Reaction and Creative Mastery is Strategies on how to Instigate Changes within your own Personal Patterns and Restore Balance and Harmony in Communications…

Learning to be in control of our emotions is, for some of us, a constant re-assessment…The art of staying ‘present’ and not slipping into an old pattern can be a huge challenge and when we get it right becomes creative mastery.

Creative Mastery: What is Presence?

After studying David Deida and other leaders in this subject it can appear to be a real struggle and yet animals do it naturally. When did humans evolve their minds so much that presence became something ‘new’? Or a massive evolution from succumbing to the tempting lure of the never-ending stories we tell ourselves to keep us from being true to who we really are. What is creative mastery?

I believe true alignment and authenticity derive from being in touch with who we are moment to moment and that presence is a natural state of being. when we are in touch with our very hearts and souls which, once we move through ‘our way’ of how the world should be, or perceived expectations of how someone else should ‘behave’, can be achieved quite naturally. Presence doesn’t have to be hard. It’s actually quite simple and we can put a huge pressure on ourselves and others to be ‘conscious’.


Healthy relationship…

Creative Mastery: Healthy Relationship

A relationship that evolves with joy, abundance, love and compassion involves knowing that we are not a slave to the reaction of others and not buying into their drama or story.

How we manage those situations, makes the difference between creative mastery, an open heart, ability to receive, growth and change or a shut down, reactive judgment, or blame. We are all capable of doing both!!! Most of us do the latter because that’s what we know and the game we have being playing right back to childhood. Most of our parents (bless their souls), didn’t have the tools we have today to expand and grow, and therefore, lived a life of constant reaction.

Instead of being a slave to ‘reaction’ and living at the expense of others, how about managing those moments with Creative Mastery?



Creative Mastery: Confessions

For example, a few weeks ago I received a rather attacking email from a neighbor of mine who had left Thailand without any goodbyes very abruptly. I was angry with her and she felt it. She had left behind cats without finding them a home, (I’m an animal lover) and I felt that she was being irresponsible. My passive aggressive attitude in our correspondence triggered her and she attacked me. I was provoked by this and my first response was too tell her what a bitch she was. (Yes I’m human!!) But instead of firing off more ammunition, I took the time to close my laptop and meditate on my anger. The result was amazing. I reached a deeper level of wisdom within me. I was angry at her because she had lived behind me for over 4 years. Regardless of our relationship or interactions, she was always there, playing her music and loving her cats. She was a source of comfort and stability for me in an ever changing world. I was angry with her for leaving me without saying goodbye. I was mad at her because I was going to miss her.

From this deeper level of realization I was able to admit my vulnerability; to communicate my feelings and explain my truth. A kind of chastisement from the heart.

The result was immediate. She apologized for being such a ‘cold bitch’, (her words not mine…) and I offered to help with the cats. Balanced was restored. We may not always have seen eye to eye but we were able to connect from the heart and meet each other on a deeper level.

It took introspection and space for me to find the real reason behind my emotional response to my neighbor.

Reaction is what was programmed into our subconscious during childhood. It left an imprint within our emotional bodies and neurological pathways that spontaneously repeats in moments of stress.

Repetition creates patterns and imprints. How our families responded in moments of crisis is a knee jerk reaction within us. We learned these programs during our first decade on this planet and we continue to act out until we become aware and seek change. Creative mastery is about allowing change to happen.

The Lessons...

The Lessons…

Creative Mastery: The Lessons

Today I learned that ‘my reaction’, causing a dramatic outburst from the receiving party could still be skillfully navigated back to love. WE are LOVE. And by no means did I intend my own reaction to change the vibration of someone I cared about very deeply.  In that moment I had an insight and understood that I was accountable for me but not the reaction that my ‘friend’ was having. I stopped. Breathed and took the time to see the person I loved as the autonomous, beautiful being that they are and we both skillfully navigated ourselves back to a space of truth.

It takes one person to wake up in a miscommunication and the miracles happen. Relationships bring things up. A true relationship that is emotionally mature, giving, uplifting and magical is actually just two emotionally balanced, human beings that have skillfully learned how to navigate their emotional barometer… Or what two normal, functional human beings would look like in this world!!!

Presence is a natural state… It’s about being in the body as well as the mind… Allowing beingness to shine through and operate beyond projections… That is creative mastery. How yummy is that?

The lessons...

Back to basics

Creative Mastery: Back to Basics

We are all getting back to source, back to the basics and from that conscious space we can continue to laugh, love, be and play…

Thanking my gorgeous friend and neighbor for giving me the opportunity to be a better woman and to grow in love.

Change can feel uncomfortable so it is easy to slip into automatic pilot. But if you are ready for change the gifts are precious, rewarding and bring in a depth of clarity which the heart and soul are greedy for to create the change needed to be truly at peace within your own being… Now that is creative mastery!


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