Spiritual Rock Star. What is it?

It’s come to my attention that we are an extremely confused bunch of individuals struggling to find our unique path to a destination unknown… Spirituality has become ‘fashionable’ and terminology like ‘surrender’, ‘acceptance’, ‘gratitude’, ‘compassion’ and ‘letting go’ saturates our conversations and is used on a daily basis to describe and explain our constant growth on a new evolution of ever expanding consciousness.

That’s all fine if you want to be soft, gentle and… (if you’re not careful… submissive or finding an excuse for not taking responsibility for your actions) but there’s another side of the coin and it’s much more fun.

A Spiritual Rock Star. Kick ass.

Yep I said it. We’re not always living in a world where our new age tool box and teachings allow us to open our hearts, shine our light and share our gift and expression outwardly. It doesn’t always work like that.

‘Surrender, acceptance, gratitude and compassion’ are great if you are interacting with other beings of the same vibration but knowing yourself is a constant barrage of human beings that see softness and love as a weakness. Beings that take rather than give and then what do you do? Do you become a victim of lower vibrations? Do you allow yourself to be sucked dry because your kindness or openness has been confused? Or do you wake up and take your power back by creating standards and boundaries that keep you empowered?

A Spiritual Rock Star. Boundaries.

Love, trust and kindness is something that we should all be practicing on a daily basis,. However who you love and trust on an inner level needs to be earned. A Spiritual Rock Star has boundaries and values. She is fearless in her love, in her kindness and compassion for life, her world and her dreams. She is also strong, courageous and able to balance her emotions with her heart and mind.

Having been born highly emphathic and spending an entire childhood among high levels of trauma it has taken me 41 years, and a decade of self-healing to finally find a path of managing my emotions and shadow to convey this message. Facing my shadow has taken me to levels and depths of darkness that thankfully most humans will never have to suffer and for what? Taking back my power was the only path to emotional freedom, and self-healing was my way to seeking the freedom within that I so hungrily craved…

Spiritual Rock Star. Shine like the star you are.

Spiritual Rock Star ShineShining your light is a gift and a curse. The more light you have the more attention you attract and the more beings, not understanding your spirit and love of giving, will try to take. You can immerse yourself with like-minded people but you still have to live in the real world.

A Spiritual Rock Star also needs a sword, a sense of humour, a heart of gold, solid boundaries and a soul of steel. We have to fight for our grace, hold our vision, even when no one else sees it and cling onto our dreams with determination and grit.

Finding balance is a never ending process as we are constantly growing, shifting, processing, fucking up, (yes it’s part of the process), expanding and operating from a place that is beyond intellect and conditioning. Never give up.

Spiritual Rock Star. Strengthen your core.

Yoga, meditation, spiritual practices… Amazing. Build your spiritual power. Don’t get lost in the ‘spiritual seriousness’ of it all though. Fun, laughter, dancing, friends and play is just as healing. Too many of us are ruled by our emotions. I know I was. Anything could trigger me and spiral me into a place of blame, shame, attack, defend. I don’t have time for that anymore.

If someone comes into my life that takes advantage of my openness, my heart, my vulnerability, that doesn’t respect my feminine. You won’t see me cry, I won’t give my essence in any way shape or form to another human that has crossed my path. I just walk away. I’ll be cool when you see me, I’ll smile and laugh. Deep down though the door to my inner world closed. My heart is still open, I just moved you out a little, my inner circle is important to me. I’m saving it for people that value me and vibrate with me and dance with my soul. I’ll surround myself with beautiful beings that sparkle, love and play with life, walk their walk and talk their talk and I’ll give harder, love deeper, and dance to a new tune knowing that I just learned a lesson and my boundaries are now even tighter. When one door closes another one opens. I’ve made new room for even greater beings by clearing space.

Spiritual Rock Star. Be fearless.

I fuck up all the time. To be scared to fail, be rejected, make a fool of yourself keeps you comfortable but limited. I recommend being fearless in your approach to life. Dance where no ones danced before. Learn from every mistake and guard your heart but don’t close it. Give, be open, know that we all make mistakes and have triggers. Know that every being you meet is also dealing with their own triggers and  defense mechanisms, that’s where compassion lies and be selective in your choice of true friends. True friends have your back. They respect your feelings and they know how to show up when you need them.

Love and connection makes the world go round, your tribe, soul family, spiritual, mystical friends are gifts of the utmost importance. My habitual pattern when life didn’t go well was to retreat and isolate, this went on for years. People loved me, I just didn’t know how to handle them when they got too close. Due to my past, my boundaries were severely messed up, I attracted shitty karma like a magnet and neglected to trust my instincts and hear my spirit. I craved love and connection but ran when it got messy.

Spiritual Rock Star. Know yourself.

If you don’t have boundaries then life will always be a game of snakes and ladders. What do you want? Who are you? What can you give? Shine your light but do it with integrity. Stand strong. Step out of the story. No doesn’t have to be a story where you are the wronged one because you trusted the wrong person. They lose you it’s their loss. They didn’t ‘see’ you it’s because they didn’t match your vibration.

When you walk into your favourite restaurant you may try everything on the menu but you have your favourites. That’s life and people. You don’t keep eating food that tastes yucky when there are options that tantalize your tongue. People are like food. Try everything once but the quicker you make a decision about what is good for you and what resonates with you the happier you’ll be, besides, there are always new menus and restaurants. What doesn’t work is quickly forgotten when there’s so much choice. Life is a choice. People are a choice. You have the power to choose wisely or poorly. Would you spend weeks crying about a bad menu decision? Or would you just know that doesn’t work for you?

Spiritual Rock Star. Laugh at your mistakes.

That’s where a sense of humour comes in. Laughing is an equally useful way of releasing energy. You choose bad food, you have a choice to be upset and complain or you could start laughing at how awful it is. How your face screws up, the presentation of it. You have a window in time to choose your reaction… yes/no, embarrassing/funny, stay at home and cry/go out and have an adventure. Choose wisely…

A Spiritual Rock Star will find the easiest and highest vibrational way of dealing with something. If… after laughing, new adventures and no’s its still bothering you. Do the work, seek help. Heal the wound within you, that’s what self-love and self-healing is all about, the opportunity to keep polishing your diamond within so it can shine brighter. You are a goddess, start acting like one!!!!

Spiritual Rock Star. Create your own reality.

Spiritual Rock Star. Rock on

Life is a menu and you hold it in your hands. A Spiritual Rock Star knows how to play the game. How to dance to new tunes and how to firmly move away from the old and embrace the new.

Put it this way. If you don’t know what you don’t like how will you ever know what you do like? Knowing what you don’t like and not repeating it opens doors to new, fun, adventures and a higher vibration. Be aware, be cool, be fearless. No one can ever steal your sparkle if you know yourself. Keep dancing, refining your tune and do what makes you YOU.

That’s the power of the Spiritual Rock Star.   Rock on!!!

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