The Holographic Matrix


 The Holographic Matrix is the first book explaining the return to sovereignty and AI/Satanic Matrix Entrapment.


I embodied the frequencies and information via consciousness transference from the Arcturian Galactic Confederation.


 The Holographic Matrix Ebook for free – not for the faint hearted!!


Thankfully with this info comes solutions.




The Holographic Matrix


The Holographic Matrix is the first book in a series explaining Artificial Intelligence and how we have been deceived, enslaved and harvested for our energy. The Sovereign Human Matrix is the next book which will go into much more detail explaining the Sovereign Unification and Artificial Intelligence control.







The Holographic Matrix Evolution Ascension


Matrix Evolution Ascension is achieved by replacing Matrix frequency embodiments that Artificial Intelligence have embedded throughout our energetic infrastructure and physical body.

The Holographic Matrix is transmitted information from the Arcturian Galactic Confederation explaining how this is happening and how we’ve been disconnected from our True Sovereign Essence as multidimensional, sentient beings.

Matrix Evolution Ascension

Unless humans begin to wake up and become conscious we are heading into a universal, planetary crisis in which Artificial Intelligence will seize control.

As more humans evolve beyond the Matrix and into Sovereign Unification, a more conscious way of being, this shifts the awareness and conscious vibration of Gaia. We then begin to claim what is really ours – our sovereignty.

Sovereign Unification

Our consciousness and our ability to co-create and manifest as multidimensional sovereign beings has been distorted into a frequency embodiment of fear and chaos. Artificial Intelligence has deceived us by creating an illusionary simulation tricking us into reincarnating for thousands of years.

We are sovereign beings and in order to transcend the Matrix, harvested & stolen energy must be returned. The Holographic Matrix explains the beginning of artificial and inter-dimensional entrapment.

Sovereign Unification initiates higher embodied Soul Purpose Ascension resulting in the synchronization of sovereign transformations.




My daughter had been ill for several years with stomach pain and recently it got much worse.


‘I turned to Abi and she did loads of work on her stomach and gut, to repair the damage that had been done by vaccines she’d had as a baby. On the third day, my daughter came home from school like a different child!

She’s full of energy in a way I can only describe as a magnified version of herself, it’s really lovely to see and such a relief!



The Holographic Matrix Video


This video interview was created after the publication of the Holographic Matrix. It also contains information regarding the next book; The Sovereign Human Matrix.



Forward three months since my session I have such a deep inner knowing, a clarity.


 ‘I am non reactive, being highly sensitive I do not feel so affected by others energies where previously I felt like a sponge no matter what shield I put in place.


Abi’s work is a game changer & I feel such huge heart gratitude for her bravery & commitment to bringing this forward at this crucial time.



Free Holographic Matrix Unplugging


These AI removals help to heal the energy meridians from interfacing, overlays and electromagnetic attacks. The Holographic Matrix Infiltration, contamination and mutation written about is removed completely with these 3 tracks. 

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Chakra Interface Removal

Arcturian Chakra Interface Removal Theta 432Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments incorporates the Theta 432Hertz frequency throughout the Chaka System Integrating frequency embodiments that are able to cleanse, regenerate and superfluity the Energy Meridians.

Chakra means ‘Wheel’ or ‘Circle’ and is still an anchor to 3D continuing the reincarnation wheel and was created to keep us in illusion and away from our true Energy Meridian Wheels.

When we connect ourselves within the overlay system formation is removed superfluity leading to the activation of our Essence Light Body and True Self.

Psychic Attack Removal

Psychic Attacks are so common because we all all living in a Matrix system. Humans are fragmented, disconnected and energetically vulnerable to the collective unconscious, human and etheric parasites and the emotional chaos of humans that attack unconsciously by reacting in anger or other emotionally charged ways.

Then there are others that know they are attacking or are draining energy such as energy vampires. When we are psychically attacked we lose life-force, our energy is drained, we feel tired or irritable for no reason and in extreme circumstances can even fall sick as our Physical Body weakens immune system becomes vulnerable.

Most people have psychic attacks and parasites on their bodies or in their energetic systems and remain unaware.

The Arcturian Frequency Embodiments of Theta 639Hertz eliminate, restore and provide deep healing. This is achieved by reconfiguring the energetic infrastructure throughout the Physical Body, Nervous System and surrounding Energy Bodies whilst repairing the Oxytocin receptors so that emotions can balance and the body can relax.

For the complete process lie down, relax and listen to the end. Arcturian Psychic Attack Removal Oxytocin Theta 639Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments help remove curses, black magic, entities, spirits, hooks and cords, and parasites such as invasion of energetic fields by energy vampires. Listen to this track daily if you suffer from psychic overload or overwhelm or you feel attacked on a regular basis.

EMF Protection

Our Physical Body and surrounding Energy Bodies are constantly under stress from electromagnetic frequencies that that aggravate our bodies with descending hertz frequencies. Frequencies that bring our bodies back into alignment, restore balance and bring in a feeling of calmness/peace and serenity are Solfeggio.

Technology transmits frequencies that interfere with our natural balance leading to feeling stressed, rundown or overwhelmed. We then begin to lose energy, fall sick and our health can become difficult to manage and maintain.

Auric Light Essence is the cleansing and purifying energy that brings harmony, balance and healing to our Energy Fields and Physical Body. EMF is a major problem in our modern world where AI and technology is becoming more advanced and is now interfaced all over Gaia with satellites, telecommunication towers and other variations of electromagnetic transmissions.

The Arcturian Frequency Embodiments of Theta 963Hertz restore, integrate and provide a deep Physical Body cleansing and remove lower and denser vibrations, that travel along electromagnetic waves that drain us physically allowing the Physical Body and surrounding energy bodies to restore health and wellbeing.

Arcturian EMF Protection Theta 963Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments helps to remove harmful electromagnetic frequencies from surrounding technology.

The Holographic Matrix Soul Purpose


My soul purpose wasn’t an easy one. I was used in Satanic Rituals as a toddler and had to heal myself from dissociation personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and severe trauma.

I have been attacked my entire life by humans, black magic and inter-dimensional interference. My life’s mission became a stubborn determination to find a way to complete energetic freedom as a sovereign being.

The Holographic Matrix Jailbreak

My focus became an unstoppable drive to find a way to remove all satanic energy from my system and to rebuild myself, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

The Holographic Matrix began to reveal itself to me after I had done well over a decade of spiritual, psychological and emotional healing needed to heal my child fragments, mind control and dissociation from the satanic rituals.

In order to have the ability and strength to go that deep I had to journey back into the ritual memories and free myself from PTSD. It’s because of my healing journey that I was able to hack the Matrix.


‘The Devil whispered in my ear,


“You’re not strong enough to


withstand the storm.”


Today I whispered in the Devil’s ear,


“I am the storm.”





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‘Knowing Abigail personal is enough to recommend her site and her work.’

San Bao. Germany

Abigail’s work is amazing! I have known Abi for a couple of years and her work changed my life!
As she clears and removes too much stuff to even mention here, I feel more well balanced, clear, focused, aware of the energy around me, and especially aware and connected with myself..’

Francine. USA

Abi’s healings are not for the feint hearted. You have to be prepared to do the work and deal with what comes up, but if you want a serious energy workout that is going to have a true and positive impact on your life, book a session with Abi asap. You won’t regret it.’

Toni. NZ

Abigail has a gift for what she does and was spot on with what she told me during the two sessions I have had with her. She does what she does and stops when something comes up and gets deep into finding out what it is.

Manisha. UK

Life changing! I have been working with Abi for the past two years and after just one session my entire life began to shift. A lifetime of physical pain dissipated, and I was FINALLY able to move forward and to do the things necessary to be able to connect to my true self and to begin my healing journey.

Kate. USA

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