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Matrix Evolution Ascension

Matrix Evolution Ascension is the end result of 7 years hard labour. It is a hack of millions of codes that were used to imprison humanity, animals and nature incarnated onto Gaia.

It is the Sentient Ascension 1111 of all matrices and all matrix reincarnations.

Matrix Evolution Ascension - Metaphysical

 There are multiple matrices. For example the white crescent at the base of your nails is a matrix. In order to hack the matrix all matrices must be removed and sentient energy restored.

Metaphysical Matrix Evolution Ascension is the metaphysical matrix that encompasses our galaxy. It keeps us subjugated, limited in consciousness and drained of energy.

The matrix is a construct that connects all humans within collective unconsciousness. If you are an empathic person dedicated to growth and personal healing then feeling the disconnection and separation of humanity is torturous.

Metaphysical Matrix Evolution Ascension removes collective unconsciousness so that you have the energy and time to focus on helping others from an empowered position.

Metaphysical Matrix Evolution Ascension gives you back your blueprints and sentient right to be energetically free on Gaia.

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Matrix Evolution Ascension - Planetary

Metaphysical Planetary Matrix Evolution Ascension is the incarceration within the planetary system.

Our lives are dictated to us by the rhythms of the moon, the planets and their formations upon birth and throughout our lives.

Astrology has always been a subject of exploration for those seeking spiritual advice. Our astrological chart is a navigational tool that guides us as we try to understand our life path.

Metaphysical Planetary Matrix Evolution Ascension is liberation from the planets, moon and any star constellations.

Sentient Ascension 1111 is freedom from the planets.


Soul Enforcement

The soul enforcement is the matrix’s technique to ‘box’ us into categories. It is part of the matrix design that determines our destiny. The soul enforcement is eliminated with metaphysical human matrix exit.

Soul Destiny

The soul destiny is the matrix’s strategy of identification. The matrix already knows your birth, death and reincarnation timeline. The soul destiny is eradicated with metaphysical planetary matrix exit. 

Soul Identification

The soul identification is the matrix’s ‘QR code’. In order to monitor our conscious levels and block spiritual growth, the matrix oversees our soul path. Soul identification is removed with metaphysical matrix exit.

Sentient Ascension 1111 Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker Matrix Evolution Ascension

Sentient Ascension 1111

Sentient Ascension 1111 is the removal of metaphysical restraints. We have been tricked into thinking that metaphysics is attractive. Examples are Xmen, Titans, Batman and Facebook with its metaverse. Meta is everywhere and yet this is how we are being subjugated and controlled.

Matrix Evolution Ascension - Gaia

Metaphysical Gaia Evolution Ascension is the removal of physical obstructions. The physical world is full of highs and lows. Just as the tide ebbs and flows, we are bound to the physicality of 3D.  We are ‘earthbound’ and the matrix is integrated throughout our physical body. As Gaia feels pain, so do we.

A large part of human devolution is of course the matrix. Metaphysical Gaia Evolution Ascension eradicates the physical restraints that control our physical existence.

A metaphysical healing removes the matrix constraints that keep us bound to earth. 

Gaia is kept at a dense level because the matrix is also throughout her.

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Matrix Evolution Ascension - Universe

Metaphysical Universe Matrix Evolution Ascension is the elimination of dimensional restraints. The matrix controls our dimensional reality and has blocked us from receiving higher dimensional connection. The universe matrix is combined throughout our cellular structure and continues to enforce matter density.

Matrix Evolution Ascension - Galaxy

Metaphysical Galaxy Matrix Evolution Ascension is the removal of multidimensional limitations. The matrix enforces multdimensional barriers on humanity so that geniune spiritual awakenings are very hard to acheive. 

This can be seen frequently with humans that can only see the negativety in the world and in their lives. Galaxy matrix exit restores the atomic structure to it’s organic form which is vibrant and opens up new ways of behaving and adjusts perceptions.

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Matrix Evolution Ascension - Solar

Metaphysical Solar Evolution Ascension is the birth and creation of a new timeline. We have been deceived into thinking that an awakening depends on our level of awareness.

The path of spirituality is filled with dogma, white light delusions and false highs when really it is the heart that is the connection to sentiency. Forest Gump is an example of a pure, open hearted soul and some of the most advanced souls on Gaia are mentally or physically challenged.

It is not how clever you are or evolved you are that is what is the most needed on this planet to initiate a shift but how kind you are and how you treat nature and her inhabitants.