Ok.. Moving Onwards into the Astral Plane. I need to explain something else.. How do Spirits & Entities exist?
Spirits and Entities: The 3rd Dimension

We exist in what’s called the 3rd dimension. 3D reality. Planet earth and our bodies are solid, dense, we can touch and feel them, we are formed out of matter and atoms that are close together and that brings in the density. The 3rd dimension is our reality. Your thoughts and feelings do not enter the 3rd dimension unless they are given enough energy to become dense. Writing your thoughts, dreams and feelings that you would like to create brings them into the 3rd dimension because you are grounding your desires in this reality by putting pen to paper. This is a great way to manifest. If you also add positive strong emotions, certainty that you have the ability to create and then the thoughts and desires can manifest quickly.

As human beings we manifest what we love the most and what we fear the most on a regular basis. This means the cleaner and clearer your are the more likely you are to know what you want and the more accurately you’ll be able to achieve your wants and desires. Again it comes down to high vibrations and love; this is the perfect creating vortex. For our thoughts and desires to manifest they have to go up into the vortex, or what is also known as your higher self/creator and ultimate Universe. Can you see how there are many dimensions that occupy this Universe we live in?

The 4th dimension...

The 4th dimension…

Spirits and Entities: The 4th Dimension

Spirits and entities and many other energies exist on the 4th dimension. I like to call the 4th dimension, the Astral Dimension. The astral dimension is invisible to most of us but for those tapped into it, you can feel it. We all exist in it also because you are the Universe and Source. You create your own reality. I know it sounds bizarre but bear with me…

When we fall asleep we dream. Everybody dreams. This is your astral body. Your astral body exists in the 4th dimension and can sometimes in really pure beautiful enlightening dreams visit even higher dimensions. Your astral body is an energy body that is less dense than your physical 3rd dimension body, consisting of your organs, blood, muscle, bones, skin etc. Your astral body has emotions and feelings stored in it from past lives and dna. When you are born you carry imprints and emotions from your parents and ancestry lineage plus past lives that have been left unresolved. We all come to the 3rd dimension with a mission or purpose and lessons to learn. It’s like a play station game.. (seriously) what level are you going to get to during this incarnation?

Spirits and Entities: Astral body

Your astral body is also responsible for cleansing your emotional body. During your daily life you experience hundreds of impulses, sensations and feelings that flow through you and within you that your dream body and subconscious process at night. Your astral body plays them out without the ‘censor’ of your frontal lobe which is your filter in the front of your brain that tells you what is ‘real’ and what isn’t. At night when you sleep the frontal lobe isn’t able to censor your reality and the astral body gets to play out nightly dramas and dreams on the astral plane.

The 4th dimension/astral plane (dreamtime), is also a host of many other energies, billions of human astral bodies, spirits that left their bodies, (diseased) that never found their way back to source, entities and many other energies.

Spirits and Spirit-Entities

Spirits and Spirit-Entities

Spirits and Spirit-Entities

Today we are looking at spirits and spirit-entities. Spirits that don’t make it to the light have usually died very suddenly and may not even know they have passed from their physical bodies or may not feel worthy of going home. They are in some kind of emotional pain that keeps them from moving on. If they continue to be stuck in the astral plane accumulating more and more pain and negativity eventually they will become entities and lose their connection to their humanity. Everything grows or it dies. Unfortunately for the spirits they are growing in the wrong way.

‘I once acquired a poltergeist in my bungalow. This was before I cleared these energies with the method I use now. I use to work with another person who I used as a vessel to embody the spirit and it would speak through the vessel to find out what was happening. I had no vessel but knew there was something in my bungalow. As I had problems sleeping, one night I took a strong pill. I was woken up that night by a huge crash which left me full of fear but too sleepy to do much so I fell back to sleep. The next day I entered my bathroom to find the mirror had been wrenched of the wall and thrown to the ground and was lying in shards. In the next few days a friend of mine came around to see me and remarked on the ‘spooky’ energy of my bungalow. I told her my story and as she was very intuitive herself she offered to be my vessel. We summoned the poltergeist. The story that unfolded was amazing. The poltergeist had been a little boy. He had died suddenly and hadn’t passed on. He had been living in the astral plane for a very long time and the longer he had been trapped the angrier he had got until he was changing into an entity. He was living in my bungalow because when he woke me at night it scared me and he could collect more energy. The night I took the sleeping tablet he couldn’t feed so he got mad. He also felt ugly and couldn’t face himself so destroyed my bathroom mirror. I felt a lot of compassion for this ‘little spirit/entity’ and immediately went to work on cleaning his energy and sending him home. These energies can be scared of Source/home and feel like they don’t deserve to be loved but the truth is everything does. The end of this story is happy. The little spirit got to return home and I got my bungalow back!’

Trapped Spirits

Trapped Spirits

Spirits and Entities: Trapped Spirits

As I mentioned before spirits that are trapped on the astral plane are most usually holding a low vibration and are in emotional pain. They are the sorts of energies that can be called up by a ouji board and cause all sorts of troubles. They can also attach themselves to humans that carry a frequency they recognize. For example a spirit or entity, (of any variety) that died/identifies itself with suicide will find a human host with suicidal thoughts. Then the host will not only be carrying their own pain but will also be aided by the suicidal spirit/entity. A spirit that died of a drug overdose will look for a host that likes to take a lot of drugs. They are looking for emotional food of the same variety.

The only way a spirit or entity can attach itself to you is if you are offering it a frequency that has a similar vibration and your energy field is open, broken or weak.

Spirits and Entities: Energy Cleansing

This brings me back to the importance of cleaning your energy if you are in a negative space and of being very aware of who you surround yourself with. The more choices you make in your life to surround yourself with positive people, people that are strong in their truth, abundant, loving, clean and nurturing the more you will tune into these frequencies and you will be very unattractive to spirits and entities…

Clean and clear guys!!! Love yourself and allow yourselves to really tap into the inner being that is you. A healthy astral body is one that is able to process your emotions, clean itself on the astral plane and come back refreshed. Nightmares can be visitations from naughty spirits or your body’s way of cleansing those toxic emotions that you have blocking your path. A dream is always looking for a new alternative to a problem in your life. If you dream of entities, you may have one on you and need to change your frequency. If you have a problem that you are avoiding you may be running away on the astral plane in your dream and your intuition is telling you that it’s time to find another way.

When there is a problem face it. Be open and honest about how you feel. Your feelings are important and can flow when you acknowledge them and allow your intuition to find a solution.

The magical plane...

The magical plane…

Spirits and Entities: The Magical Plane

The 4th dimension is also the plane that shamans use, aborigines, native Americans, indigenous tribes operated in the astral plane. It has many other possibilities. Anything is possible in the astral plane and as you are a holographic being living in many realities you are able to do feats and magic that you never thought possible. I for one take my dreams very seriously and always pay attention to them. If you don’t dream but would like to then set an intention before you go to sleep or check you are not blocking them somehow. Pot, alcohol and drugs of any kind prevent your body from cleansing emotions and your astral body from being able to do its job properly.

There are so many energies out there that are friendly and hostile. Know that you are an infinite power that at the core animates pure, true love and has the ability to radiate this frequency at a higher and higher level the more you wake up and become aware of your infiniteness.

Much love and blessings.

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