Grrrrr!! The perils of PMS!!

PMS. Today I experienced a rather disturbing phenomenon, the hijack of my body.  It had been progressively building for a few days and reached catastrophic proportions of abnormality during the day. I had seriously left my body, totally freaked out in monstrous proportions by the scale of its severity. I even contemplated suicide my emotions were stewing and boiling at such a high velocity. (Only for a second) However, this was an extreme situation which even led to the deactivation of facebook and refusal to step outside my bungalow. Instead I existed on ryvita crackers, manuka honey and a succession of futile text messages..

The Cause?

The Cause?

The Cause? PMS

Can you imagine what caused this extreme and volcanic behavior? PMS. When god/goddess/the universe created women someone must have pressed an insanity button and left it on for a day or two for a laugh. Why else would this happen to us? The ridiculous thing is that sometimes my monthly cycle glides by without a hitch and sometimes The PMS demon descends with no mercy. There is no warning and no escape. What to do?

After this rather memorable experience of blunders, tears 

and confusion I have begun to take my body and PMS seriously. This month has been a huge challenge, I have had a multitude of dramas to deal with and have been praising myself on keeping my cool.. Alas I complemented myself too soon..

The Cause?

PMS: The Solution

I texted my acupuncture lady and asked for help. Here’s the reply to lesson those pesky PMS symptoms I received: Dong quai, evening primrose oil, ashwagandha, valerian, st johns wort… (don’t take them all at once) that was an afterthought in the text. If I had that all in my cupboard I probably would have. Are there any cases of overdose from herbal supplements from PMS delusions? Maybe I could have started something new…

The Cause?

PMS. And the Biggest Advice of all..

Only speak to people that are empathic to your needs. Avoid anyone that is critical or insensitive.. You will slice them into little pieces and possibly regret it later depending on their ability to piss you off and whether you need them in your life anyway.. PMS is a good time for understanding what you need in your life. However, please act without the neurotic edge so do listen to your inner voice and then implement when the PMS monster has mysteriously slipped away. And know that men do not suffer from this. They have no idea what it feels like and many can have an inability to really understand you have gone mad but will regain composure once your period starts. They can only imagine and that isn’t even close. But guys, please have some empathy, it’s worse for us than it is for you and we really need you to know it is passing… It is better to consult your sisters. With forewarning, whip out the chocolate, treat yourself to movies and let it flow…

The Cause?

 PMS & Next Month

I will take my own advice and armed with the relevant monthly herbal supplements, an acupuncture session to restore balance and my iphone moon cycle app I will be armed with a barrage of PMS monster banishing tools… Let’s hope it doesn’t sneak up 3 days early like it did this month!!!

Sneaky little PMS devil….  Anyone know how to reactivate facebook?

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