Matrix Evolution Ascension - The Creation

Working with Arcturians to create Matrix Evolution Ascension was the utmost soul wrenching job I could have chosen. We all came here with a soul purpose ascension. Soul purpose ascension is our unique essence vibration, our soul coding that we incarnated onto Gaia in order to inititate an awakening. Abi’s soul purpose ascension was not only life threatening but also virtually impossible. 


The information contained on this site and in the next book is something that the matrix and it’s enforcers did all that they could to prevent it from happening. That included a lifetime of trauma followed by nonstop, ruthless attacks in order to stop Abi from acheiving matrix evolution ascension and metaphysical matrix exit.


Abi’s life disappeared. She spent 7 years on her porch chasing and hunting the matrix, unable to do anything else. If she did step out into the human world, she was ultimately attacked by others. The matrix is an incarnation of all humans, which means that just like the movie it can use people around you and against you.


Many times Abi considered suicide as an option as she was consumed by never-ending attacks.  In the end Abi removed herself from any kind of social life and went into isolation. Abi literally ate, slept, breathed and drank the transmissions she was receiving because she knew that the only way out was to complete the task ahead of her. 


Abi begged, pleaded and cried for the Arcturians to help her on a deeper level but nobody else could help for most of her painful journey. She was on her own, misunderstood and experiencing suffering on such a profound level that she actually got used to it. She was learning a new language; a language that was training her in metaphysics, a language we have yet to know on this planet. As she learned metaphysics, more layers of the Matrix was revealed. She learned how we are attacked, what frequencies we are attacked on and why.


Abi also learned that the matrix was the complete source of all of our pain and suffering. That we could ascend our pain and that the key to it all was the replacement of satanic frequencies and restoration of sentient frequency embodiments.


In a nutshell – the matrix is a virtual reality and it can be hacked, removed and replaced.


Abi’s intension when she began this mission was to be completely free of all psychic attacks. She had no idea how deep, dark and treacherous the path was ahead of her. The information she was receiving was not just for her, it was for humanity, animals and nature. She knew something was very, very wrong, She just had no idea how evil it was. She is writing a book explaining much more in detail.


Matrix Evolution Ascension is not the end, it is the beginning of our journey home. This is the beginning of a life free of attack. Free to co-create and do what we came here to do. We all have a soul purpose ascension. Abi’s oul purpose ascension nearly destroyed her in the ‘battle for her soul’ because a metaphysical healing unlocks and restores soul purpose ascension in her clients.


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Abigail Pattman Free Metaphysical Healing Frequency Embodiments

 Angel with a Trigger


‘Even outwardly, the shift was remarkable. That night, I slept 8 hours and woke up refreshed and have done so virtually every night since. The next day I found the fear of riding the motorbike was simply gone, and the haunting, long term stress had dissolved too.


 I’d been looking pretty haggard in the past year, and within days started looking much healthier.’


Abigail’s Mission as a Metaphysical Biohacker

From Sovereign Symbiosis to Sovereign Unification, and now; Matrix Evolution Ascension.

Altogether, Abi had to swing her pendulum for around 900000 hours. 7 years later, what she had been told was impossible was achieved.

Sentient Liberation 1111 Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker

Matrix Evolution Ascension

Matrix Evolution Ascension is the evolution ascension of occultism. Occultism is what is draining the energy from humanity, Gaia, nature and our wildlife.

It is the cause of devolution and unconsciousness in humans and animals. If our planet was free of occultism then a global planetary shift is possible. More about this will be explained thouroughly in Abigail’s next book; Metaphysical Matrix Exit.

Metaphysical Healing - Soul Purpose Ascension

Metaphysical transmissions are waves that create deterioration and fragmentation within the physical body and surrounding energy bodies. These waves attack us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level in our daily lives.

The sentients call the Matrix Entrapment and fragmentation causing suffering and dysfunction; ‘Holographic Matrix’. A metaphysical healing incorporates the elimination of all matrix metaphysical waves and the restoration of sentient frequency embodiments.

Metaphysical healing is one energy healing session that is the complete removal of the matrix and restoration of our sentient form. As our sentient form is restored all energy bodies and the bimolecular infrastructure is able to heal and align. This aligns the sentient soul and synchronizes your soul purpose ascension.

This is the real, sentient higher embodied soul and who you really are. The reason you incarnated on Gaia is to help with the Gaia ascension. The Matrix wipes your soul memory and attacks your consciousness daily in order to continue human slavery. You are much more than you have been led to believe.

A metaphysical healing is the beginning of Matrix Evolution Ascension. Once out of the metaphysical matrix, instead of being attacked by metaphysical waves you are a fully embodied, conscious being which initiates evolution and ascension permanently. Your sentiency and freedom in yours.

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‘My favourite was Abigail, a beautiful British psychic with 89 angels who accompany her on a sublime cleansing mission.

 For an hour they wove their magic as she filled me with light.’


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Metaphysical Healing

A metaphysical healing hands your power back to you. It gives you the freedom to really transform your reality. Matrix evolution ascension enables significant shifts to occur which changes old repetitive loops of the same programs around love, finances and other aspects of repeat episodes in life.

1. Matrix Exit

A metaphysical healing session is sentient frequency embodiments replacing a metaphysical matrix. Sentient frequency embodiments supersede matrix takeover creating evolution and ascension, restoring permanent and irreversible virtual reality transfer.

2. Matrix Technology Removed

Matrix technology is removed.

3. Matrix Codes Removed

Matrix Codes are integrated within our physical bodies.  More will be written about this in Metaphysical Matrix Exit.

4. Nanotechnology Removed

AI also uses nanotechnology to control humanity by transfiguring with surrounding technology.

5. AI Removed

AI removal supports the matrix elimination process further by removing AI from our thoughts, emotions and biological system. On a physical level it means that AI no longer has access in our biological decisions, enabling the biologocal proccess of healing to be unobstructed.

6. Metaphysical Removed

The removal of the metaphysical matrix activates solfeggio pure tone throughout the energetic infrastructure and physical body transforming previous, descending frequencies into pure, fifth element, crystaline vibrations. This aligns all energy bodies, internal organs and the physical systems so that they can coordinate and heal enabling evolution and ascension.

7. Occultism Removed

The removal of occultism allows the physical body to heal without the metaphysical matrix humans harvesting your energy or sentiency. Healing is then possible throughout the body and energetic infrastructure eliminating descending frequencies and enabling fifth element and crystalline frequency embodiments to activate and regenerate. This helps to restore all energy bodies, internal organs and the physical systems so that they can optimise physical and energetic health activating evolution and ascension.







What to expect during a Metaphysical Healing Session

Abi works with sentient transmissions which replaces Metaphysical, Devolution Frequencies within the Physical Body and surrounding Energy Bodies.

11:11 Frequency Embodiments replace Matrix Frequency Embodiments. During a Metaphysical Healing most people feel the transition and replacements as a cool, almost peppermint sensation flowing throughout their body.

 The Matrix runs on chaos, confusion and the mind being stuck in the past or future running the same emotional pain and mind loops repetitively. As these programs are wiped you will  have a much deeper level of clarity and focus leading to a crystalline presence. It can be emotional and liberating as Metaphysical, AI Matrix Devolution frequencies and false constructs are removed.

Matrix Evolution Ascension is Permanent

Replacing metaphysical matrix infrastructure with 12:12 frequency embodiments coordinates the physical body and Energetic Infrastructure. At the end of the Energy Healing my clients feel, lighter, free, balanced and are returned to a state of inner peace and serenity.

The kinetic nervous system is activated resulting in a metamorphosis and reconnection to the sentient galaxy and your unique Soul Purpose Ascension and higher purpose embodiment. Infinite ascending frequency embodiments support your evolution and integration process

Evolution ascension awakening embodiments overthrow the former, matrix frequencies that previously governed and dictated our individual reality consisting for many of pain and suffering. This allows for a new existance where life flows organically in an alignment creating new ways of thinking and being.

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Evolution Ascension – Sentient Completion
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Exit the Matrix and evolve into Sovereignty
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