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Disconnection Starving for Love

Disconnection starts young these days.

The earlier it starts the easier it is to manipulate and control human beings. Let’s face it we as humans know endless ways of torturous cruelty on everything we lay our hands on. Disconnection is our first gift to children and animals. Everything is seeking love. Instead of honouring the most important emotional need of all humans and animals we continue to isolate, indoctrinate and punish. It’s a sick disease.

For example we treat our kids like cattle.

You know what we do to animals? This is the meat industry. We take the young away from their mothers. Animals are then separated. We put them into herds, mourning their natural growth with the mothers, depressed, pumped full of antibiotics and over bred to provide milk or slaughtered for human consumption. What a life we give to sentient beings and then we do it to our children.

Child in a prison

The world has been manufactured in a way that from a young age children are taken away from their mothers and shoved into nursery schools.

Just like cattle, they are put into groups where they are also pumped full of vaccines. The mother connection isn’t honored anymore as mum has to work in order to provide for her children. Or,  maybe her career is more important than her children because we live in a world that is all about ‘me, me, me.’

I’m not saying women shouldn’t have careers and amazing lives, I’m saying that somehow we have lost the balance. We have created the ultimate disconnection.

Mothering a child isn’t seen as the most important full time job of any woman or family. It isn’t honoured or seen as sacred. Surely the upbringing of the next generation is the most important thing of all?

Abandonment wounds start early because children need love and connection.

Instead they get absence, indoctrination, disconnection and needles stuck in their arms. Then as they grow old enough a prison system that makes them ‘comply’ to a set of pointless rules and meaningless ‘education’ that programs them with the fact that they have to be like everyone else.

I remember from as young as 6 or 7 asking my mum why I had to learn this crap.

It didn’t serve me. I do believe in learning, growth and education but something focused on the needs and abilities of the child. Most systems don’t do that. They put children in boxes they don’t fit in and force them to become something they are not. I hated school and when I was old enough I did my best to avoid it. I was finally put in a Rudolph Steiner school which was focused on creativity and catered to the needs of children’s abilities. For that I will always be infinitely grateful. Before then all I saw was bullying by kids and listless teachers and a bunch of rules that served no one except to be treated like slaves.

Because that is what the system does.

When you look at a litter of kittens or puppies you will see that they are constantly touching each other. They lie in puddles of warm, soft furry little bodies. In some parts of Asia they don’t even allow babies to be put down for the first year. They have extended families that help with upbringing. There is support and love that western children just don’t get.

It is actually natural to enjoy being hugged.

To be close to another being, but in the western world we save that for an ‘intimate relationship’. By the time we get in those we are so starved of love and affection that we project all of our needs and wounds onto our ‘loved one’.

Our mummy, daddy wounds play out in such dysfunction that relationships are a stomping ground for even more abusive, disconnection shit that we have grown up on.

kittens cuddling

If that is you. Do the healing. It’s not your fault that you were abused, traumatized but you are responsible for the wounds you carry and what you do with those. Do you choose to take it out on everyone around you? Or do you choose to find a new, loving, healthy way to love? 

As a teenager if you hug someone then it is instantly misconstrued as ‘sexual’ because that is how fucked up we all are. 

Intimacy has been slaughtered just like the poor animals we torture and then eat. We destroy everything with our lack of intimacy, disconnection and a system that preys on our vulnerabilities. 

This isn’t about woman’s rights.

Women deserve the same rights as men. Nobody is superior to anyone else. Patriarchy is a sick disease that has fucked up the natural essence of all humans. We are all suffering here because of it.

A woman wih a fur and casino chips

It’s the lack of connection and the abundance of indoctrination that causes so much pain in this world. The soul is neglected and instead people have been brainwashed into thinking that instant gratification is the way to get deep wounds and needs fixed. It leaves you empty and soulless. The same as self medication and new age spiritual bypassing. Religion that convinces you that you are right and everyone else is wrong. Porn or a job that makes you work 16 hour days for large sums of money. The list goes on and so does the continuation of disconnection.

Children need to be held and listened to.

When I grew up it was: “do as you’re told.” And “speak when you are spoken to.” That is slave mentality. No wonder we all grow up fucked up. Women need to be respected and allowed to feel safe with the space, love and connection available to bring children into this world.

And men need to feel like men again, such is the system that has castrated their balls.

A system that is creating masculine pussies because that is what is happening to a lot of women; Theresa May and Hilary Clinton being perfect examples.

My problem is never blame on the men or the women in this world. It’s with the system.

A system that is designed to pit women and men against each other. A system that thinks it’s ok to treat animals like ‘consumption’. Nothing more than items to experiment on exploit and torture. A system that has no regard for sentient beings and life.

Someone recently told me that the reason dogs don’t live so long is because they have already learned the most important message of all. Unconditional love.

Whether that is true or not it danced with my heart.

Love isn’t about power and control, money or influence. It’s about thinking with the heart.

If you are there then you also know that things need to change. You will see the pain and suffering in this world to satisfy the needs of a few idiots that think of themselves as the ‘elite’. Sick diseased individuals that lost the path to their souls a long time ago.

It’s up to the people to make the changes.

To love and respect all sentient beings. To allow love and connection to nurture the starving hearts of others. It’s up to the people to wake up to injustice. To begin hearing themselves and humans that surround them. To make their own decisions based on their inner truth rather than some stupid book or ‘leader’.

Inside we are all sacred. Sacred is love.

If you are starving for love then find ways to connect. That can be connecting within. It can be seeking your passion, your purpose here on earth. It can be deeper communication and intimacy with those around you.

Loving eye - think with your heart
Puppet human being with a key in his back

Find people that nurture and nourish your soul and know that everyone around you is looking for the same thing. They just bought into the system, the lies and deceit and in the end it corrupted them. 

Stay away from those that are so disconnected that they are in so much torment all they can do is vomit their pain onto others.

There is a distinct divide happening in this world right now. Those that are opening and listening to their truths and those that still need to make the changes. Focus on you and those that are connecting. The stronger we grow the more influence we bring into this planet.

This will influence others just by the change that is happening on a vibrational level because there is nothing more powerful than connection.

A New Era…

We are all coming together in a new era. We are all waking up at our own pace. Be patient with others. Be what you want to create, that’s the biggest source of inspiration you can give to anybody.

These are powerful times and anyone born into this time is here for a purpose.

Maybe things will get worse before they get better. In order for change many people need to feel the injustice and torment so deeply that it shifts them out of apathy but I do believe it’s happening slowly.

And most of all remember that connection is one of the strongest answers because we all have something special to share with each other.

Evolve, Expand, Connect and Grow…


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