Emotional Alchemy: How to cultivate a new way of experiencing powerful emotions and transforming them into the gift of freedom, empowerment and liberation.

Emotional alchemy is a challenge…

Emotions… a vastly misunderstood phenomenon of the human ‘condition’.

We exist in a world where the very thought of ‘owning’ our real feelings is absolutely terrifying. In fact, most of us have become so good at pushing away any uncomfortable sensations or emotions, such as jealousy, anger, resentment or guilt that we have become hugely blocked to how we really do feel. In place, a rather cozy numbness has settled over a simmering ‘human pressure’ cooker, add in a little alcohol, the odd valium and daily dose of pot and the average human is not only emotionally numb but also extremely volatile when challenged or triggered. Better to stay high, numb and happy rather than face the growing recipe of denied, repressed and unacknowledged truths hidden within, bubbling away, and waiting for the right time to surface. And surface it will. You can count on that!!

The law of emotions...

The law of emotions…

Emotional Alchemy: The Law of Emotions

Just like Einstein’s revelation and discovery of the ‘law of gravity’; there is a law to emotions…

Lets unravel further… E-Motion… Energy in motion… Energy. Yes! Energy. Emotional alchemy is about understanding your energetic flow.

  • Emotions are pure energy.
  • The more powerful the emotion, the stronger the energy.
  • Emotions influence the body, our thoughts, our well-being and our behavior.

From a young age we have been ‘conditioned’ do ‘do as we are told’ and to ‘speak when spoken to’. There is no blame here it has been going on for many generations… But clearly this method of stifling, repressing and ignoring doesn’t work… That’s why we are living in a hostile world of depressed, numb or angry individuals doing anything to avoid looking within.

Those of us that have begun to unravel years of neglect and unconscious abuse, worked on our emotional bodies sufficiently enough to have a depth and understanding of the importance of expressing ourselves in the moment can be met with denial and disdain… because this world is not used to honesty, vulnerability and authenticity with all its flaws and imperfections free for all to see in it’s true magnificence. This world is scared of that.

Real is sexy...

Real is sexy…

Emotional Alchemy: Real is Sexy
  • Being real is all we have…
  • It’s the true gift to freedom. Emotional nakedness, in all its glory is the key to the heart, soul and yumminess of being that is the juice of our essence…
  • No more hiding, self medicating or making excuses…
  • Own your soul!!!
  • Love your shadow…

Of course every emotion has a flip side… Emotional alchemy is a constant, ever changing, expanding art.

Emotional Alchemy

What is it that you covet that someone else has? How can you achieve that within your life? Get curious, you are jealous for a reason? Allow it to inspire you…


Ok. You have a conscience. Well done. Something you did or that happened in your life was out of alignment. Find the lesson. Learn from it. Move on. Punishing yourself doesn’t work. Is there someone you need to clear the air with? Do it. Free yourself. You’ll feel better afterwards.


Wow!! Pure raw energy. Power. Expression. In the moment it can be necessary. Use it. Channel it into change. What do you need to change? Something isn’t working? There’s nothing wrong with anger. It’s how we use it to hurt and control that is the source of pain and misery. Don’t use it to start personal wars. That only creates more disharmony. Use it to learn about you. Why are you angry? Stop blaming and attacking and find a purpose to channel that energy into. All of these emotions are a build up and result of years of repression.

Your natural state is sheer presence, bliss and pure joy. Emotions are a flux and change and barometer to keep you moving. Changing, growing and creating. Tap into that. How long does a baby stay angry for? Seconds. It’s expressed and released. It’s ok to feel angry. It’s what you do with it that counts.


Why do you have a grudge? Who wronged you so badly that you still harbor secret desires of revenge? There was a point in this story where you listened to someone else instead of yourself. What can you do within you to right yourself so that it doesn’t happen again? Trust your instinct!!! Know your boundaries.


The best revenge is no revenge. Yep. You heard that right. Your success and happiness is your weapon. That is your revenge. The more you grow, glow, shine and expand is where you attract attention, change, and grace into your life. You don’t need to do anything. Your freedom is the gift. How beautiful is that? Ex-partners will wonder why the relationship didn’t work. Ex-boss’s will kick themselves. Enemies will be deterred by your lack of interest… You moved on… That commands respect. Use this energy to step up your game. 

  • Empowerment is the ability to rise above life’s challenges and to still find the purpose and meaning.

(yikes) layers of hidden repressed emotions like a wet blanket over your soul. NO!!! Weed your garden. It may be tough but rewarding when you feel ‘life’s essence’ pouring back into your body. Feeling alive is the where it’s at!!!


Oh my god. You have a heart. You were connected to something or someone you found very precious and loved. Now it’s gone. Feel it. You heart is opening. What can you do to continue the lessons you learned in that relationship? How can you use your love and pain to create something beautiful that can inspire others?

For example; when my dad died of cancer, he swore that the food he was eating was a lot to do with it. A year later I was detoxing in a spa in Thailand. I learned about toxins, sugar, MSG, additives, flavor enhancers. His influence gave me a new meaning and opened me to an alternative, holistic world of which I am still part of… The more your heart opens the more love you have to give.

Understand that this emotion is leading you deeper into compassion, empathy; and it brings more insights into what is really important to you, driving you deeper into your soul…

You are love. You just forgot somewhere along your path.
You are love...

You are love…


A mixture of the above emotions and many more… People that are depressed are often lacking connection, to themselves and others, purpose and inspiration. Unravel the emotions that are weaving this end result and don’t forget boredom!!! When life is boring, it is easy to become depressed. If there is a lack of purpose, do anything to bring growth and new skills into your life that also brings connection to other people. Your purpose will come but you have to keep pushing. Opening, moving, growing and giving.

Get curious. And check your motives. If you are focused only on what you can get from a situation then you are also missing an important point. You have turned your world insular. Start focusing on what you can give. Your world will soon begin to turn around. Give without expectations or you will be disappointed.

When my grandfather passed, I had a fight with my brother. We were both under a lot of stress. It was an awkward time for us. Layers of old resentment between us, me a right brained, psychic hippie and him a left brained, practical computer techie… When I returned to Thailand I really thought about how we could bridge the gap between us and the answer came quite naturally. I stepped into his shoes. What was life like for him? He was the one taking care of my grandparents all the years I had been away. My brother has a huge heart and sometimes gives too much. I took the plunge and sent him an email. I thanked him for all of his hard work. Told him how much I appreciated him and the way he cared for the family. I saw the beauty of him beyond the family programs and battles. The result was amazing. It opened the channels of communication between us and took our relationship in another direction. We began to build new bridges.

Emotional Alchemy: Be-you-to-da-ful

You are beautiful. BE-YOU-TO-DA-FUL. The spirit within you is your power, channel and source of inspiration that has a unique gift to share and contribute to this planet. What is it? Who are you?

So… (excuse me) FUCK being quiet. FUCK what the neighbours think. FUCK faking happiness and FUCK numbness, nothingness and ‘pretending’ to be something you are not.

  • Liberation is your ability to break free of this restricting paradigm and to climb into your own unique, personal emotional alchemy.
Manage your emotions...

Manage your emotions…

Emotional Alchemy: Manage your Emotions

Allow your uncomfortable feelings to create a path towards a new level of growth. Sexy is real. Discomfort is about positive change. Grace is catching the essence and alchemizing it into raw, pure, juice. And juice makes seductive, tantalizing, open, organic expression of life. Be yourself, manage and free your emotions and flow into your essence and sexuality with a new depth of passion.

You are real. And if you are reading this you are a pioneer of change evoking a new paradigm of connection, love creativity and transformation. Now that is sexy. Don’t you think?

Credits go to my source of inspiration… Layla Caroline; The Sexy Revolution.

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