Soul Retrieval and how it works…

‘Even just outwardly, the shift was remarkable: That night, I slept eight hours and woke up refreshed-and have done so virtually every night since. The next day I found the fear of riding the motorbike was simply gone, and the haunting, long-term stress had dissolved, too. I’d been looking pretty haggard in the past year, and within days started looking much healthier. My body had been trying to recover from something it couldn’t heal-as the dis-ease wasn’t physical; now it was free to flourish. And along with it, my psyche was no longer limping along, compensating for those estranged parts.

We did a follow-up session some days later to deal with any missing fragments or lingering traumas. With the traumas gone and those stray parts back home, energy was no longer draining away from my Being in a  constantly reparative mode, and I didn’t need to focus to feel a sense of inner balance.’

Shape-Shifter.  An Awakening on the paths of Art and Gender. Shannon Belthor

This was one woman’s experience with soul retrieval. Her experience was so powerful that she wrote about it and it became part of her book, a beautiful story of her own personal journey through gender transformation. Part of her healing was a soul retrieval which enabled her to feel balanced again after a long and painful transition

Soul Retrieval is a powerful way of integrating lost parts of you!!

What is the soul?

I can only speak for what resonates with me and my truth and findings but this is what it is to me…

Your soul is the vehicle that you travel through time and space from body to body, incarnating and evolving through many life times with. Think of it as a ‘blueprint’ holding all the keys you need to venture forth into this lifetime. It carries the teachings of your prior lives as you have used your soul for every lifetime and holds emotions and wisdom that enable you to grow and learn.

  • With each lifetime we evolve further in consciousness.
  • We have all played many roles and parts to become aware and just like different movies some of those lives have ended accomplished and some with further lessons to learn.
  • Our soul, and also our ‘soul star chakra’ is also where we ‘feel’ and ‘intuit’ our spiritual purpose here on earth. We all have a unique gift to share.
  • We learn our conscience from our soul and we are all different soul ages on this planet.

When we are disconnected from our soul we can feel really lacking in purpose as our soul holds the key to our lives mission. We also choose to incarnate with other souls we have met before, these people we are familiar with that frequent our lives are part of our ‘soul tribe’.

Now imagine that your soul is also a huge orb of shimmering energy and that through certain circumstances in life such as heart break and trauma you can lose parts of yourself… Ever heard someone saying; ‘I gave my heart and soul to that job/person?’

Often they have lost soul energy and can feel that something is missing or empty. This is also possible in past lives; in fact one of our human ‘integration’ processes is returning all those lost parts and reuniting ourselves as a whole.

Symptoms of missing soul fragments are:

  • Feeling lonely, empty or like something is missing.
  • A deep yearning for something but you don’t know what it is.
  • Many people going through a divorce or break up can be really angry with each other and fighting for money or property but often what they are really arguing about is the fact that they have each other’s soul fragments.

To return soul fragments is a real gift as our soul speaks to us and also helps guide us on our spiritual purpose. Our soul is a very important part of our energy field and the healthier; more complete it is the more in alignment we are with ourselves.

Soul Retrieval; a divinely guided message

When I first discovered I had a gift with energy, soul retrieval was what I started with. I actually didn’t know what I was doing, it just popped into my head one day after a tarot reading to ask for a soul retrieval for my client. The result was so amazing that she told everyone where I lived and people started turning up on my doorstep. Of course not everyone had the intense powerful shift that she did. We shift as much as we are prepared to shift!!! However a few days later I opened a book I was reading, turned the page and there it was; a chapter on soul retrieval.

It’s the way I learn as a Clair cognizant. First I intuit the energy and message and then I get confirmation from outer sources!!

It’s something I do in every session and it’s something that once people begin their spiritual journey of self-healing I really recommend doing…

Your soul, a very beautiful magnificent part of you that radiates within you and through you, whispering messages of change and transformation…

The beauty of being human.

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