Everyone knows that when I blog it’s because I am writing about something that is very close to my heart; today it’s New Age Preachers.

A situation happened that concerned me deeply. A friend of mine was badly attacked. I won’t go into the details but it was serious enough to be hospitalized. A natural, (in my mind) response to this would be to ask someone that had been through such an ordeal what they need or how you can help but not in the eyes of the New Age Preachers.

Let’s face it we’ve probably all done it at some point in our life when we began on our ‘spiritual’ path, been so enthralled by Eckhart Tolle that we’ve dropped a few:

‘Be present,’ or; ‘That’s your ego talking.’ And how about those old chestnuts; ‘Surrender in the moment,’ and ‘attachment is the root of all suffering.’ But hang on for one minute. Do you think anyone really needs to have a spiritual new age bible verbally vomited in their direction when they are in a space of deep pain, trauma and suffering? It’s just as cringe worthy as some staunch Christian reciting bible verses in an emotionally heated situation. When did spirituality become a series of pointless phrases to patronize someone that clearly needs emotional availability?

In this particular situation while my friend was bedridden and vulnerable, the advice she was offered was this.

“You created your own reality.” Wtf?

The situation is so much more multifaceted and layered than that and it makes me shudder to think that when we need compassion and heart the most, there are people out there that are so lacking in connection to their own emotions that this is the only advice they can offer.

Nobody needs advice when they are suffering and if and when they do they will ask for it. Comments like that do more damage than good and we’ve all on this path received them at some point or another. New age spirituality gives me the creeps. It’s like people hide behind concepts and notions they have yet to experience. For example; the reoccurring patterns that happen to frequent most of our lives were created during childhood when we were unable to think or act for ourselves. We were innocents. These patterns continue to play out in our adult lives where yes being accountable for our actions and aware of our blind spots is extremely important but there are also subconscious deep rooted beliefs embedded within our lives that play out daily.

Yes on a higher level maybe our spirits did choose these paths ‘in order for us to transcend’ but when we are reliving or experiencing deep, painful emotions that is not what needs the healing. It is our inner child that is crying out for love and protection because all of us, spiritual or not carry wounds from our childhood and are learning about emotional availability and the healing of the parts of us that were so damaged.

Spiritual advice is best left in books and yoga salas when it comes to emotional healing. It is something that needs to be experienced during meditation, yoga or when we are in our spiritual learning phase not during a traumatic situation.

My friend is on a huge healing path right now and no one is working harder to heal their past than this person. My heart and support goes out multiplied for the path this angel has chosen, and as for the spiritual preachers?

Maybe it’s time you get out of your head and into your body. Deal with your own shadow before you patronize someone else’s. Take a look at yourself; trust me your shit does not smell like roses. Those of us that have done the work on ourselves understand that the layers keep coming and it’s the heart and emotional body that needs to open and release in order to move forward free of our own particular insidious karma. I should know, shit still happens to me, it’s just easier to deal with as I have better tools, stronger boundaries but I still have a blueprint I am clearing, I just don’t get burned like I used to.

So next time you hear of someone in a dark or painful space really think before you speak. Are you going to offer them some pointless piece of spiritual book read information that hasn’t been completely digested and understood? Or are you going to see the human, the person that needs your love and support?

Love and light may be ‘where we’re all supposed to be heading’ but the darkness and shadow within us is something that needs the most attention right now because until you have embraced and transcended your own emotional baggage it will keep chasing you until there is nowhere left to run.


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