Sisters: I have a story to share…

Something special that I learned from a gorgeous soul sister, a beautiful spirit that lives in my heart… It wasn’t always that way…

‘Once upon a time, many years ago there were two ‘spiritual women’ working in a spa. One was an intuitive; reading the tarot and one was a yoga teacher. Both these ladies were strong women,. They rarely crossed paths and when they did it was a brief smile and a nod. Then enter a super cute Brad Pitt lookalike. Angel (the yoga teacher) and Brad were in a relationship. Abi (the tarot reader) after the break up became involved with Brad.

She didn’t know Angel but it was a small island and things were a little awkward.

Abi’s relationship with Brad was a little tumultuous and didn’t last long. Brad and Angel still had a story and soon after they were back together. Angel and Abi still didn’t really cross paths and Abi avoided her because Abi is very good at hiding from awkward situations…

Abi came from an industry that was female cut throat. She didn’t have many close girlfriends. She found women very difficult to trust being in many situations where she had suffered from the brunt of feminine jealously. She had also hardened up and won on many occasions the trophy of queen bitch. Abi was good at being a bitch but saved it for the bitches. Angel wasn’t a bitch so Abi hid from her knowing that her relationship with Brad had caused Angel distress. Now Abi was the one with the discomfort.

One day a few weeks into the Angel and Brad reunion a girlfriend approached Abi and asked her if she would be Angels model for her yoga business. Abi was stunned and immediately said yes confused by Angel’s generosity.

A few days later, Angel and girlfriend appeared on Abi’s porch with a bottle of vodka (they were Russian) and Abi got drunk with them. Abi instantly fell in love with Angel and that night they went to Brad and Angel’s party. It was a great party, everyone had fun and the ice was completely broken. Angel and Abi became soul sisters.

This is a true story, a story where one woman changed my life and attitude to other women. Her heart and generosity literally blew my defense mechanisms apart… so did the vodka. Russian women rock!!!

And this is what I learned. We are sisters and we need to start treating each other that way. Girls need to stick together. Competing is sexy with guys… They man up, are able to test each other, push each other’s boundaries and play the game with honour. When women compete they are ugly. Women are cut throat. They will tear another woman down without any effort or thought. Women will grow their nails into razor blades. They’ll be prepared to attack at any provocation and will stoop to any level to get what they want.

In my story I didn’t know Angel. Due to experiencing the poison of past female experiences I had no emotional skills to bridge the gap between friends and rivals. Angel showed me the bridge. She blew my heart wide open.

Soul Sisters Rock

When I meet a woman now she is my sister. If she likes a guy I have no desire to come in between that or mess with it. Boyfriends are off limit even if I don’t know the girlfriend and the sister code is something I truly value. I don’t have time for women that scheme and plot. My girlfriends are precious to me.

Guys don’t want to sit and talk about outfits, men and the analyzing of our multitude of emotions and feelings for 3 hours… They don’t like watching you try on different clothes and discussing which chocolate is the best for PMS. Let’s face it, unless he’s super metro-sexual or gay he just doesn’t appreciate it. Sisters need each other and valuing your girlfriends not only attracts a higher vibration but a higher way of living all around.

Sisters have each others back.

sister supportWhen girls love each other, complement each other, support each other and honour each other the world becomes a happier place. Anyway who wants a guy who plays women off against each other? He’s going to hurt you eventually even if you are the ‘winner’.

There are so many women out there that are so desperate for love. They think that this is something they have to tolerate. You don’t. There are gorgeous men out there with integrity. If you are competing and scheming to win someone’s attention even if you ‘get him’ he will have no respect for you… We attract the vibration we create.

And that lonely feeling? It leaves when you start taking care of yourself, loving yourself and the people in your life. Girlfriends are a huge part of that. Too many women think their life will be perfect if they are in a relationship. If you get into a relationship out of lack and scarcity you are also going to bring that feeling into a relationship.

No one can complete you. Girlfriends supply something men can’t. You are missing a huge spectrum of fun and possibilities by treating you sisters as rivals and women are so bad at this. I know… I was one. The thought of hanging out with a bunch of girls used to send shivers down my spine. It used to make me gag until I found the right girls and now I can’t live without them.

You fill your life with amazing people, women and men and your life changes. There’s no need for games. No need to compromise yourself for attention and no need to play dirty to get what you want. Just work on your vibration, and create a world where you are loved, supported, valued and happy being you. Maybe your life will transition and you’ll be laughing about needing a relationship/man in your life, that’s what usually happens. Remember the emotions and feelings you attracted in a relationship with in the first place sets the scene for the rest of it.

Be healthy, love your sisters. Your integrity and values are what manifest your reality. Great choices set you up for the future. Take the time to allow yourself to be you, learn about you. Your biggest relationship ever in life is with you…

Sisters: Girl time.

I have a girlfriend now that we have a constant joke with. We live on different islands and when we visit each other, we sleep on certain sides of the bed. At the movies we eat cheesy popcorn, (the couple’s value pack), with a blanket to snuggle under… We fight over who pays the bill and get lost in conversations that make us late for dinner because we lose track of time. We laugh at the fact we are in a substitute relationship without the sex. Know each other’s secrets and both agree sisters are one of the best relationships of all…

Maybe I have a thing for the eastern European block… She’s polish. All I know is friends are so important, male or female, you need them…

Sisters: Advice.

And that brings me back to the most important thing of all… Choose your girlfriend’s wisely. There’s no need to compete. Treat the girls you surround yourself with love, care and integrity. Your sister’s rock. The rest of your life will come together including the ‘relationship’ you are looking for because you’ll attract something on a higher level. A really smart guy will be watching you, how you treat people, what values you have and that’s the kind of relationship you want one day. Maybe life becomes so great a relationship is the last thing on your mind.

Sisters? The best medicine of all… You can forget names and faces but you’ll never forget how someone made you feel. Set your standards and boundaries and understand that your girlfriends are one of the most important things in your life. They provide something no man ever can and no man wants to. Do you think men have boy time and ever question for one second that their brothers are somehow not as fun as their lovers? No. They understand that boy time satisfies and fulfills different needs. Men are a lot simpler than women. We can learn from that.

Sisters: Support.

sistersNext time a new woman comes into your life, embrace her for who she is. Back her up, create a strong sisterhood and shine your light. Your sisters are one of the greatest gifts of life, without them you are missing something amazing.

Sisters rock and so do you.

Credits and more sister love go to this article… the featured picture being so great I had to use it…

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