New Age complainers.

I really shake my head sometimes at all this spiritual bypassing and powerless complaining. Is that what New Age complainers really want in their lives? A collection of problems that control their lives with no action?

I walked into a cafe a few days ago and was hit with ‘the problems of Koh Samui.’

Then it became ‘the world’ and then ‘technology’ and blah blah. Coming from someone who is fortunate enough not to be living in the western world of manipulation and control; disgusting.

I really find it hard to tolerate people that have managed to escape this fabricated ‘way of life.’ They are living in tropical paradise, doing what they want and all they can do is whinge and whine whilst DOING NOTHING.

It didn’t matter what my answers were.

All this person could do was focus on the negative. I realize that is what plenty of humans do. The point is that if you are fortunate enough to pick your own hours. You can choose what you eat and do and you are worried about the state of this world then get of your ass and do something about it.

I am not interested in ‘problems’ without some kind of action.

I am totally aware of the state of the planet. Global warming, mind control, chemtrails, animal cruelty, mass genocide, the list goes on… That is a byproduct of toxic humans. The problem is not the world or the planet. The problem is humanity and if you are conscious enough to have left the matrix and choose to live an alternative life then get of your whinging, whining butt and be proactive.

I’m hardwired for solutions.

For ways to create awareness and help the vibration of those that want to grow. People that want to be inspired, creative, heal and use their abilities in a proactive way. I have no time for ‘semi-conscious’ victims that live a powerless life continuously talking about the corruption of this world like there is nothing they can do. Or complaining about their unhappy little lives whilst not seeking help, growth or healing.

Do you know how many of these characters there are out there? And you guys call yourself New Age?

The thought of being put in the ‘new age’ category makes me want to vomit.

woman with a lantern shining her light in a cityI have clients living in harsh areas. Clients that are still stuck in the system but are brave, intuitive, have awesome, amazing gifts that they want to contribute to humanity. They are shining lights in dark places and I am behind anyone 150% that is looking to make a difference on this planet or find solutions to their troubles.

If I come across any of you in a café again when I am enjoying my breakfast. I have to listen about the state of this world while you sip your green juice. You then behave like you as a more ‘conscious being’ are able to see the corruption and that is all you are doing. Taking you little spiritual narcissistic ego and spreading it in my direction you will be hit with a rather strong wake up call.

Don’t leave this world and abandon Gaia by hiding behind your yoga practice and doing nothing.

Complaining is a low, dull, victim vibration and in my opinion it places you at the bottom of the conscious pool.

If something is affecting you so badly that it is causing problems then start asking; ‘what can I do to change this?’

‘How can I help?’ Get up and start the ball rolling. Anyone born into these times has a purpose. This world needs an attitude shift, especially from those that are blessed enough to make their own choices, free of debt and social conditioning. Take that gift and use it.

And guess what?

When you do that you will have more self-worth.

You won’t want to indulge in this powerless drivel. You will make new friends, strong ones, proactive ones, people that live to live. That push for change and evolution. Your life will become one of quality and you will grow and be someone that others admire.

What do you choose?

Doom and gloom or sparking that light inside of you and being a lighthouse in a world that so desperately needs it?

We all have problems.

We all go through shit and we all need others at times but how you choose to live your life on a daily basis is up to you.

What are you going to do today? Xxx


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