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Soul Purpose Ascension

Soul Purpose Ascension is like finding the combination to a safe that holds your personal belongings that you never had access to.

Most people have no idea what it is that they incarnated onto Gaia to do. Others are already on their path but everything feels against them. And then there are those that know they are trapped in the wrong vocation, however they don’t have the confidence or resources to make the changes they need to step forwards. 

If you are reading this then you already know you are aware that you have a higher calling. 

Soul Purpose Ascension - Metaphysical Matrix Exit

Metaphysical Matrix Exit gives you the combination back to you. Incarnating onto Gaia means you forgot what and who you really are. This part of your soul has been blocked in order to keep you in devolution. A metaphysical healing unblocks and gives you back your sentient soul.

Your sentient soul is your essence. It is your unique vibration that you embody. Within this vibration is your soul purpose ascension. 

As much as 70% of our sentient energy we have zero access too. As sentient beings we are multidimensional, naturally intuitive and also permanently connected to galactic consciousness. 

In order to fully regain freedom from tyranny and energetic enslavement soul purpose ascension is acheived by replacing your old, devolution timeline of pain, chaos and everything else that accompanies your personal story. In place is a sentient, evolution timeline. For those interested in exploring how sentiency interacts within this tmeline I really recommend reading; ‘The Celestine Prophecy‘ by James Redfield. This book carries celestine frequencies that also provide their own, unique synchronizing consciousness that vibrates to your sentient soul. In a nutshell this is more than just a book!

Abi read this book at 24 years old and it opened up an entirely new way of ‘being’. She always knew something was very, very wrong with the world. The disconnection of humans to Gaia and the asumption that humans are more evolved than nature and animals just felt false. Her journey was always to find her way back to the path of the heart.

Soul Purpose Ascension - Metaphysical Healing

Metaphysical Healing is a new language. ‘Meta’ is everywhere. A clear example of this is Facebook which now features ‘metaverse’. Technology has evolved so quickly that we have no idea how these new, technological waves are affecting us and the planet. Many humans are totally self-serving and their primary objective is financial gain, accumulation of territory and the domination of others.

Sadly this is destroying our planet. Without a conscious, collective awakening the planet is headed for mass destruction. The actions and intentions of these toxic forces affect all of us. Soul Purpose Ascension and Metaphysical Healing gives you back your power and sentiency.



Kindred Soul Presence

Kindred Soul Presence – building connections with nature, your sentient self and affinty with heart based others.

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Incandescence Flame Embodiment

Incandescence Flame – is new heart channels that initiate true, meaningful relationships.

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Nature Evolution Allegiance

Nature Evolution – creates sentient, soul connections to animals, trees & plants enabling interconnectness with nature.


Angel Training Courses – Coming Soon

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Soul Purpose Ascension - Metaphysical Human Matrix Exit

Metaphysical Human Matrix Exit removes the interaction between you and other humans. Humans are dominated with matrix enforcements that communicate on a metaphysical, atomic & cellular level. Therefore we are all subjected to complete unconscious and in cases of psychic attack; hateful frequencies that penetrate the physical body & surrounding energetic infrastructure.

Soul Purpose Ascension replaces the metaphysical human matrix.

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Abi’s Soul Purpose Ascension isn’t complete. She will be facing the matrix once again in order to take back the metaphysical, planetary matrix. She isn’t alone anymore as courageous, gifted and accomplished intuitives stand alongside her in the quest for absolute freedom from matrix enslavement. 

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