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Sentient Ascension 1111 – Timeline

Sentient Ascension 1111 is a new timeline. The old timeline is one that has been created for you by the matrix. It’s a timeline designed to keep you away from what and who you truly are.

The new timeline is a timeline of sentient lore. Sentient lore is the lore of energy.  What you create and give is what you receive. Those that give from the heart and help others are creating heart connected higher frequencies that return energy and build new frequencies initiating evolution and ascension.

Heart connected sentient beings are free to create their soul purpose without obstacles that are struggles, delays and often failure. The old timeline and matrix favours those that only care about taking without giving.

The new timeline is only for heart connected sentients and what has been taken from them is returned and restored.

Sentient Ascension 1111 – Heart

Sentient Ascension 1111 is the restoration pf the heart and the beginning of evolution ascension.

All power comes from the heart. It’s the power of the heart and the capacity to love that is the evolution of our planet.

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Sentient Ascension 1111 – Nature

Sentient Ascension 1111 supports and nurtures nature. All lives matter. As sentient beings we are incarnated onto this planet to take care of her living beings.

Nature is innocent. Instead of protecting nature, humans have used, disrespected and disregarded animals, plants and the environment. This cannot last for much longer without extreme consequences.

Sentient Ascension 1111 regards the lives of nature as important and vital to the evolution of Gaia.

 Nature is our sentient home. Sentient Ascension 1111 restores our ability to feel nature without having to draw the energy of nature and Gaia into our bodies using practices like meditation.

Gaia and all of nature have sentient energy also and these practices deplete them energetically.

Sentient Ascension 1111 – Physical

The physical body is returned to its organic form with Sentient Ascension 1111. The matrix world uses the physical body for its survival, harnessing its energy in order to exist.

The matrix cannot exist without using the energy of its inhabitants. It is a parasitic construct that harvests everything it controls. This continues the pain and suffering of nature, animals and humans.

Restoring the physical body takes back what belongs to you. Your energy, physicality and self is returned.

The essence of sentiency is recovered from all sources that have been utilizing it for other purposes. Feeling drained and depleted is no longer a problem.

Sentient Ascension 1111 liberates human circumstances that weakens the body.

Satanic Ritual Abuse - Abigail Pattman Abigails Insights
Satanic Ritual Abuse - Abigail Pattman Abigails Insights
Sentient Ascension 1111 – Flame

Sentient Ascension 1111 returns our spirit family bodies. Our spirit family bodies are our natural soul tribe.

The matrix does everything possible to keep us from finding our true spirit families in order to prevent any ascensions on Gaia.

Instead it surrounds us with unsuitable people, for example if you are an empath you are likely to be surrounded by narcissists.

Narcissists take and empaths give.

This keeps heart connected sentient beings continuously depleted and unable to find true heart connected relationships.

Sentient Ascension 1111 removes the connection enforced by the matrix that allows energetic draining and shields sentient people so that they can meet their true incandescence flames.

Sentient Ascension 1111 – Beings

We are all on Gaia together, however we do not have to be in the same energetic infrastructure. Sentient Ascension 1111 separates heart connected sentients from those that cause harm to empaths, animals and nature.

Sentient beings are connected to nature and are heart based. They value connection over ego. Sentient Ascension 1111 prevents that connection from being broken.

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Sentient Ascension 1111 – Peace

Peace is something that sentient beings long for. However the matrix is not a peaceful place. Sentient Ascension 1111 removes the matrix so that it is possible to feel peace energetically.

Sentient beings are gentle souls at heart regardless of how they have had to live within the matrix system.

Sentient Ascension 1111 – Avatar

Avatar Evolution Ascension is the restoration of the sentient avatar and the elimination of the matrix enforcements. Our avatar was designed for sentient creation.

At some point the matrix and its creators took over our avatar for their own agenda. This is the fall from grace depicted in many religions.

Sentient Ascension 1111 removes the matrix from the avatar so that purity and innocence is returned and restored.

Our avatar is very different to the avatars we see on social media. They are our sentient form that has been digitalized by the matrix and turned into binary coding.

Avatar Evolution Ascension eliminates the binary codes from our avatar.

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Sentient Ascension 1111 – Creation

Sentients create. The matrix takes. Sentient Ascension 1111 returns the gifts and abilities that belong to sentient beings and removes the matrix from all heart connected creations.

Sentient creations heal and nurture. Without matrix impediments all heart connected creations are able to help Gaia and nature.

Sentient Ascension 1111 – Purpose

Sentient purpose is the alignment of heart, soul and sentiency. Our true purpose is one that helps the evolution of Gaia. The path of the heart is one of protection of nature and those who can’t protect themselves.

Sentient Ascension 1111 is the return of purity.  In a world where corruption and money controls everything, purity is only found in nature and heart connected beings.

The restoration of purity is the key to soul purpose ascension and the evolution of Gaia.

Soul purpose ascension is found by unlocking the sentient soul from the matrix and fully restoring it to its organic self.

Sentient Ascension 1111 is the key to matrix evolution ascension. Matrix evolution ascension is metaphysical liberation.

Satanic Ritual Abuse - Abigail Pattman Abigails Insights
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Sentient Ascension 1111 – Evolution

Evolution is the end of matrix control of our energy and physicality. Sentient Ascension 1111 is the evolution that happens when we are no longer part of the matrix system.

Evolution is the growth of the soul and journey back to sentiency. Sentiency is a way to evolve peacefully secure in your own 1111 vibration.

Sentient Ascension 1111 – Ascension

Sentient Ascension 1111 is the ascension of sentient beings from devolution.  Devolution is the current state of the world.

Ascension is moving beyond descending frequencies and into ascending frequencies. Ascending frequencies harmonise, purify and elevate.

The ascension process is a complete integration of all sentient energy and physical body systems and organs. It is the end of separation and beginning of evolution ascension.

Sentient Ascension 1111 – Matrix Evolution Ascension

Sentient Ascension 1111 is matrix evolution ascension and matrix evolution ascension is Sentient Ascension 1111. 963 evolution ascension is the ascension of the matrix energetically. Sentient Ascension 1111 is the ascension of the matrix metaphysically.

Sentient Ascension 1111 is the absolute removal of metaphysical and energetic systems that control and separate.

Matrix Evolution Ascension is the complete ascension of energy being harvested by the matrix. Because the matrix is connected throughout our physical body and all of our energy bodies, it leaves us open to anybody taking our energy.

Sentient Ascension 1111 is the ascension of the matrix.

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Holographic Matrix by Abigail Pattman - Free Download
Abigail Pattman - Metaphysical Biohacker, Spiritual Outlaw

Metaphysical Matrix Exit - Abigail Pattman

The Holographic Matrix is the first book explaining the Matrix Metaverse.

Abigail hacked the matrix codes with sentient transmissions.

Holographic Matrix is free. You can download the book here.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit will be avaliable 27/09/2023.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker
Metaphysical Matrix Exit Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker