Energy Healing is a way of finding the core of a problem as opposed to taking a pill to ‘make it all better’.

When there is a conflict in someone’s life that is causing sadness or mental turmoil it often if not recognized and re-balanced, over a period of time settles in the body as an illness. A healthy body = a healthy mind and vice versa. That’s why the western way of treating a physical problem with a prescription for chemicals can create more problems or… the illness returns after a period of time.

Energy Healing; About


Energy healing is about finding and deepening your connection to your heart and spirit again.

It’s about bringing emotions and thoughts into alignment, raising the vibration and creating positive, lasting change in your life. Energy healing is a great way to address hidden problems and re-balancing emotions and balanced emotions and thoughts are the greatest gift to staying healthy and centered. When the equilibrium is there then disease and illnesses are less likely to find a way to enter the physical body.

Energy Healing; Cause


If the root of the discomfort stays the same then the physical symptoms reoccur.

This is because we live in a ‘quick fix’ society where we want to wave magic wands and have everything dealt with instantly! So we turn to prescription medicine to ‘get rid of the problem’ rather than addressing how it got there in the first place. Alas, with this technique the metaphor is; ‘sticking a band aid over a splinter!!!’ If someone really wants to create change in their life, sometimes it is more proactive to dig a little deeper. We all know that splinters if not pulled out with tweezers can cause a lot of discomfort, until the splinter is removed; the body is unable to heal. In order to really cure a dysfunction, the thoughts and emotions behind it need to be addressed. Energy healing searches for the root of the problem.

Energy Healing; Discoveries


This is where energy healing comes in…

Energy healing is about addressing the cause of the problem. It’s about creating more balance and harmony in your life by shifting the energy that is blocking recovery and true happiness. It’s about finding inner peace, alignment with your own personal truth, being at peace with yourself and  your life choices. Energy healing isn’t a magic wand but it is an amazing way to discover yourself, find inner strength, shift emotional trauma and reintroduce heartfelt feelings that align with the very essence of who you are. You see, underneath all of our weaknesses and judgments we are actually truly wondrous beings that when fully aligned and in touch with our inner spirit, are naturally loving and giving and when we are loving and giving we are in harmony with who we really are. Our essence is a loving vibration and that is what radiates throughout our bodies and creates health and vitality.

Energy Healing; Healthy


Healthy emotions and happy thoughts are the key to a beautiful life.

Through various modalities Abigail tunes into the physical body and surrounding energy bodies to find out where the imbalances are and shift the energy. As she locates disturbances and gently works with them to bring new light and transformations she is able to raise the vibration of the physical body and reconnect her clients with their hearts and inner-self. Feeling connected and centered is the greatest gift to yourself and everyone around you because that is when you are your most loving, healthy, empowering and successful and that is why energy healing is a gift to bestow upon yourself to create a happier, healthier way of living…

Change your energy, change your life… that’s how Energy healing works…

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