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Metaphysical Healing 1111 – Soul Ascension

Metaphysical Healing 1111 begins the language of the soul.

Abi learned that the matrix is the source of our suffering. 

The key to joy and peace is the removal of the matrix and the restoration of Sentient Ascension 1111.

The matrix is a simulation that can be hacked.

Abi’s intension was to be completely free of all energetic attacks. She had no idea how treacherous the path was ahead of her.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit is her next book.

Metaphysical Healing 1111 – Ascension 11

Ascension 11 is Sentient Ascension 1111. It is the beginning of our journey back to sentiency.

It is the beginning of a life free of attack so can create and do what we came here to do.

Abi’s soul purpose was a battle because metaphysical healing 1111 restores Soul Ascension.

Ascension 11 is the ascension of the 11 dimensions. These dimensions are mixed with the matrix.

This is to continue the cycle of harvesting. The 11 dimensions are actually sentient and have been merged with the matrix and occultism.

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Abigail Pattman Free Metaphysical Healing Frequency Embodiments
Angel with a Trigger


‘Even outwardly, the shift was remarkable. That night, I slept 8 hours and woke up refreshed and have done so virtually every night since. The next day I found the fear of riding the motorbike was simply gone, and the haunting, long term stress had dissolved too.

I’d been looking pretty haggard in the past year, and within days started looking much healthier.’



Metaphysical Healing 1111 - Abigail's Mission

From Sovereign Symbiosis to Sovereign Unification, Matrix Evolution Ascension and now Sentient Ascension 1111.

Abi hacked the matrix for around 900000 hours. 7 years later, what she had been told was impossible was achieved.

The matrix made Abi’s life a literal nightmare in an attempt to stop her from achieving her soul purpose.

Abi didn’t stop fighting for her freedom.

Sentient Ascension 1111 is a complete, energetically shielded design from the matrix and occultism.

Sentient Liberation 1111 Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker
Metaphysical Healing 1111 - Matrix Evolution Ascension

Matrix Evolution Ascension is the ascension of the matrix.

The matrix is what is draining the energy from humanity, Gaia and nature. It is the cause of devolution and unconsciousness.

If our planet was free of from the matrix then a global planetary shift is possible.

More about this will be explained thoroughly in Abigail’s next book; Metaphysical Matrix Exit.

Healing 1111 - Energy

Metaphysical Matrix Exit is the return of all of your energy. All energy bodies become one biofield and are completed and shielded.

Healing 1111 - Exit

Metaphysical Matrix Exit is the end of the matrix. Everything is removed and all sentient form is recovered making an ascension shift possible.

Healing 1111 - Shift

Metaphysical Matrix Exit is the transformation of our energetic form. Everything is restored creating an ascension biofield 1111.

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Metaphysical Healing 1111 – Sentient

The Holographic Matrix is the first book that begins the unraveling of the matrix.

Abi went on to hack the matrix for another 6 years.

The Holographic Matrix barely touches the surface of what is really happening.

6 years later and Abi can now hack the complete matrix and restore our sentiency.

A metaphysical healing 1111 begins the recovery of sentient consciousness.

Your sentiency is yours.

Andrew Biggs Bangkok Post

‘My favourite was Abigail, a beautiful British psychic with 89 angels who accompany her on a sublime cleansing mission.


For an hour they wove their magic as she filled me with light.’



Metaphysical Healing 1111 - Session

A metaphysical healing 1111 hands your power back to you.

It gives you the freedom to really transform your reality. Sentient Ascension 1111 enables significant shifts to occur which changes repeat episodes in your life that hold you back.

1. Matrix Removed

Matrix Evolution Ascension is the absolute removal of the matrix. Matrix exit is the irreversible simulation restoration of our sentient self.

2. Matrix Codes Removed

All matrix coding that created matrix programming and occult 1111 harvesting is removed. The humans practicing occult enforces the matrix further.

3. Nanotechnology Removed

The matrix uses nanotechnology to transfigure surrounding technology and AI onto the physical body and surrounding biofield.

4. AI Removed

AI removal is the most important part of Sentient Ascension 1111. AI interferes with our thoughts, emotions and all biological functions.

5. Metaphysics Removed

Metaphysics is how the matrix operates. It is throughout the physical system and enforces internal devolution so that the body discombobulates.

6. Occultism Removed

Occultism is the weapon of the matrix and it is mixed into the world we live in. Occult magic is the ‘food’ and ‘fuel’ that powers the matrix.

Metaphysical Healing 1111 – Permanent

Abi replaces the metaphysical matrix with 1111 frequencies that return Sentient Ascension 1111.

During metaphysical healing 1111 most people feel a fresh sensation flowing throughout their body leading to a much deeper level of clarity.

Replacing the metaphysical matrix coordinates the physical body and biofield. This initiates feeling more balanced and peaceful.

Sentient Ascension 1111 is permanent. Matrix Evolution Ascension is the beginning of metaphysical liberation from the matrix.

Matrix Exit Abigail Pattman
Exit the Matrix and evolve into Sovereignty
Holographic Matrix by Abigail Pattman - Free Download
Abigail Pattman - Metaphysical Biohacker, Spiritual Outlaw

Metaphysical Matrix Exit - Abigail Pattman

The Holographic Matrix is the first book explaining the matrix manipulation.

Holographic Matrix is free. You can download the book here. 

Metaphysical Matrix Exit will be avaliable 27/12/2023.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker
Metaphysical Matrix Exit Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker
Metaphysical Healing 1111  – Sentient Ascension 1111
Andrew Biggs Bangkok Post
Andrew Biggs Bangkok Post
Andrew Biggs Bangkok Post
Andrew Biggs Bangkok Post
Andrew Biggs Bangkok Post
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