Session Support – Session Assistance Transformation

A metaphysical healing 1111 is a complete transformation of the physical body. Most people are used to a 3 day ‘purge’ of old energy while processing the new energy, however Sentient Ascension 1111 is a much deeper adjustment.

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Session Support – Suppliments

Iron Suppliments

Iron helps to boost the metaphysical healing session by reconstructing the immune system, detoxing and rejuvenation during sleep.

Selenium Antioxidants

Selenium supports the metaphysical healing session by protecting the immune system and helping with thyroid homeostasis.

Astaxanthin Suppliments

Astaxanthin helps the metaphysical healing session by eliminating oxidative stress whilst providing transformations in blood flow.

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Trace Minerals

Metaphysical healing flows much more easily with mineral support. Trace minerals is the perfect way to cover all bases.  

Pendulum Evolution - become an alchemist with your pendulum. Abigail Pattman

Session Support – Lifewave

Lifewave is amazing. Abi discovered Lifewave patches back in April 2021 and has been using them ever since. Her favourites are X49, Aeon and Glutathione which has helped her metaphysical healing integration process.

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Light Interaction

The patches interact with your evolution, sentient energy.

Easy to Apply

The Lifewave patches are adhesives and easy to use.

Acupuncture Points

For the best results apply on acupuncture meridians.

Daily Wellbeing

Lifewave patches last 12 hours, assisting with daily support.

X49 Lifewave Patches are complimentary with a metaphysical healing session. They aid in recovery from metaphysical contamination and help to restore the sentient, organic physical and energetic infrastructure by strengthening the bodies systems. X49 also provides protection from electromagnetic waves helping to eliminate conductivity within the body.

Glutathione helps to remove oxidative stress which helps to diminish free radicals and build insulin resistance. Daily glutathione intake also increases energy levels which enhances your quality in life and inspires a healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits to taking glutathione and Lifewave has created a patch that supports you in this process.

Lifewave Y-Age Aeon is Abi’s favourite, feel good patch. When you apply Aeon to your body it has a soothing and relaxing effect on the nervous system and it gently calms the emotions. Aeon is also proven to assist with anti-aging and studies have shown visible improvements in skin, and biological harmony of the nervous system.

Session Support – Soul 1111 Frequency Embodiments

Coming soon – Soul 1111 Frequency Embodiments to support your sentient, soul advancement.

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