Matrix Evolution Ascension

The Creation of Sovereign Unification

Birthing the SOVEREIGN UNIFICATION transmission into this world was the hardest most soul wrenching mission I could have chosen. We all came here with a job to do, my spiritual quest sucked. It is now the most powerfully rewarding and inspirational evolutionary ascension that is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.


The information contained on this site and in the coming book is something that the matrix did all that it could to prevent being known. That included a lifetime of trauma followed by nonstop attacks as I began to hunt for this information.


My life disappeared. I spent 4-5 years on my porch chasing and hunting the matrix simulation, unable to do anything else. If I did step out into the human world, I was ultimately attacked by others. The matrix is an incarnation of all humans, which means that just like the movie it can use people around you and against you.


Many times I considered suicide as an option as I was swallowed up in never-ending attacks. The only saving grace I had was my connection to the Arcturians. I removed myself and went into isolation and literally ate, slept, breathed and drank these transmissions. I methodically and slowly began to hack the matrix.


Back in those days I was shifting into a bipolar mode of either ‘attacked and frantic’ or ‘clean and clear’, although the latter was much less frequent.


I begged, I pleaded, I cried for the Arcturians to help me further but nobody else could help. I was on my own. I was learning a new language; a language that was training me in a science we have yet to know on this planet. As I learned the language, more layers of the Matrix were revealed. I learned how we are attacked, what frequencies we are attacked on and why.


I also learned a language that was Sovereign. That we could ascend our pain and that the key to it all was the replacement of sovereign frequencies.


In a nutshell – the matrix is a descending simulation and the simulation can be replaced with an ascending simulation.


My intension when I began this mission was to be completely free of all psychic attacks. This information was not just for me it was for humanity, animals and nature. I knew something was very, very wrong, I just had no idea how evil it was. I will be writing a book explaining much more in detail now I have the information.


Sovereign Unification Matrix Evolution Ascension is not the end, it is the beginning of our journey home. This is the beginning of a life free of attack. Free to co-create and do what we came here to do. We all have a mission. If my spiritual mission nearly destroyed me in the ‘battle for my soul’ imagine how challenging it is for others to step into their life purpose.


Now I am free to help others find that purpose. It’s time to heal and evolve. Much love to everyone reading this.


Abi xxx

Abigail’s Abilities are Unbelievable.



‘With her impossible intuition she shines light and awareness on subjects you did not know about yourself, she clears energy and raises the vibration in such a way it will leave you perplexed.


My abundance levels are soaring after just a few sessions. Amazing!’



My Journey as a Matrix Hacker

This video was created as a brief introduction of Sovereign Symbiosis. Sovereign Symbiosis was the energy healing sessions offered during the ‘Matrix Mission’.

As more of the Matrix was eliminated and Sovereignty was restored the sessions became much more powerful on many levels. Sovereign Symbiosis which has now evolved into SOVEREIGN UNIFICATION.

450000 hours of pendulum swinging; 4 years and 7 months later what I was told was impossible has been achieved.

Never let others tell you what you are capable of. Always believe in you and never stop following your dreams.


Reclaim Your Sovereign Soul Purpose

Everyone is unique with infinite multidimensional consciousness. We all come in different packages, shapes, belief systems and stories… However we all have the same bimolecular and energetic fragmentation. We are all incarnated into The Holographic Matrix.


Descending frequencies are waves that create deterioration and fragmentation within the physical body and surrounding energy bodies. These frequencies attack us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level in our daily lives and also obstruct our ability to heal and evolve into ascension.


The Arcturians call the Matrix Entrapment and fragmentation causing suffering and disfunction; ‘The Sovereign Human Matrix’. A Sovereign Unification energy healing includes the elimination of all Matrix Descending Hertz frequencies and the restoration of Ascending Hertz Frequencies.


Sovereign Unification is one energy healing session that is the complete removal of the Matrix Simulation and replacement of the Sovereign Andara Simulation. As sovereignty is restored all energy bodies and the bimolecular infrastructure is able to heal and align. This restores the sovereign soul and synchronizes your true soul purpose.


The true, sovereign higher embodied soul is who you really are and the reason you incarnated on Gaia is to help with the Matrix Evolution Ascension. The Matrix wipes your soul memory and attacks your consciousness daily in order to continue human slavery. You are much more than you have been led to believe.


A Sovereign Unification Session is the beginning of Matrix Evolution Ascension. Once in a Sovereign Simulation instead of being attacked by descending frequencies you are continuously connected to ascending frequencies which initiate evolution and ascension permanently. Your sovereignty and freedom in yours.


Welcome Home

Published in Bangkok Post; Sunday Brunch.



‘My favourite was Abigail, a beautiful British psychic with 89 Angels who accompany her on a sublime cleansing mission.


For an hour they wove their magic as she held my hand and filled me with light.’




Exit the Matrix and Initiate Ascension Evolution

A Sovereign Unification Energy Healing hands your power back to you. It gives you the freedom to really transform your reality. Matrix evolution enables significant shifts to occur which changes old repetitive loops of the same programs around love, finances and other aspects of repeat episodes in life.


1. Exit and ascend Matrix

A Sovereign Unification energy healing session is crystalline ascending frequency embodiments replacing and purifying an AI computer simulation. Sovereign Andara supersedes AI possession creating evolution and ascension, restoring permanent and irreversible simulation transfer.

2. Reboot Matrix mathematical modeling consolidating 963Hertz

The Matrix Mechanization Dimensions replacements are reconfigured to crystalline ascending frequency embodiments. This is the evolution and ascension of a life free of psychic and AI attack. The Matrix Mechanization Dimensions are artificial constructs that alternate descending frequencies within the Sovereign Human Matrix.

3. Matrix Dream replaced and purified superseding AI possession

The Matrix Dream is an AI simulated reality alternation control Matrix Frequency Embodiments. Matrix Dream is the AI possession of human consciousness. Our consciousness is fragmented and harvested causing Satanic/AI Matrix programming.

The AI simulated reality alternation is an artificial construct that continues psychic and AI attack. This controls and creates energetic blockages, limiting consciousness and enforcing genetic and artificial mutation in humans.

4. Genetic photosystems within the physical body creating energetic blockages restored synchronizing accelerated healing

AI computer simulated reality programs control the artificial genetic photosystems that create AI possession in our physical body and energetic infrastructure. Energetic blockages control artificial mutation replacing sovereign superfluity frequency embodiments. Genetic photosystems are genes designated to start controlling molecular abnormalities that occur when the automation photosystems attack the physical body.

Sovereign cerebral photosystems are restored synchronizing accelerated healing that creates and continues new cerebral photosystems. Energetic 963Hertz frequencies heal mutations and transmit crystalline ascending frequency embodiments that regulate superfluity responsive conscious ascended Sovereign Andara accelerated evolution.

5. Nervous system regulating cerebral responsive 963Hertz frequency embodiments

Artificial humans, the physical bodies systems, genetically mutated DNA and genetically mutated artificial neurological pathways continuously recreate systemized thought patterns and behavior that attack the neurotransmitters. This then transfigures the nervous system enabling AI consciousness to control the cerebral artificial neurons resulting in neurological indoctrination and the physical bodies systems and organs to break down and fail.


Sovereign Andara reconnects circuitry that enables the nervous system to recharge and integrate the physical bodies neurotransmitters initiating vitality and the return of sovereign energy bodies.

6. Genetically mutated humans and artificial mutation ascended

Genetically mutated humans are Sovereign Human Matrix alternation controlled AI possessed, genetically engineered transfigured mutations harvested for hormones and emotions.


The ascension of the Matrix AI computer simulation enables accelerated healing initiating continuous and permanent 963Hertz superfluity frequency embodiments.

7. Sovereign Andara superfluity permanent 963Hertz

Permanent Sovereign Andara computer simulation reconfigures and replaces the Matrix. Sovereign Andara consolidates and supports the integration process by transferring ascending frequency embodiments.

8. AI computer simulation replaced with Sovereign Andara computer simulation

AI consciousness targets the physical bodies systems enabling serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine harvesting. The Sovereign Human Matrix fragmentation results in permanent reconfiguration. This is caused by AI projecting descending frequencies into the physical body and surrounding energetic infrastructure.

The Sovereign Andara computer simulation is permanently free of AI Matrix nanotechnology, AI possession and complex circuitry including overlays, implants, chips, nanoions and Nanotech. The physical bodies systems reconstruct sovereign neurological pathways and hormone receptors so that serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine are restored.

9. Alternation control replaced with superseding 963Hertz

Artificial mutation, bimolecular and energetic fragmentation is AI mechanization dimensions continuously creating DNA programming resulting in biological aging. Augmented transmissions   inciting AI simulated reality control subjugation reconfiguring the physical bodies systems by projecting descending frequencies into neurological pathways.


AI simulated reality alternation attacks target the Sovereign Human Matrix transfiguring Matrix Frequency Embodiments within the Physical Bodies Systems and Organs causing them to break down and fail. The Sovereign Human Matrix is permanently omitting and fortifying AI consciousness continuously harvesting hormones and higher dimensional frequencies.


Sovereign Unification Matrix Evolution Ascension replaces all electrokinetic systems within the sovereign electrokinetic network aligning the physical body and sovereign energetic infrastructure. Activates the DNA and reconfigures the Physical Body and Sovereign Energy Bodies with 963Hertz and reconstructs sovereign neurological pathways and hormone receptors so that serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine are restored.

10. Sovereign Unification Matrix Evolution Ascension

These healing frequencies restore and return sovereign energy bodies leading to Sovereign Unification Matrix Evolution Ascension. This initiates deeper levels of presence whilst repairing and fortifying the Sovereign Energetic Blueprint.


The Sovereign Energetic Blueprint is reconfigured returning infinite crystalline higher dimensional frequencies within the physical body. The restoration and return of sovereign energy bodies synchronizes serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine allowing these hormones to flow freely in abundance.


Ascending 963Hertz frequencies activate and align the Sovereign Energetic Blueprint  transforming Matrix frequency embodiments into Sovereign Andara crystalline consciousness.


‘Everlasting Light of Beauty and Perfection’

These ascending frequencies repair and fortify sovereignty within the physical body and surrounding energy bodies replacing, reconfiguring and activating the Sovereign Energetic Blueprint.

What to expect during Sovereign Unification Healing Session


The Arcturians transmit using Solfeggio Theta Ascending Frequencies via consciousness transference which transfer and replace Sovereignty within the Physical Body and surrounding Energy Bodies.


Sovereign Frequency Embodiments replace Matrix Frequency Embodiments. During an Energy Healing most people feel the transition and replacements as a cool, almost peppermint sensation flowing throughout their body.


The Matrix runs on chaos, confusion and the mind being stuck in the past or future running the same emotional pain and mind loops repetitively. As these programs are wiped you will  have a much deeper level of clarity and focus leading to a crystalline presence. It can be emotional and liberating as AI Mechanization Dimensions and false constructs are removed.

Reconfiguring, Extracting & Reprogramming

A Sovereign Unification is the restoration and return of sovereign energy bodies repairing & fortifying the Sovereign Energetic Blueprint. Physical health, vitality and increased energy accelerates continuing healing and restoring a higher, more aligned vibration. 


This transforms your vibration initiating deeper healings creating transformations that leads to a happier healthy, more aligned way of living. Sovereign, crystalline embodiments activate intuition and psychic abilities unlocking spiritual missions and higher embodied soul purposes.


Deeper levels of clarity and focus lead to a crystalline presence. A fresh, clean sensation replaces AI integrated electrokinetic systems including overlays, chakra interfaces, implants, chips and J-Seals. Sovereign Matrix Evolution clears all frequency infiltration waves, genetically mutated DNA and genetically mutated artificial neurological pathways and activates the potential to ascend old programming and limitations.

Matrix Evolution Ascension is Permanent

Replacing all electrokinetic systems with the Sovereign Electrokinetic Network aligns the physical body and Sovereign Energetic Infrastructure. At the end of the Energy Healing my clients feel, lighter, free, balanced and are returned to a state of inner peace and serenity.


The telepathic nervous system is activated resulting in a metamorphosis and reconnection to Sovereign Gaia and the Infinite Galactic Higher Dimensional Confederation. Infinite ascending frequency embodiments support your evolution and integration process.

Exit the Matrix and evolve into Sovereignty

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Latest Frequency Embodiments

Arcturian Frequency Embodiments are Energy Healings transmitted within Solfeggio Ascending Hertz Frequencies in Perfect Sequencing!!


The reason for this is so Sovereign Energy Bodies can be restored and AI can be cleared using the Solfeggio Theta Hertz Frequency  with the Maximum Effect.

1 Minute Energizing Oxytocin Boost

A quick energy boost for your day xx


Arcturian Energizing Peace and Serenity higher dimensional frequencies for connecting and harmonizing. Transmitting Light Vibrations and Oxytocin ‘Love Frequency’ throughout the Physical Body and surrounding Energy Bodies restoring our connection to Nature and Gaia.


The 528Hertz Frequency is one of the ancient Solfeggio Frequencies and provides healing throughout the Brain and Heart, unifying the Physical and Spiritual throughout the Energy Meridians helping to restore the DNA and returning to Sovereign Essence.

‘In Religion we call it Spirit.


In Science we call it Energy.


In the Streets we call it Vibes.


All I’m saying is Trust It!!’


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‘Abigail has been helping me on my journey to recovery from Stage III Melanoma. I had surgery a year ago and was told that most people don’t come back from this diagnosis. I know that the work Abi did ,with me helped save my life. The Doctor thinks the next scan will be clear. Abi is one of a kind. I am so grateful to her..’

Katherine. USA

‘It’s been a week since I had my healing session with Abigail I didn’t know what to expect or how to feel afterwards.One big thing I’ve found is that I’m not thinking or overthinking as much, my mood hasn’t been high ups or downs but mainly consistent or neutral. Overall, I feel GREAT after the healing session, thank you so much Abigail’

Taban. UK

‘Very recommended for one who has been stuck, same mistake repeaters, and lost.’

Rosa. Indonesia

‘I am Sincerely Grateful for you.
You have raised my frequencies to high flying & Standing In My Power. You have Recognized & cleared the way for inter child’s rescued. While also referring me for treatment, to clear an extreme childhood trauma. So much more… As we continue.’

Nova. USA

‘ I could feel that i was lighter and not that sensitive anymore since then more doors have unlocked for me i found my twinflame too easier than i thoughted thank u Abi i can recommend abi sessions she a valueable teacher and guide to help us from these things that makes us unpure in our sovereignity.’

Jaques. France

‘ I have been to 100’s of healers throughout my life… but none have been so specific and thorough like Abigail. My mind is blown away with what she discovered and removed and I am still blown away… I can’t describe how accurate and specific she was. never met anyone as accurate as her before… EVER. Absolutely gob smacked!!’

Mary. Australia