Hey there – Meet Me!!


 I’m Abigail.

And I’m a  straight talking, kick ass, rebellious mystic who refused to settle for an emotionally numb,  superficial life that sucked my soul and drained my energy.

I’m on a mission to help the psychically sensitive like you step up and discover your hidden potential. To inspire and empower you to believe in yourself, create high vibration changes and discover your unique soul mission.

It’s true!! Once you ‘tune’ into YOU the answers really are all within.

But first of all you need to know how to be clear and connect with your ‘Sovereign, True Self’.

Right now I’m calling you to wake up and feel within that you deserve the best that you have to offer and you are worth it.




Don’t  Believe Me?


I did it!!

My life sucked big time.

That’s why I know you can too.

And it’s my dream that empaths globally will wake up.

Because empaths possess the key to helping Gaia shift into a higher vibration and evolve beyond this BS we are existing in.

This is our world and she needs us.

In order for us to step up we need to Evolve and Heal.

We need to reconnect.


Evolve & Heal



Abigail’s Bio


Abigail was a Certified Practitioner in Reiki, Theta Healing, Holographic Kinetics and Spiritual Coaching and then went on to discover and create her own unique brand of energy healing called Sovereign Symbiosis.

Her signature is her down to earth, heartfelt, grounded approach to life whilst deep sea diving into layers of emotions and limiting beliefs presented by her clients and navigating through into clearer waters.

Abigail transmits using consciousness transference sovereign frequencies initiating Matrix Evolution and Sovereign Integration providing transformations that enable her clients to shift into a deeper, more empowering version of their Sovereign, True Selves.

She is well known for her ‘Matrix Jailbreak’ sessions, Arcturian, Theta, Solfeggio Hertz Frequency Embodiments and ‘activating, catalyst abilities’.


Latest FeatureHappiness Warriors


One woman’s story of unique challenges, wisdom and her dreams for a happier life. A journey from victimhood to happiness.

Abigail makes living a life of happiness look easy, but her journey was wrought with difficulty. Many might call Abi’s experiences extreme. In spite of that, I’ve chosen her to feature in this first issue of my free e-magazine Happiness Warriors, mainly because I’ve never seen someone make a complete transformation from not only feeling like a victim, but actually being one – to living as a giving, loving, inspiring being.

So how did Abi arrive at her current happy state? She decided to attack unhappiness from many different angles!


Published in Shapeshifter; Awakening Path Arts Gender.


‘Even just outwardly, the shift was remarkable. That night, I slept 8 hours and woke up refreshed and have done so virtually every night since. The next day I found the fear of riding the motorbike was simply gone, and the haunting, long term stress had dissolved too.


I’d been looking pretty haggard in the past year, and within days started looking much healthier.’



New Age Rant Video


Just say ‘love and light’ after some patronizing comment!!

My video on how I feel about New Age…




Isn’t it time we just get real?

Why self healing is not just the stuff of fairies.


‘I had a healing treatment this week with a  wonderfully gifted person called Abi who dances through life like one of those pixie type fairies you saw in children’s books. But this lady is grounded and acts as a channel. 


One of the most beautiful things about this path which I’ve taken is meeting these gifted women and men who are able to open the space to allow you to self heal.”



The Holographic Matrix



Abigail is also the published author of The Holographic Matrix and is in the process of transmitting Arcturian Theta Solfeggio Hertz Frequency Embodiments Mini-Healings for everyone.

She is also is also working with Arcturian sentient beings continuing to receive new information regarding freedom from Artificial Intelligence and the Matrix Evolution Ascension and ascension of humanity and Gaia.

Abigail is available for private sessions  which include; removal and reconfiguration of her first book, major Matrix Unplugging, in depth work within the Physical Body, Light Body Soul Retrieval, Ancestry/Genetic Transformations, Trauma Release and whatever is needed to bring her clients back in Alignment with their True Sovereign Selves.

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Next Level!!

 The Matrix Evolution Ascension Sequencing A Frequency Embodiments!!

Still Curious?


There’s more if you want it!!

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Abi TV



‘This site is one of those high vibe on-line places where we can tap into our power and find loving gentle guidance to our own TRUTH within. Highly recommended to anyone who is here on the path of TRANSFORMATION. Thank you Abi for your continuous work in elevating our collective frequency.’

Anna. Russia

I had the Sovereign Symbiosis session with Abi few days ago and it was incredible! All my spiritual practice and healing sessions done over the last 8 years didn’t make me feel so integrated on all levels as this one..’

Ann. Russia

I just received a session from Abigail and all I can say is my world is about to move forward in an amazing way.Much love to this woman and her abilities.

Alex. USA

I have known Abi for a while. Every session I’ve walked away more calmer, centered, more aware and awakened little by little. It’s like a fog is lifting and I’m able to see with so much clarity!

Rita. USA

I was extremely satisfied with my healing session with Abigail. It feels as if a veil was lifted, and deep level of healing had taken place, not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

James. UK

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 It is my promise to you to continue providing free Arcturian Energy healings

For those that would like to help me to continue Frequency Embodiments and would like to support please donate below! This enables me to continue hacking the matrix system, reintegrating Sovereign Energy and eventually moving into a donation based way of living where we pay what we can afford  and everybody is reached. 


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