Metaphysical Nature Evolution


Metaphysical Nature Evolution is the end result of 6am-10pm matrix hacking over six and a half years. Abigail Pattman was the only person that was working nonstop to accomplish Matrix Exit.

There were times where her mission and the attacks she was under overwhelmed her so deeply that she would escape by switching off the transmissions and hide behind a pool table! Abi never pretended to be perfect. Most of the time she just wanted a normal life as she watched her friends move on with their lives in relationships and new locations.

She had no idea when she would be able to have a normal life again. This reintroduced some destructive behavior patterns which she kept for her nights out. The very next day, no matter how crap she felt, she got up and continued hacking the matrix. Abigail Pattman refused to quit but she was also only human.

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Metaphysical Evolution Matrix Evolution Ascension Abigail Pattman
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Nature Evolution – Legacy

Abigail Pattman – Nature Evolution

Healers that steal other peoples energy are not healers, they are parasites. Sentient, Nature Evolution is the beginning of moving away from parasitic behavior. 

Nature on the devolution timeline is all about survival of the fittest. Nature Evolution is part of the Timeline Evolution and is about the protection of Gaia and nature.

Those that continue to choose to live their lives hurting and abusing are continuing the devolution spiral. Evolution is about choosing peace over war. It’s about spiritual growth and leaving behind those that enjoy inflicting pain and suffering onto others.

Nature is


Humanity has a long way to go before humans realise that every animal also has a soul, emotions and a higher intuitive intelligence than humans. During the 10 months of vicious attacks by dark healers, Abi relied on nature to teach her how to survive.

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Abigail Pattman will never give up on her Soul Purpose Ascension

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Mystic Musings Abigail Pattman

Nature Evolution Accomplished

Abigail Pattman’s Soul Purpose Ascension is a catalist for the Soul Purpose Ascension of others. When she restores the sentient soul in her clients it activates their Soul Purpose Ascension as well as Nature Evolution.

We all have our own, unique Soul Purpose Ascension which is to also help with Nature Evolution. 

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Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it - Napoleon Hill

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Metaphysical Matrix Exit

Abigail’s Story!!

The Truth – Metaphysical Confinement

Metaphysical Matrix Exit Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker