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Sentient Magic 1111

Sentient Magic 1111 is the restoration of sentient magic.

Occult magic drains animals, nature and humanity because to use it you have to draw energy from somewhere. This is what is causing mass unconsciousness, pain and suffering. Occult magic is a disconnection from the heart. The more you practice the more you lose your sentient heart connection.

Sentient magic is pure white and natural essence that gives, nurtures and loves.

Sentient Magic 1111 – Purity

Sentient Magic 111 is the restoration of purity. Whereas occult magic draws purity from its surroundings or target, sentient magic creates purity and heals.

All magic begins as heart connected, sentient purity.

Many heart connected healers or people that chose to seek their life purpose and are pulled to heart connected dreams and vocations find themselves feeling disheartened and low in energy. 

It is common for many that begin their soul purposes to find they are struggling in health, finances or feeling anxious and depressed.

Many become disillusioned and give up because they begin to doubt themselves and the soul path they have chosen.

Sentient magic is purity and is restored with a metaphysical healing.

Satanic Ritual Abuse - Abigail Pattman Abigails Insights
Satanic Ritual Abuse - Abigail Pattman Abigails Insights

Sentient Magic 1111 – Synergy

Our planet, nature and its inhabitants does not have an infinite amount of energy. Therefore as occult disconnects from the heart, occultists need to find other ways to feel a connection.

Sentient Magic 1111 regenerates energy and is abundant. Sentient magic activates synergy.

Sentient Magic 1111 – Light

Occult magic is known as the ‘dark arts’ for a reason. It draws light and disconnects whilst draining its targets life force and energy.

Sentient magic creates light and radiates it outwards.

We have not been educated on the practices of magic so the first thing curious people try is of course the arcane or occult. If it becomes regular then people are lured into spells, rituals and darker practices. All of the above hurt our planet and pets, nature and surrounding people.

Dark magic gives the illusion of light whilst draining and feeding the forces behind the occultists. Because of this sentient heart connected people become targets for cults and disconnected, practicing occultists.

Sentient Magic 1111 – Activations

A metaphysical healing activates Sentient Magic 111. It removes occult practices and misguided energy healings that have resulted in being hooked into people or forces that are harvesting energy.

Sadly energy harvesting is very common and there are numerous ways that it can be done very easily.

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Sentient Magic 1111 – Heart Connection

The fastest way to regain your heart connection if you have been seduced into occult magic is to begin practicing white magic. It is also the way to give back the energy you have taken from your surroundings.

The path back to your heart connection isn’t as difficult as you may think. White magic is the polar opposite energetically to dark magic.

Abigail discovered this whilst learning how to protect herself from occultists that had attached themselves to her energetically in order to drain her energy and Sentient Ascension 111.

Sentient magic is heart connected and it is from the heart that magic stays connected to nature.

Nature is in need of heart connected people to help heal the damage that has been caused to her.

Sentient Magic 1111 – Serenity

Sentient Magic 1111 is calm and serene. Our natural state is peaceful at heart. The majority of people are happiest when they are feeling calm and relaxed.

Occultism initiates the need for more. Sentient magic initiates clarity in the moment and how to return joy into creativity. Creativity helps to inspire abundance on all levels.

Satanic Ritual Abuse - Abigail Pattman Abigails Insights
Sentient Magic 1111 – Consciousness

Consciousness is the space between thoughts. This is when we are open to receiving 1111 in its pure form. In a world full of chaos this can be difficult and for many nearly impossible.

A metaphysical healing initiates the ability to be present even when challenged by situations that are stressful. Presence begins with a clear mind and deepens as the energy moves down into the body.

It is the presence of the heart connection that activates sentient magic.

Satanic Ritual Abuse - Abigail Pattman Abigails Insights
Sentient Magic 1111 – Safety

Safety is something that many animals and people do not feel because they feel threatened by their outside environment and currant circumstances.

Occult magic perpetuates the feeling of anxiety and insecurity because it drains energy. When your energy is depleted you feel it. This enables disconnection and lowers your conscious vibration.

Sentient Magic 1111 – Connection

Disconnection is the biggest problem on Gaia right now because all problems stem from disconnected humans.

A connected being feels nature, Gaia and all beings around them. Empaths are acutely aware of the pain and suffering of others.

Sentient magic protects heart connected humans from the thoughts, emotions and in some cases occult attacks that target their energy because they lack their own connection.

Connection is sentiency. Connected humans are what is going to help heal our planet.

Sentient Magic 1111 is magic that is kind. It is connected to the heart because the heart is pure. Occult magic closes the heart because it takes. This is why disconnection happens.

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Sentient Magic 1111 – Magic

In the mundane world magic doesn’t exist. If you begin practicing the occult you find out very quickly that it does. Unfortunately that means you are now aligned with dark forces.

Sentient magic 1111 is aligned with sentiency. We were all sentient beings once. Sentient magic is the pathway home back to who and what you really are.

Sentient Magic 1111 – Energy

Sentient energy is crystalline. Crystalline energy vibrates at 1111 and is the core essence of our sentient soul. Our sentient soul is our soul before it was controlled and reincarnated into the matrix.

The matrix uses 1111 to keep it within the realms of magic in order to continue the energetic control of our soul and energy bodies by using occult magic.

Satanic Ritual Abuse - Abigail Pattman Abigails Insights
Abigail Pattman, Metaphysical Biohacker
Sentient Magic 1111 – 1111

1111 is the key to the evolution of this planet. It has been lied about in New Age spirituality. It’s is the 1111Hertz frequency that is needed to help restore the earths natural energetic infrastructure and resonance. Pure tone 1111 music creates white magic frequencies that restore imbalances and neutralise occultism.

For those that wish to help Gaia, nature and her inhabitants then whilst white magic helps to return energy, 1111 pure tone helps to heal and replenish.

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Holographic Matrix by Abigail Pattman - Free Download
Abigail Pattman - Metaphysical Biohacker, Spiritual Outlaw

Metaphysical Matrix Exit - Abigail Pattman

The Holographic Matrix is the first book explaining the Matrix Metaverse.

Abigail hacked the matrix codes with sentient transmissions.

Holographic Matrix is free. You can download the book here.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit will be avaliable 27/09/2023.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker
Metaphysical Matrix Exit Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker