Shaman – Give me a break!!



My god. If I bump into another new age ‘shaman’ I’m going to puke. It’s like this name – shaman; this magical amazing name has been taken by any ‘slightly psychic human’ and bastardized completely.

Frankly, it’s a fucking joke.

Someone does a few mystical, magical courses and all of a sudden they are running around telling everyone they are a ‘shaman’.

Of course this is another ‘modern disease’ of the New Age spiritual narcissist.

I want to demystify ‘shamans’ and ‘mystics’. We attach so much mystique around it like we are talking to some elevated being that has all of the answers.

 Being intuitive and having higher levels of intuition than the average Joe Blogs does not give you any extra privileges.

In fact I know plenty of ‘wannabe shamans’ using their skills to seduce women or scare the shit out of their clients. They give negative predictions and guess what? Those are the clients that come to me. I hear it all.


For a start let’s get real about the word ‘shaman’.


‘A person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits. Especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing.’

For me, a shaman is someone that has walked the path of ancient wisdom.

They have not read a few books and taken a few courses. Maybe I’m romantic in my notion that a shaman is indigenous, tribal and has strong roots within their learning’s.

These teachings give them a clear connection with nature and usually they are still found in nature.


A real shaman isn’t likely to run around telling everyone.


Magic is sacred.


it’s not something to boast about and impress others with. It’s a gift and if you have been truly gifted then you don’t need to ‘prove yourself’, ‘boast about it’ or in some cases ‘use it to get laid.’

The latter category for me is western people taking something sacred and bastardizing it.

People ask me if I’m a shaman and I shudder. For me; Shaman’s are jungle medicine people, native Americans, Aborigines, African Medicine people and high priestesses…

Oh yes but most of them got wiped out didn’t they? Because their knowledge was real.


And here’s another illusion… that mystics are spiritually evolved.

Think again. Mystic people can be complete assholes. You think because they ‘know stuff’ about you, you have a special connection. That can be highly possible but also psychic abilities are just heightened intuition.


It doesn’t make you anymore special than another human being or any less fucked up.

People come to me wearing their hearts on their sleeves.


I see the vulnerability; the soul beneath the troubles and it’s a ‘responsibility’.

It’s a path that needs to be walked with the utmost authenticity and integrity. It’s my ‘job’ to bring my clients back into alignment and connection to their heart, soul and true self.

Anyone that you visit that is ‘mystic’ if they leave you feeling worse than before is usually a psychic parasite.

Or they try and seduce you, or use their abilities somehow to play some kind of power game. These are sad little human beings with no morals and they are abusing their power. The world is full of them!!

 So this is my message to you.

Everyone has a gift. Some people are gifted with numbers; they save money for people and become accountants. That is a gift.

Heightened intuition is also a gift.


Everyone has intuition and can develop it.


 Next time you are in a vulnerable place…


Stay away from anyone who readily tells you they are a shaman, especially if they say they have all the answers.

The real ones, the real deal will not be using it to take your money or your body with promises of waving a magic wand.


Real change, deep change takes time and practice.


Yes you can have shifts, revelations and transformations. A real mystic provides the gateways to step through into those spaces, they empower you and raise your vibration.

I hear of so many that are all full of shit, blah blah blah, & love and light. 

 They are usually living in a fabricated Disneyland ‘channeling’ fuck knows what.

 Please ask around and see if this person has a reputation.


Pick your spiritual mystical people well.


Word of mouth is the best advertising and will always be the best form of ‘an authentic person’.


I live in a world where I encounter so many lost souls who have been hurt by the ‘shyster shamans’ and I’m over it.

Mystics get a bad rap because of all the fake ones so I’m calling them out on their BS.

Words of wisdom and a massive rant!!  


Abi xxx