Sentient Liberation 1111

Sentient Liberation 1111 is the removal of links to the 3rd dimension. Through reincarnation and multiple lifetimes on Gaia we are linked to many other humans. Sentient Liberation cuts the links that bind us to all humans.

Evolution cannot happen if it is being shared with humans that cause wars, destruction and all kinds of pain and suffering.

Liberation means being permanently removed from any kind of descending frequencies that hold us back from our true soul purpose.

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Sentient Liberation 1111 – Healing

Healing is the next step in Sentient Liberation 1111. Being linked to humans that are disconnected from sentiency drains energy and depletes the bodies energy meridians.

When links have been removed then 1111 restoration and healing can take place. Sentient Liberation 1111 heals all this life and past life connections and links from all human interaction.

Sentient Liberation 1111 – Vitality

Sentient Liberation 1111 returns vitality that has been depleted and restores health. When links are removed we are no longer exchanging energy with karmic connections and the body has a chance to restore back to its original sentiency and energetic infrastructure.

Frequency Embodiments - Abigail Pattman, Metaphysical Biohacker
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Sentient Liberation 1111 – Chi

Chi is vital to your physical body’s energy and healing. The body has several different kinds of chi maintaining your health and vitality.

Your chi belongs to you and nobody else. It is what holds your body in equilibrium. While you are linked to numerous humans your body cannot function properly. Restoring chi is vital to your health and physical wellbeing.

Sentient Liberation 1111 – Wellbeing

Wellbeing is crucial to homeostasis. Sentient Liberation 1111 liberates the physical body and surrounding energy bodies from permanent linking that is harmful to your emotional, mental and physical health. It is not healthy to be linked into other humans and removing links restores wellbeing and peace of mind.

Frequency Embodiments - Abigail Pattman, Metaphysical Biohacker
Frequency Embodiments - Abigail Pattman, Metaphysical Biohacker
Sentient Liberation 1111 – Liberation

We all deserve to be energetically and physically free from the matrix and other humans. Everybody is at different stages of evolution and in some cases devolution.

It isn’t possible to evolve and grow whilst being linked to other humans on different stages of evolution. There is a notion that this planet can ascend collectively. This means that the people that are heart connected are disabled from reaching their true soul purpose that can help the world collectively.

In order to be able to have an impact on Gaia and her inhabitants then achieving evolution and ascension first is vital. Removing human linkage makes it possible to reach your soul purpose and mission much faster.

Sentient Liberation 1111 – Split

A timeline split and evolution 1111 ascension is only possible if all links to the matrix and the devolution path it is on are removed. We all deserve to be creators of our own realities.

Sentient Liberation 1111 is the first steps to making that happen. A split from matrix devolution allows sentient beings to evolve naturally.

When our gifts and abilities are linked they are not safe or complete. Sentient Liberation 1111 completes sentient soul gifts and abilities and splits them from the matrix. This prevents sentient energy from being mixed with descending frequencies.

Sentient Liberation 1111 is a soul incarnation split from our matrix incarnation that allows us to accomplish what we can here to do.