purpose in ‘following the rules’ if the rules don’t make sense and what makes sense about a world that continues to destroy and manipulate in order to satisfy a few sociopaths at the top of the ‘Freemason ladder’? Indigo’s if they make it through their backgrounds escaping drug addiction, self destruction and their incredible heartache of knowing that they do not belong in this world. Indigo’s fight back.

You see it begins in childhood.

You know you don’t belong, you watch what is happening around you and you just want to know why? Why are there wars? What real ‘god’ would want to rape, mutilate, destroy, genocide, poison, persecute and force humans into ‘following them’? I believe in control and power led by fear and a world that has bought into it. Indigo’s see through lies and deceit and it breaks their hearts.

Because Indigo’s are fierce, they are warriors and no; they don’t belong here.

They have come to make changes and the ones that have chosen paths like mine have come to suffer these traumas so that they can expose them.

More and more indigo’s are being born.

They are shoved full of vaccines and pharmaceuticals because they think differently; they don’t see the point in school or ‘behaving’, learning useless shit because they are wired differently, they know intrinsically that they don’t fit in so society finds ways to try and crush their brilliance. Indigo’s don’t think the same you see, they are connected, to nature, to their hearts and they can’t conform because it isn’t in their nature to be mute compliant puppets that tow the line. For an indigo that’s like selling your soul and indigo’s aren’t built to allow their souls to be hijacked in that way.

Many get lost because indigo’s are also mystics, empaths, intuitive and are highly sensitive.

Meaning that they feel this corruption in every cell of their beings and it torments their hearts and many will buy into the program that it is them that has the problem but I’m here to tell you that these incredible beings are the ones that are pushing for a new way, a new world. There are many of us out there and we have all felt the pain of a world that isn’t real. A world built on fake promises, pointless power games and lives wasted in a system that is purely designed to dis-empower and dumb down.

Indigo’s feel the suffering that others have disconnected from and they yearn for freedom, they fight for justice and they pray for change.

It takes courage to realize you are different, to know that you may have spent a huge amount of your life feeling misunderstood and misjudged but if you are reading this then you know that you are strong enough to move through whatever life has thrown at you. The world is changing, slowly and more and more souls are opening up and sharing their own struggles because it’s time to open up and expose what is really happening on planet Earth and to call for change. An Indigo revolution is precisely what is needed because even stripped of their power, even taken to the depths of this insidious and continuous cycle of cruelty that frequents this planet Indigo’s are here to stay and for those of us that have made it through. We’re not going to stop.

I screamed, I cried, I rebelled and I refused to conform to every system that was imposed on me and now I’m here to tell my story…

There is a new wave, a new vibration and as I watch my Indigo brothers and sisters stepping into their own particular revolutionary purpose I smile because deep down I know that there are now enough of us to push this new wave into being. I don’t believe it will happen in my lifetime but I do believe that it’s here to stay.

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