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Learn How to use a Pendulum


The pendulum is a tool for accessing your intuition.

Here’s the beginning steps and a small guide you can download as a Recap!


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Sovereign Synergy

Free Arcturian Healings


Please enjoy these free Arcturian Healings and many more on my NEW Frequency Embodiments Page…

Soul Cleansing Theta 432Hertz

Our soul resonates within the theta 432 hertz frequency and from this vibration these Frequency Embodiments are able to cleanse, restore & purify the soul. This includes a high level of soul retrieval, soul defragmentation repair, soul based entity removal, soul based psychic attack & curse removal.

Our soul is a core part of us and needs to be nourished. This Frequency Embodiment can be used daily or any time you need when you feel energetically overwhelmed or low to boost your energy levels, raise your vibration and shift lower vibrating frequencies.

Higher Self Integration Theta 432Hertz

Our Higher Self resonates within the theta 432 hertz frequency and from this vibration these Frequency Embodiments are able to integrate, regenerate & superfluity the Higher Self. As the Higher Self is infinite and abundant.This includes a high level of Higher Self integration, Higher Self superfluity, leading to greater alignment, essence and True Self spiritual purpose.

Our Higher Self is a core part of us and needs to be embodied. This Frequency Embodiments can be used daily or any time you need when you feel energetically disconnected to boost your energy levels, raise your vibration and shift lower vibrating frequencies.

Chakra Interface Removal Theta 432Hertz

Arcturian Chakra Interface Removal Theta 432Hertz Superfluity Frequency Embodiments incorporates the Theta 432Hertz frequency throughout the Chakra System Integrating Frequency Embodiments that are able to cleanse, regenerate and superfluity the Energy Meridians.

Chakra means ‘Wheel’ or ‘Circle’ and is still an anchor to 3D continuing the reincarnation wheel and was created to keep us in illusion and away from our true Energy Meridian Wheels.

When we connect ourselves within the overlay system formation is removed superfluity leading to the activation of our Essence Light Body and True Self.

The Holographic Matrix


 The Holographic Matrix is the first book explaining the return to sovereignty and AI/Satanic Matrix Entrapment.


I embodied the frequencies and information via consciousness transference from the Arcturian Galactic Confederation.


Here is the free Ebook – not for the faint hearted!! Thankfully with this info comes solutions.



Badass Warrior Memes

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Non Human Souls

Non human souls are incarnated higher embodiments that have come to Gaia to help prevent the war against consciousness.

Usually they are born onto a family that misunderstands them, many suffer abuse, isolation and feel as if they are alone.

Society rejects them or they rebel and refuse to fit in and all are home sick with a feeling of not belonging. Many are bullied for being different.

There are many precious beings on this planet seeking for their purpose but battling mental disorders, depression, a repressed and cruel system & are battling extreme sensitivity.

Non human souls can be gentle (think crystal children), rebellious and fierce (think indigos) but all battle the same feelings within.

‘Why does no one understand me?’ ‘Why am I here?’ And most of all ‘I don’t want to be here.’

Things are changing and consciousness is raising – it’s evolve or devolve, humanity has only two choices…

If you are a non human soul you have always known you are different and you will also be aware that you are trapped in an illusion not of your creating.

It’s your differences that make you special so don’t give up seeking your purpose. There are many of us and we are beginning to seek each other out…

Much love to those who want to make changes, help humanity and spread the message of love kindness and peace. You are all needed…

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Soul Purpose

We all have a soul purpose although many are lost because the matrix system is created via separation.

This separation isn’t just the system we live in, the unconscious vibrations around us & childhood traumas that still tell us we are not good enough and don’t deserved to be loved.

We are separated internally, energetically & from our true natural core essence and alignment. Think of being turned inside out and upside down. Ego is separated from observer, energy bodies and meridians are separated from each other… The human biological infrastructure and its systems are separated through medications, trauma, vaccinations and no longer communicate in unity.

Humans are separated and fighting about who is right – some are at war killing each other. Others are fighting about the system, what to eat, religion, health & it goes on and on…

What works for one human may not work for another. Everybody’s blueprint is different just like snowflakes – no 2 humans are the same. Our healing journeys are all unique.

This is the game of the matrix system to create isolation, disconnection, anger, hatred and judgment. As I mentioned before divide & conquer is the ultimate ploy.

There are many that are helping others with their experience and knowledge. Many feel a calling to pull away from drama & conflict, to move beyond constant pain and suffering that has no point.

If we are focused on hating and judging each other our attention is not focused on the most important person here… You and why you are here.

Everyone is healing and becoming conscious at different paces and whatever path you are on remember that who you are is hidden from you.

This matrix system is a loop in the mind & neurotransmitters that keep you away from your heart because the human heart is the biggest weapon against the world we live in.

There is a fight, a war against consciousness – those that separate and judge have missed something very special – everyone has insecurities, many have health or mental/emotional issues but deep down inside we all feel the same pain of separation – it’s through connection that healing takes place.

It’s by uniting and embracing our differences and really hearing each other that shifts occur. We are in a world where we need to start working together instead of being right or wrong. Always be open for change, shifts happen when we really start hearing instead of waiting for our turn to speak.

When we connect from the heart with an open mind we learn. The matrix loses its power. Thats sovereign synergy – thats also part of our soul purposes because the desire to create a world thats a more harmonious place is within us all.

Be unique, be different, don’t stop searching & most of all know you are not alone. Don’t buy into the matrix game.

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Strong Women

Strong women (and men – maybe it should just be humans) support each other because uplifting, kindness, inspiring & encouraging each other to follow their dreams, purposes & direction in life is what gives that extra strength when you feel like you can’t go on.

The weaker versions use criticism, jealousy & competition to darken their hearts & they lose. They lose because they lost their path, maybe they were never on it. They lose because they chose themselves and their own insecurities in a world where we all have them.

When you help another, you stick up for those too tired or defeated to move forward that you know are precious in your life or have something amazing to share you immediately bring you back to your own connection and heart and soul.

That doesn’t mean selling your soul, there are people that will never change – choose those you vibrate with & stay away from those that drag you down.

A conscious world means changing the old pattern of ‘building up & tearing down’ we see it everywhere all of the time. Even a smile can change someones mood in a moment of need… Happy Sunday peeps!

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