Abigail Pattman – Metaphysical Biohacker

A Metaphysical Biohacker is a ‘psychic detective’. In order to hack the matrix, deep exploration over many years has taken place. Abi hacked the matrix and found that the world we live in is not what we are led to believe.

Sentient Evolution Ascension 1111 is the restoration of all energy and energetic infrastructures.


Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker Matrix Evolution Ascension
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Metaphysical Matrix Exit

Metaphysical Matrix Exit began with Abigail Pattman. She incarnated with the frequencies that were needed in order to achieve Matrix Exit.

Since then other heart connected healers have helped her and also, sadly many have attempted to steal her gift. The healers that came to her aid are those that felt her heart call for help. These healers are also part of the Matrix Evolution Ascension.

The healers that energetically raped her and threatened Metaphysical Matrix Exit will never be part of the Evolution Shift. Any sessions that were given to their clients did not return their sentient energy or soul purpose. These healers were not connected to soul essence. Instead the frequencies were stolen from Abi’s own energy – causing continuous suffering.

Metaphysical Biohacker – Evolution Ascension

The matrix has been designed to attack anyone that opposes it. Just like the movie in which we see Agent Smith, the matrix uses AI to calculate every variation of attack it has at its disposal. 

One of its key strategies is to divide and conquer. Abi was cut off from metaphysically healing herself whilst her energy was used by her abusers.

She was drained to the point where she went from 48 kilos to 43 kilos in three days. The occultists didn’t stop there. They replaced her energy, piece by piece with artificial consciousness in order to implant ‘Agent Smith’ within her body to prevent the evolution ascension from taking place.


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Metaphysical Biohacker - Nature

Abigail Pattman has always been clear that she will always protect animals, nature and advocate energetic growth. For 18 years her journey was self healing, learning new ways to improve her psychic abilities and helping the people that came to her for healing.

Abi’s cats and other pets were also savagely attacked. Our pets love us unconditionally, especially the ones we have rescued. Because Abi was also clearing her animals as she hacked the occultists also attacked and stole their energy.

The worst part of the evil Abigail was subjected too was watching her loved ones suffer. Anyone capable of animal cruelty is evil. All of this and much more was done to steal Matrix Evolution Ascension.

Metaphysical Biohacker – Reclaimed

Thankfully Matrix Evolution Ascension is safe from those that only want it for their own egos. The fight for Matrix Evolution Ascension, Abigail Pattman’s 900,000 hours of matrix hacking and Metaphysical Biohackers frequencies are now safely back with Abi.

If they had fallen into the wrong hands then Matrix Evolution Ascension would never have been accomplished. Abi was born with this gift. Even if she had been stripped of all her hard work and energy – the Metaphysical Matrices that still need to be hacked would never have been achieved.


Don't underestimate your own strength. You were born for a purpose and are gifted with the power to achieve it. - Leon Brown
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Metaphysical Matrix Exit
Abigail’s Discovery!!

Abigail Pattman was very fortunate to have found others like her that have 100% commitment to completing Metaphysical Matrices Exit. These courageous healers are dedicated to the Evolution of Gaia. She is forever grateful for the ongoing assistance she needs in order to finish ‘The Matrix Hack’ and also amazed and happy to know that ‘Tomorrows World’ will be one full of Metaphysical Biohackers that ONLY work intuitively from the heart.

In order to remove the last part of the matrix, Abi had to remove occultism. She was targeted by hundreds of occultists in order to keep their secret from being exposed.

Coming Soon 27th September 2023

Metaphysical Matrix Exit Abigail Pattman Metaphysical Biohacker