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‘Own your own story… YOUR MISSION IS CALLING YOU’

Spirituality Meme

Your Mission

We all have a mission. Most of us haven’t found it. It’s the feeling inside that something is missing, a call for change, a longing to go somewhere or study something…
Mine began at 31 when I followed my instincts and went traveling. It was in Australia whilst walking past a shop called Mystical Dragon that I first began my soul purpose journey. They were offering tarot lessons and I knew I had to do it! 18 years and many struggles later it has evolved into something else as I dived into the path of the mystic.
Your purpose is waiting for you but you have to seek it – it doesn’t in most cases land in your lap!!
‘If it’s your calling it will keep calling you’ (unknown) – never give up 💕🌈⭐️🧚‍♀️
Spiritual Ego Meme

Your Story

7 years ago I decided to share my story and expose my personal experience of how satanic ritual abuse totally fucked my life.
It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. When you bare your soul to those around you it leaves you feeling naked. I then went on to blogging about other very private details that really were the cause and effect of suffering such intense childhood trauma.
It turned out to be liberating because once the skeleton is out of the cupboard you have nothing left to hide… Yes it intimidates those living a lie but they are not your people. What it also did was connect me to my soul tribe and empathic people all around the world that felt the same as me…
Sharing your story give you a courage and freedom that is hard to possess in any other way. Plus you inspire others to share their stories and journey onto the path of healing.
‘Own your own story’ Ali Edwards. 🤗🌸💗
Never Give Up Meme


Metaphysical Evolution Matrix Evolution Ascension Abigail Pattman


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‘She had the Soul of a Gypsy, The Heart of a Hippie, the Spirit of a Fairy… WITH A SPLASH OF GANGSTA’

Spirituality Meme


What is hell? A nasty place we go to if we have ‘failed to be good’ in this lifetime? Or is it here and now in the places of our mind and emotions where we have suffered hugely ‘this lifetime’ in ‘this world’.

Anyone that has experienced deep trauma, pain and suffering growing up or/and throughout their lives knows that hell is a darkness that exists within us after our soul has been invaded, abused or fragmented from some form of cruelty. I’m certain it exists in many forms, however those that have walked the path of suffering and torment and chosen love, compassion and kindness over hatred, fear and chaos know that they have chosen to fight for their soul and reclaim their right to be ‘spiritual, sovereign beings’.

Within us we all have an essence, a purity and innocence that many will see as a weakness or something to exploit and yet it is the greatest power there is.

To keep your heart when some many have closed theirs. To still be kind to the beauty on Gaia. The animals that have no voice and to still see the beauty and hold onto the vision of love is the most incredible gift we have to give to others.

For those that chose spirituality and heart over cruelty and love over fear… much love – you are all needed.

Tomorrows World. 🌎💝

Never Give Up Meme

Never Give Up

Too many people do this. There’s an inner call for something that resonates on a deeper level with ‘why am I here?’ ‘What is my purpose?’ and then when inspiration comes… the first thing that happens is ‘dreams’ are dismissed.

Too expensive, self doubt, fears of the unknown and a ton of unworthiness to even deserve to have dreams in the first place not to mention that many people crush dreams by telling you ‘it isn’t possible’.

If our creativity and hopes and fears were not encouraged in our childhood. You were told for example that ‘you can’t make money from that’. Get a decent job. Schools push you into mainstream vocations and teachers mock you then when it comes to dreams you dismiss them as ‘stupid’ or ‘fairytales’.

And now in these times where businesses are failing, isolation is enforced and money is scarce – many are scared. This is a time of broken dreams and escalating fears or it’s a time to stare fear right in the face and make changes.

Time will keep moving are you going to move with it? If you are now stuck, unmotivated feeling trapped like many how you spend your time is now really important.

Now more than ever there are many offering their skills online for free. Take this time and turn it into something. Learn something new… (a friend of mine just told me about a free yoga training – if anyone is interested I will post in comments). Just do something that brings some kind of change into your life, heart and soul. Nobody is going to do it for you but you can.

Never give up on you – and if you don’t have a clue what you want to do then just do something. Keep dreaming and stay cool.

Much love ❤

Spiritual Ego Meme

Spiritual Ego

One of the sneakiest ego games is the ‘spiritual ego’. You start evolving on a spiritual level and in creeps the ‘I’m better than you because I’m evolving faster’ – it brings in a certain smugness and suddenly we see in the ‘healing and alternative’ circles a need to be better, compete and look down on others because they are still ‘asleep’.
Actually you don’t have to be spiritual to be awake. It isn’t about how many crystals you have or how many courses you have done but how you treat other people.
There are plenty of people out there that can’t afford the latest course, crystals or self healing. People stuck in poverty and debt keeping them completely enslaved in a cycle of despair and fear. There are others so disconnected they are fully immersed in the illusion of 3D without any other reality except this one which is pretty unpleasant right now with the lack of freedom, businesses collapsing and failing and fear overtaking at an alarming level with the lack of connection due to lockdowns. It’s sad.
Adopting a superior attitude doesn’t help this world. Of course staying away from those that don’t nourish your soul or you don’t vibe with is really important for your own wellbeing – however there are many beautiful hearts and souls out there asleep or awake with integrity and values.
I create free healings on youtube because I vibe highly with reaching those that can’t afford me because we all deserve to have access to more love, more kindness and more care. Maybe they are single parents with children only focused on feeding mouths. We have no idea of someone else’s journey. Life is hard for many let’s not make it harder by judging those that aren’t aware of energy, vibrations and evolution. It’s a trap that many fall into that is quite nasty, it doesn’t help this world evolve it just creates more separation.
I watched a movie on youtube. Someone freezing on a sidewalk. It had been set up to see how much kindness was available in ‘the normal world’. The only person that volunteered their coat to the shivering soul was a homeless man with nothing.
Everyone else just ignored him. It was disgusting to watch and my heart went out to the homeless guy who was the only one out of hundreds of people that had any compassion.
We’re made to think that these people sitting on the streets are just bum and drunks and yet their suffering in some cases has made them more compassionate than those with jobs and security. This homeless guy was the only one to help someone in need and he had nothing.
It makes you think huh? Waking up means having compassion. Superiority squashes that and leads to self-importance, entitlement and often greed.
Ultimately waking up is the realization that maybe you can be more evolved that someone else on some level however that doesn’t make you better. I actually prefer people that are down to earth, real and authentic regardless where they are on their personal path of evolution to high volumes of spiritual circles because it’s a breath of fresh air in a world where we have all adapted and worn masks with fake personas to survive.
It appears the sweetest and gentlest souls have lost their way and many end up living lives of destruction and despair so tiny acts of kindness can have huge impacts on their lives.
Big love to those out there getting up and caring about this world and those in it. You are all needed and you may not be recognized all the time for it but those that are truly awake will see it and those still in the process of awakening will always respond more to kindness than being dictated too or having your ‘opinions’ rammed down their throats.
The evolution of change starts with you and extends to others. Lets not forget we have all been disconnected at times in our lives, can jump from connection to disconnection may times in one day and that awakening is always inspired and continues on a deeper level by acts of kindness…
Keeping it real ❤️ 🌎 Tomorrows World
Changed Behavior Meme

Changed Behavior

When you think about it this is the only apology. Let’s face it we all make mistakes and of course an apology from the heart is very healing whether it’s you apologizing or being apologized too. It clears energy. It’s a space that you can both move on from and in true friendships and connections it can deepen your bond.

However then there’s the repeat offenders. It’s boring to listen to the same crap over and over again. If you are constantly being apologized to by the same person let them go. Life is too short to suffer from someone else’s bullshit.

When someone is apologizing over and over again because of their shitty actions without any solution or motive to change they are just going to drag you down to their toxic level. You will always end up feeling used.

The biggest gift that anyone can offer you with an apology is that they are going to change their actions. That they care about you enough to not repeat their mistake. A gift like that is priceless. If they remain in your life and are unable to do that you are just going to be the recipient of their toxic waste.

Love yourself enough not to be someone else’s trash can and for those that follow their fuck ups by making changes or finding a solution – those guys are gold dust – those ones are your treasures because actions speak louder than words.

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‘Some people are like clouds. When they disappear… IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY’

Badass Memes


The Truth will Set you Free


Integrity goes hand to hand with respect. The more integrity you have the less you can be manipulated, bought, controlled or sold and it’s a precious thing these days…
Life is tough and so is keeping your values, heart and soul in such crazy times..
The Truth will Set you Free


People rarely see you as you really are but make up stories about how they think you are or want you to be.

Everyone one way or another is projecting through their own personal filter. Sometimes you can even be listening to someones interpretation of you wondering if they actually heard anything you said or if they are existing on a separate planet.

Some people will idealize you creating a false standard you can never live up to and others will even try to demonize you and turn you into a scapegoat for their failings. And then there are those that want to debate and argue with you for having a perspective different to their own.

Choose friends that allow you to make mistakes, know you are not perfect and see beyond themselves and their own personal needs and wants.

We are all human and nobody is perfect Let’s make space for each other to grow instead of squeezing someone into a box we created of how they should be.

Seeing someone beyond our own filter is the best gift you can offer another…

You Matter Meme

Making a Stand

Boundaries are one of the toughest things to learn for many and if that isn’t tricky enough as we grow, change and shift so do our boundaries… What I would put up with 10 years ago is very different to what I will tolerate today.

One thing that I’ve clearly noticed is that if you state your boundaries and they are disrespected or someone tries to manipulate you into feeling guilty or unreasonable for requesting something as simple as… ‘I’m busy right now. I need to focus my attention on work and will be in touch soon.’ then this is a person that has no boundaries of their own and therefore very little respect for anyone else’s.

If you constantly need to repeat yourself or explain yourself then at some point you will feel drained, frustrated, irritated or… all 3. It is a form of energy vampirism. It can also lead to an outburst of anger where you can then get blamed for being unreasonable by a manipulator.

Unless you are a parent and responsible for the upbringing of children who demand a lot of love, care and attention you are not ‘energy food’ or ‘an emotional babysitter’ for another fully grown adult.

Healthy people will respect your boundaries. True friends will support you and encourage you. Those are the people that are important in your life! The others just like any forms of energy vampirism will find new food to feed from…

When being nice isn’t appreciated and seen as a weakness making a stand is a perfectly natural thing to do.

Stay cool, be strong.

Impossible until done

Spiritual Bypassing

The biggest mistake that many peeps can make on their spiritual journey is that if someone treats them badly they can blame themselves or make excuses for assholes. New Age has systematically brainwashed us into giving away our power by creating expressions such as: ‘this is a lesson you need to heal within’ ‘focus on yourself more’ and ‘have more empathy for others’ leading to enormous spiritual bypassing of yourself and your personal boundaries.

We all have wounds that need healing. That doesn’t mean you have to invite assholes into your life. They are going to piss you off anyway. You may change most assholes don’t. It is not your job to teach them how to have values and morals.

If you are already focused on your wounds it doesn’t mean you have to ignore an assholes behavior. If they have no respect for you they will continue to disrespect you.

You can have empathy for assholes without having any contact with them and you will have so much more peace in your life.

The world is full of beautiful souls and a lot of assholes. Assholes are not going anywhere. The biggest lesson you can learn is how to spot them faster and again… stay away!!

The hardest mission of all is to love yourself and to value YOU. The wounds are far easier to heal once you close the door to people that aren’t nourishing your soul and begin to surround yourself with those that do.

You can heal, grow and learn on a spiritual lesson through love or continue dealing with assholes and learn from triggered and constant pain.

The choice is yours chose wisely.

The Truth will Set you Free

The Rescue Trap

Women have been spoon fed ‘fairy tales’ from childhood that a prince will come and rescue her. Real life isn’t like that. In order to be ‘rescued’ you have to be a ‘victim’. For a start no-one is responsible for your unhealed emotional crap except you.

Healers also fall into the trap of rescuing friends/family/loved ones that aren’t ready for change or to step up and take responsibility for their own situation and then wonder where they went wrong.

We are not responsible for the pain and trauma that happened to us in our childhood but we are responsible for how we deal with it. Rescuing continues the rescuer/victim cycle. Many are happy playing the victim.

Sympathy is energetic food and rescuers also get caught into ‘feeling needed’. No-one wins in the end because the cycle continues. We all need help but be prepared to do what needs to be done yourself to heal – healers of all kinds open doors, shift energy, allow new perspectives but you gotta walk through that door and be the warrior you really are inside.

You Matter Meme

You Matter

Sometimes we just need to hear this. Our soul craves connection and is part of our being that is starved of love. It can often feel like we are in a soulless society where a huge percentage of people are running from one fix to another to feel good.

It’s always temporary because you can’t ‘fix’ your soul by seeking superficial highs that supersede a crash and equally as savage low but many keep trying to fill the void inside that way.

The emptiness inside is from a lack of connection and now with ‘distancing’ and ‘enforced isolation’ the feelings of struggling, surviving and loneliness can be amplified.

Your soul is precious and even though you can feel all alone – there is an entire world out there also struggling with feeling unloved, unrecognized or just plain lonely.

The human condition and system is created that way. We can only change it by beginning to connect and come together.

So here’s my message today… Incase you haven’t been told in a while. You are important. You matter. And you are stronger than you think.

quote: just be yourself, let people see the real, quirky, flawed, magical being you are

Covert Narcissists

These guys are harder to spot than your average Narc. This is because they know how to use vulnerability as a weapon.

A covert will steal energy by playing victim or finding ways to bait you for a reaction. It’s always a ploy to knock you off guard so that they have you confused or wondering if you are the problem.

You can feel like you’re going insane because at the same time they can be incredibly charismatic and complimentary. If something doesn’t feel right it is usually because you are noticing red flags. You see a covert narc like a full on narc runs entirely on a false sense of self. They need other people to fill their ego because inside is a gaping black hole of unhealed childhood wounds. If you stop feeding them they will jump to another person or find another way to attack you.

The best thing with games is not to play. It can be tough, almost brutal if then go ‘full attack’ as many have large followings and will try and turn people against you but whatever their game is it’s better to step back and let them run out of steam/find someone else to parasite from/fall on their own sword. Eventually they will. Your time and energy is too precious to feed into any drama they are creating. Trust that those that really know you will see things for what they are and carry on doing your own thing. The less steam they have to run on and ‘reactions’ they can feed from the faster they will look for a new target.

Keep your power and get some popcorn, stop giving a shit about what other people think of you and watch the movie play out. There’s always an ending and at least you kept your dignity and held your space. You are always much stronger than you realize and the only person you owe anything too is yourself. Stay cool life can suck and we don’t have a handbook however we can choose to say no or not react and stick by it.

You owe it to yourself.

Impossible until done


Alignment Most of the time humanity is so stuck in their minds and emotional turbulence that being grounded, centered and aligned is almost a myth.

Alignment means being in the present moment and open to a deeper level of consciousness that intuitively leads us into a synchronized way of living. That means we are then able to flow with energy rather than blocking it with ‘demiurge projected issues’, ‘childhood wounds’ and for many just not being in the body and stuck in our heads.

Creativity comes from alignment, new ideas and more spontaneous actions that arise from a neutral and knowing space.

This is when we have revelations, ‘aha’ moments and begin to take control of our realities by knowing what to do next.

Most of us rush into making decisions because we are stuck, frustrated or life is forcing us to move. Decisions made from fear or anger rarely succeed. If we are able to hold space for ourselves and trust in divine timing then the aligned decision will present itself. A decision made from that space holds far much more power because it is synchronized with our intuitive truth.

Sometimes these decisions are tough. Maybe a situation we have been hanging onto needs to go or we need to vocalize something however it can also be fun or moving us deeper into our purpose.

The Truth will Set you Free

Mega Rant!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just express ourselves honestly and speak our minds without being somehow rebuked or dismissed or offered unsolicited advice that totally detracts from the message we are conveying?

Maybe how we feel and express ourselves as long as it’s not violent or purposely hurting another human is ok. Perhaps we are sick of being hijacked with passive aggressive, spiritual bypassing crap that is regurgitated from some new age dogma that avoids emotions and feelings and glosses over reality with patronizing and vomit inducing phrases such as ‘you are too negative’, ‘you’re manifesting your reality right now’ and ‘think positive’.

How about Fuck off. What if we have a rant. We feel like crap. Get it off our chest and with the right support or a friendly ear we then feel purged. Even elevated which leads to making better decisions, feeling more aligned and then maybe we can be positive.

That does’t happen if some twat is bashing us with some puke orientated new age biblical hippie book that is aimed at covering up our feelings and denying that as human beings if we dare to express ourselves on an emotional level we are somehow not as evolved as ‘these special enlightened beings’ that are pooping rainbow clouds.

Being true to yourself and allowing yourself to be you is what makes you YOU and if you cover up your emotions and stuff them down inside of you at some point they bubble up and project themselves outwards in something akin to the tasmanian devil.

Please be yourself and stay away from those that are unable to see anything from anyone else’s perspective but their own. It’s better you really do take some new age advice and allow them to pass by like chocolate coated fluffy clouds.

Bravery Meme

Weird & Wonderful

I love being a weirdo! It’s our ‘weird’ that makes us unique… I have a feeling that most weirdos felt alone until the internet or maybe just one or two of us.

But now weird can be tribe and tribe rocks!!! Celebrating weird, wonderful, whacky, crazy (a little bit), and the fantastic beyond the norm…

Love your quirky it’s what makes you YOU!

quote: just be yourself, let people see the real, quirky, flawed, magical being you are

Just be Yourself

Strength Meme


There will always a time when we need to stand up for our rights and freedom. There are many who already are and many who work behind the scenes.

Big love to those waking up and taking a stand, working on themselves and are brave enough to face their shadow, the collective shadow and the crazy in this world right now…

The Truth will Set you Free


Bravery Meme


For those of you that are tired of your own shit, everyone elses shit, the shit going on in this world right now and still have the energy to get up every morning to make it through the day…

Impossible until done

Shitty People

You know who your friends are and who cares about you when you are the one in need.

Everyone wants to be around you when you are happy, upbeat and life is flowing…

When you fall, stumble or the shit hits the fan thats when you get to really know who cares, who disappears and the worst.. the ones that kick you when you are down.

The latter appear to think they are entitled to your time, love and attention. But when it comes to you, you are low on energy, need a hug or just to be heard, somehow they manage to turn and twist everything into something about them.

It always feels much worse if you then feel like you have to defend yourself or justify your feelings. We all have crap days and it’s so much more painful if you then have to deal with someone demanding your attention and then blaming you if they don’t get it.

Never undervalue your self worth. You deserve better especially if you are empathic and absorb others emotions easily.

Stay true to yourself and be strong in who you are. Shit days happen and so do shitty people. Remember those that treat you good and bin the others. You deserve the best.

2019 Outlaw Memes


‘It’s not the walk of shame… IF YOU ARE SHAMELESS’

Love and Light Namaste


Unfortunately this is the matrix model most people operate through especially corporations. It’s called ‘up sell’.

Pharmaceuticals keep you coming back for more drugs to compensate for the drugs they already gave you that caused side effects. In fact one way or another that is how corporations rule.

Corporate people have no interest in your health or wellbeing only how much money they can squeeze out of you.

When I created my first website I was advised not to recommend anyone and to keep people on my page. That was what my designer had been trained to do.

No one person can help with everything. We are a synergy, if we start working together instead of calculating our bank balance and up selling for our own gain and start putting people first instead of our bank balances then not only do we provide a much better service but we also begin to align with those that are vibrating at the same level.

A good healer will not try to keep you to themselves – they will be focused on what will be the biggest benefit to your healing.

Nutritionists, Coaches, Psychologists, Detoxes, Doctors, other healers with other abilities…

When I finally finish what I am doing and update my website – those that work from heart and care for their clients will be on a recommended page.

That may take a while but evolution and wellbeing and us as humans come first.

Gifts and abilities do not belong to the ego – there is a higher much more evolved energy that runs through us that is way more intelligent than our little human minds. It belongs to no one and neither does this earth or the politicians, and “leaders’ that claim to be protecting us whilst starting wars against each other, line their pockets with taxes that continue poverty and generally think that they have something special to share which is only for themselves.

Every soul is precious including all in habitants on this planet – It’s time to drop the greedy, the entitled and start working together to make this world a better place.

Harmony doesn’t come from me, me, me – it comes from we, us and how do we do this? Those connected to their hearts and souls – all of us unique will get this.

Lets not follow the system but start creating unity and working together.

The Truth will Set you Free


Unfortunately we are surrounded by predators, people that have forgotten how to give and just take.

Kindness is a gift not something to be used, abused and then sucked out of you by those that think you are weak and they can use you.

If you are still kind after all your experiences with those that are unable to see you for who your are… A person that is still in touch with their heart and soul then it is their loss not yours.

There is more hatred in this world than love right now but many are sick and tired of living like that.

Never feel bad for helping the wrong person that took advantage of you. your energy will come back from another direction.

You are seen, you have a tribe and those that choose love over hate are growing in numbers…

Kindness is a special strong kind of courage that those of us possessing it just have to get more skillful with our boundaries and who we help.

Those with hearts will never forget you and maybe that small thing you did inspired them to makes changes…

Love to you spiritual warriors out there… Abi

Keeping it Real Being Myself

Toxic People

People don’t show you their intentions with their words – just watch their actions… Never feel bad when people leave your life. people come and go – the ones you have a connection with you might not see for years but when you do meet it’s like those years never happened… And as for the others… they did you a massive favour…

I think I’m putting 2019 in the trash also…

Impossible until done


Shame… It’s used to guilt trip, character assassinate, emotionally blackmail, manipulate and control. It starts in childhood ‘what will the neighbours think?’ and progresses to ‘do as you’re told, don’t ask questions’ and then before you know it instead of seeing the real you – you’re put into some kind of box of ‘how you are supposed to behave’.

If you aren’t hurting anyone else then how you live your life is your choice. Don’t put yourself down – we live in a system where everyone will do it for you.

By all means if something sucks speak up – I put all my skeletons out of my cupboard years ago – it’s all blogged on my website and when you own your shit it changes you. I never claimed to wear a halo, sit on a white fluffy cloud with angel wings playing a harp. If you think there is someone out there doing that… run. Denial is much more insidious than authenticity, honesty and having a wild side.

Conformity and attacking others for being different or not scared to be themselves is just a waste of time. Not everyone is ever going to like you – the more you are you the more you threaten people that aren’t being themselves.

Don’t buy into bullies because thats the game behind shaming – it may be covert it may be blatant but the real problem is taking on the projections and opinions of people that have no idea what it is like to walk in your shoes feel what you feel or have lived your life.

Of course if it’s corporations, systems and cruelty then shame away – we need to expose whats really behind all this personal persecution and stop attacking each other.

Being yourself and being different isn’t a sin it’s actually a gift in a world that wants to condemn, judge and control.

Love and Light Namaste


Boundaries… Basically how much will you tolerate from another human? Because boundaries are where you draw the line to what is appropriate and acceptable to you.

Respect and boundaries go hand in hand… if someone disrespects your boundaries and reacts in a toxic way you just found out where their respect for you ended.

If it’s someone that truly cares about you and you need to express yourself or say no to something then you guys will figure it out. Communication and expression is something that we all struggle with at times as for most of us our childhood conditioning has always been ‘do as you’re told’, ‘children should be seen and not heard’ etc This is embedded deeply into our psyche.

Redefining boundaries and learning respect and love for you is an ongoing process.

If your boundaries are violated and you say no then you have just done yourself a massive favour… An energy vampire will always find someone else. Remember your vibration, your energy and your soul truth is precious – stay on your path and true to yourself…

Quote @mindfulboundaries

Seek those who ‘feel’ you, those that ‘see’ beyond you and into your soul – those are the people who you meet on a frequency level of love and connection. The others? They will find their own tribe who enjoy the drama of attack and control.

The Truth will Set you Free


You can be with someone and know they’re not really there. The system we live in has cultivated that from childhood – the lack of presence to each other. A television in every room, a phone that’s in everyones hand or maybe just circumstances where a person has lost their connection to themselves.

Life gets tough and people numb down whether it’s self medication, a broken heart, dreams or promises that never happened. Whatever the situation for many it’s easier to disconnect than face the pain within.

It’s tough to see people you love suffering and just as tough to be the one that watches them fade away.

In the Eastern world they say there isn’t enough food. In the western world there’s not enough love. If you don’t love yourself you will always unconsciously push away those that truly love you and thats most of this world.

A traumatized childhood means that the child doesn’t stop loving they just stop loving themselves. We all deserve to be loved, to feel love and to love ourselves and yet so many are lost that they have yet to find themselves.

Connection is precious – never stop feeling your heart – if you love someone and let them go if it’s meant to be you will find a way back to each other and those that have lost and loved – never lose faith in yourself. When the heart heals only take the good because if you loved and you did everything you could you didn’t fail – you just stepped closer to a part of you that opened another piece of your heart.

Humans aren’t taught how to connect on a deep level – we are all still learning but connection is where your true core resides…

To all those who have loved and lost

Keeping it Real Being Myself

Don't Take it Personally

And don’t take it personally!!! There’s loads of peeps that are so miserable that they spread it around like a virus.

Many have no idea that we are all running on frequencies and that the vibration they give out comes back meaning they get more miserable and cranky as life continues… Or maybe they are just having a bad day…

Of course some enjoy being nasty but those are the ones to avoid…

In a world where the majority of people hate their jobs are in debt and living in survival mode – it’s hard to see anything good…

A smile can change someones day… but in most cases with the truly lost souls it’s better to stay kind to yourself and your energy.

Remember most people are running from projections and not in alignment – they see things from their minds and have lost connection to their souls.

Know that most of peoples shit comes from somewhere else and stay true to you.

Impossible until done

Psychic Attack

It’s time we get real about this. Regardless of whether someone is sensitive to energy or they don’t even know about it psychic attacks is very real and a loop that runs from human to human whenever we are in lower emotions and our thoughts are contaminated with anger, fear or hatred.

We are in a matrix system which is within a soup of unconsciousness also called the morphogenic field so our thoughts and emotions travel.

There are those of course that knowingly attack others however most of the world has no idea that they are attacking – they are just miserable angry and stuck in a drama loop.

There are ways to clear your energy after a bad day around unconsciousness and miserable humans. One way is to shower with rock salt and clean your vibration. Others sage themselves after an interaction that is unpleasant. Our energy is so important and how we interact in this world with toxic humans is always not to play.

Yoga builds personal power, meditation clears the mind… Massages ground. Epson salt and aromatic baths relax and most of all be kind to yourself and those around you.

If someone is challenging – small doses!! Walk away from the malicious and know you are much stronger than you are led to believe… Don’t buy into the new age dogma that because you are attacked you attracted it. The matrix system is set up to attack anyone that is focused on raising their vibration, looking for peace, purpose and love.

Of course healing your inner child and seeking help and healing will always provide shifts and changes in your life. Don’t forget who you are… The sovereign part of you is peaceful and loving at core and that’s the part that you really are…

Take care of yourself. Know you are human and make mistakes and never stop learning. When we begin to work together thats when the miracles happen.

Stay true to you – you’re worth it x

Love and Light Namaste

Soul Purpose

We all have a soul purpose although many are lost because the matrix system is created via separation.

This separation isn’t just the system we live in, the unconscious vibrations around us & childhood traumas that still tell us we are not good enough and don’t deserved to be loved.

We are separated internally, energetically & from our true natural core essence and alignment. Think of being turned inside out and upside down. Ego is separated from observer, energy bodies and meridians are separated from each other… The human biological infrastructure and its systems are separated through medications, trauma, vaccinations and no longer communicate in unity.

Humans are separated and fighting about who is right – some are at war killing each other. Others are fighting about the system, what to eat, religion, health & it goes on and on…

What works for one human may not work for another. Everybody’s blueprint is different just like snowflakes – no 2 humans are the same. Our healing journeys are all unique.

This is the game of the matrix system to create isolation, disconnection, anger, hatred and judgment. As I mentioned before divide & conquer is the ultimate ploy.

There are many that are helping others with their experience and knowledge. Many feel a calling to pull away from drama & conflict, to move beyond constant pain and suffering that has no point.

If we are focused on hating and judging each other our attention is not focused on the most important person here… You and why you are here.

Everyone is healing and becoming conscious at different paces and whatever path you are on remember that who you are is hidden from you.

This matrix system is a loop in the mind & neurotransmitters that keep you away from your heart because the human heart is the biggest weapon against the world we live in.

There is a fight, a war against consciousness – those that separate and judge have missed something very special – everyone has insecurities, many have health or mental/emotional issues but deep down inside we all feel the same pain of separation – it’s through connection that healing takes place.

It’s by uniting and embracing our differences and really hearing each other that shifts occur. We are in a world where we need to start working together instead of being right or wrong. Always be open for change, shifts happen when we really start hearing instead of waiting for our turn to speak.

When we connect from the heart with an open mind we learn. The matrix loses its power. Thats sovereign synergy – thats also part of our soul purposes because the desire to create a world thats a more harmonious place is within us all.

Be unique, be different, don’t stop searching & most of all know you are not alone. Don’t buy into the matrix game.

The Truth will Set you Free

Badass Angel Heart

Keeping it Real Being Myself


The minute we step away from the norm, the system & we begin to hear our calling we are tested. Choosing a path beyond social conditioning and what we ‘want to be when we grow up’ conflicts with the belief systems of many.

Many people come and see me for help on their healing sovereign journey. Some have been on the healing path for years, others have been through horrific trauma and many are black sheep and misfits.

We all have our issues and some are much tougher than others. Stay away from those who judge, attack and persecute with no reflection of their own actions – these people are not ready to step up into their power and live their life in alignment to their own purpose. They are not focused on how they can help, what they can do to create harmony and peace around them but are lashing out from a fear based matrix system.

It is always better to move beyond the trappings of even trying to communicate with someone like that in order to regain balance. Until they can look at themselves they will never change. This requires moving beyond ego and into self.

We all have an ego – mine can be very naughty but it’s not who I am and I know it, but on planet earth she likes to come out and play. When I work with clients I am fully aware that I am providing a space and a conduit for deep healing to take place.

Our true sovereign essence is a sentiency beyond matrix conditioning based on the love we hold within our hearts. Your connection within is way beyond the fear based conditioning and projections of others.

Seek those who ‘feel’ you, those that ‘see’ beyond you and into your soul – those are the people who you meet on a frequency level of love and connection. The others? They will find their own tribe who enjoy the drama of attack and control.

You are not that – it’s a matrix game… Keep your heart, keep your soul and love your spirit.

Impossible until done

Birth Bumps

Birth Bumps – a deeper explanation. For a start they are far more common than you know. The purpose of Matrix birth bumping is to place more aware, higher embodiment souls into a hostile, traumatizing upbringing so that the damage is done during childhood.

Birth bumps are then subjected to isolation, abuse and trauma during childhood that then keeps them locked in suffering throughout their lifetime unless they seek healing and feel the call to reclaim their power and soul.

Many don’t make it because they are so lost. You could walk past them homeless in the street, many end up in institutions medicated for insanity, in prison for refusing to conform to a system and continuing the pain and suffering on others because this matrix system wipes our memories.

We forget who we are & are locked in an internal prison within our minds. Parents can also be birth bumps that lost their way. They can also be born into the wrong bodies (transgenderism) although there is also another agenda around this being enforced by the matrix system – another subject.

It’s the same feeling as the non-human souls, isolation, loneliness, misfits, misunderstood and a deep feeling of being homesick for something they can’t remember.

Those that aren’t birth bumped and make to a conscious loving family find it much easier to step onto their soul mission and help raise the consciousness of this planet. Love those guys.

Just another update on the games of the Matrix system – lots of love Abi x

Love and Light Namaste

Hidden Consciousness

I prefer to keep my personal page for rants, memes & the fun stuff… However for those of you interested in what I am working on here is some info.

‘So 3 years on mainly 16 hours a day; in order to remove these frequencies I have had to locate by being attacked. 8000 pages of templates later intermeshed within hundreds of Matrix systems, algorithms, coding, heavy metal infusion, electromagnetic frequencies & thousands of other AI technology the main message I have to give is you cannot fight the matrix. That is what we are programmed to do.

The frequencies that I embody are slowly removing bimolecular infusion (think the movie Avatar where the guy is disabled & is then his consciousness is transferred into a DNA genetically enhanced Avatar version of himself.

The illusion we are ‘living in’ is a highly sophisticated AI/Satanic virtual reality simulation just like Neo waking up in the movie Matrix.

In order to exit this Matrix system which is a massive mission you cannot just ‘pull of implants/et tech & microchips. Just like terminator AI reforms, rebuilds & recreates. Codes are self replicating, systems reset & software installations/programs reform which is why removals of any kind of psychic/AI attack then reform regroup & reassemble so that days/weeks later a new version of attack or drama or misery of your life is reoccurring.

In order to move beyond this a full sovereign integration & simulation avatar virtual reality transition needs to take place.

This includes, regeneration, alignment, presence, crystalline clarity & a complete biological translation of body density & cellular clearance on a chemical compound nitrogen based level.

I know I’m very close now as I can see the progress within me and existing clients; interfaces, skullcaps, pods, plugs, computers, applications, malware, botnet, spyware – you name it it’s in the templates.

One day I will be able to write the book but right now wish me luck on the return to the sovereign beings we really are because underneath all of the shit we really are capable of amazing things. We have all been targeted to live in a mundane systemized reality beyond our conscious essence and it’s the return and integration of our true energetic system blocked by these low level frequencies that is what we really are as sovereign humans…

The Truth will Set you Free

Non Human Souls

Non human souls are incarnated higher embodiments that have come to Gaia to help prevent the war against consciousness.

Usually they are born onto a family that misunderstands them, many suffer abuse, isolation and feel as if they are alone.

Society rejects them or they rebel and refuse to fit in and all are home sick with a feeling of not belonging. Many are bullied for being different.

There are many precious beings on this planet seeking for their purpose but battling mental disorders, depression, a repressed and cruel system & are battling extreme sensitivity.

Non human souls can be gentle (think crystal children), rebellious and fierce (think indigos) but all battle the same feelings within.

‘Why does no one understand me?’ ‘Why am I here?’ And most of all ‘I don’t want to be here.’

Things are changing and consciousness is raising – it’s evolve or devolve, humanity has only two choices…

If you are a non human soul you have always known you are different and you will also be aware that you are trapped in an illusion not of your creating.

It’s your differences that make you special so don’t give up seeking your purpose. There are many of us and we are beginning to seek each other out…

Much love to those who want to make changes, help humanity and spread the message of love kindness and peace. You are all needed…

Keeping it Real Being Myself

Foot in Mouth

Impossible until done

Strong Women

Strong women (and men – maybe it should just be humans) support each other because uplifting, kindness, inspiring & encouraging each other to follow their dreams, purposes & direction in life is what gives that extra strength when you feel like you can’t go on.

The weaker versions use criticism, jealousy & competition to darken their hearts & they lose. They lose because they lost their path, maybe they were never on it. They lose because they chose themselves and their own insecurities in a world where we all have them.

When you help another, you stick up for those too tired or defeated to move forward that you know are precious in your life or have something amazing to share you immediately bring you back to your own connection and heart and soul.

That doesn’t mean selling your soul, there are people that will never change – choose those you vibrate with & stay away from those that drag you down.

A conscious world means changing the old pattern of ‘building up & tearing down’ we see it everywhere all of the time. Even a smile can change someones mood in a moment of need… Happy Sunday peeps!

2018 Outlaw Memes


‘If you’re going to rebel… DO IT WITH PURPOSE’

Love and Light Namaste

Energy Vampires

Energy vampires… soul suckers. I love The Celestine Prophecy for putting it into 4 simple categories of which an energy vampire is usually a combo.

1. The intimidator: also known as bullies, using force or physical strength to scare their targets into submission they then feel powerful and also suck your life force.

2. The interrogator: also a bully using criticism and finding fault with their targets to create doubt and insecurity so they can feel better about themselves. The sneaker versions like the passive aggressive technique where they may even try to convince you they are helping you. That’s not help its manipulation and coercion.

3. The aloof: those that hold back information or stone wall. The silent treatment forces their target into blaming themselves, wondering what they did wrong and running after them ‘trying to make things better.’ Not to be confused with walking away and saying no to bad behavior or needing time for yourself.

4. The poor me. Living in a time where victim consciousness is at an all time high these ones use their dramas, sicknesses, awful life circumstances to drain their targets of sympathy, empathy and attention whilst never seeking true change or growth. Probably the most common.

When we are low in energy and life sucks we have all been guilty of falling into old patterns but an energy vampire either isn’t aware they are using other humans to suck energy or they don’t care. That’s the difference. They lose one human they’ll instantly find another to feed from and the story continues. An aware human will seek change and growth in their life so their toxic behavior doesn’t affect other people.

5. (I added) Sexual predators AKA love bites. That subject is so huge it needs a page of it’s own.

When we are connected we are in our power. Our connection, our hearts, energy system keep us vibrating from essence. It can be a simple as watching a sunset, a yoga class or time at the gym, creating, meditation or just a beautiful hug from gorgeous people or animals – things that fill you up rather than take you down. In my case a shit load of therapy also where I found time, a place and used it constructively to take care of my own emotional needs.

Those that shine bright will always attract those that want that energy until they have learned they had it all along. We have been taught to look outside for validation, comfort, acknowledgment when really it’s turning within because you are your own source of power. Anything else lasts a short time until you look for another fix.

You cannot fix, help or change an energy vampire until they are ready to help themselves and they have to do it themselves . You can save your heart and time for those that value and appreciate, need a little love in their life and most of all you.

Impossible until done

Starting Over

So many people are scared of failure that many don’t even begin to follow their dreams… maybe they are discouraged and criticized by others; or they think their dreams aren’t important enough or they won’t make enough money to support themselves…

If you don’t try you won’t ever find out. I would rather live without regrets of never knowing than never try at all.

When it doesn’t work out then something wasn’t right. It doesn’t mean everything was wrong. There’s more to learn, parts of you that maybe need to grow or change, something missing that’s needs to be incorporated!

Reinventing yourself means, fine tuning yourself and becoming a stronger, smarter, wiser version of you.

Most of us focus on what was wrong and beat ourselves up rather than focusing on what we got right and what we need to do with ‘the wrong stuff’ to make it right…

Don’t get distracted with the people around you that didn’t believe in you, support you or tried to distract you from you path… we live in a matrix system that is designed to pull us away from our truth, paths and what lights us up inside; our purpose and passion.

When you are on your path it threatens many who have yet to discover theirs…

Always return to you. Reinvent yourself, chose people in your life that ‘see you’, make changes that nurture your soul and warms your heart and take the good with you… the lessons learned from ‘the wrong’ and try another way…

You owe it to yourself

The Truth will Set you Free

Shitty People

Keeping it Real Being Myself

Follow Your Heart

Love and Light Namaste

Actions Louder Than Words

Impossible until done

Impossible - Possible

The truth is that if someone tells you something is impossible it’s because it’s impossible for them. We live in a reality where the impossible has been made possible over and over again.

It’s only when we think outside of the box and move beyond preconceived notions that we are able to expand and create what was unthought of and unknown before.

New ideas, theories and notions have always been ridiculed and laughed at before they manifested into reality. If you were born 200 years ago and told them that they would have pictures, movies and instant communication in the palm of our hands you would probably have been branded a witch and burned at the stake.

All magic is is something that science has yet to understand. It’s a courageous soul to stand up, think outside of the box and create the impossible whilst swimming against ‘the norm’ because let’s face it – we live in a system that crushes dreams, shames individuality and squashes creativity…

But like Nelson Mandela said ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’

The Truth will Set you Free


Keeping it Real Being Myself

Walking Away

I would love to live in a world where you could trust what people say. Where you could be free to keep your heart open without guarding it from people that tell you one thing and then do another but that old chestnut ‘Actions speak louder than words’ is one of the wisest quotes there is.

I used to trust everyone I met until they proved me wrong – but that just left a cluster fuck of disappointments. Then I moved to another great quote: someone does something once it’s a mistake. Twice it’s a pattern. Three times it’s your problem because you are allowing it.

Now I don’t listen to words anymore – I watch carefully because someone will show you where they are at in their life pretty quickly if you just observe. Basically if it happens once the chances are it’ll happen again…

Self love is about loving you, choosing you and always showing you that you are worth more than broken promises and sugar coated lies. It’s much higher value to under promise and over deliver than over promise and under deliver.

The first always brings beautiful surprises into your life the second – nothing but shit.

Our hearts are precious and deserve the best. Keeping your heart open is the biggest challenge when most of the world is hiding behind lies.

So now ‘I’m learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from whatever isn’t meant for me’ – The only way we really bring what we want into our lives is by closing doors and creating the space for new higher vibration opportunities and people to find us.

2017 Outlaw Memes


‘The truth will set you free… AT FIRST IT WILL PISS YOU OFF’

Love and Light Namaste


Something to remember because if you let fear stop you from being courageous you miss the opportunity to learn and grow within yourself.

Holding back and playing safe is easy.

Anyone know someone like this?

We all have a little bit of ‘fuckedupness’ going on… it’s called being human and interacting with other humans…

However how we handle our shitstorms is what makes us the kind of person we are…

There’s two ways to do this:

The first way is to look at how your actions contributed to the issue and look at what actions you can take to achieve alignment again…

The second way is to blame everyone else, avoid any kind of accountability, make excuses and avoid any kind of responsibility…

Betrayal Meme


Loyalty – some people just have it and others just don’t. The thing is if loyalty isn’t present in a friendship then there is no trust because the two go hand in hand.

Loyalty is having someones back. It’s about giving a shit about how someone else is doing and feeling. It’s about considering someone else as well as yourself.

Loyalty can mean different things to different people but the core ingredient is that the people you choose to have in your life are ones that you know you can trust.

When loyalty is absent or you place your trust in the wrong people then ultimately at some point you will be betrayed. Betrayal hurts.

Sometimes it’s a miscommunication or some kind of misunderstanding that can be cleared and take friendships to deeper levels. Most of the time though it means you placed your trust in the wrong person.

Do you need to talk about that? Do you need closure? Or is it better to just walk away and know you deserve much better than what just presented itself to you in someone else’s behavior?

If it’s the same shit different story than why bother? Loyalty and trust is earned. Once it is broken it is very hard to get back. Those that choose to betray and abuse trust are better left to their own devices.

Silence and a refusal to play the betrayal game is closing a door to something you do not deserve and opening a space for something much more precious.

A loyal friend is worth over a thousand fakes – give me one of those any day.

The Truth will Set you Free

Truth Hurts

Truth. It isn’t easy because we live in a world that is based on lies.

Truth hurts. Truth exposes. It makes you squirm inside.

The way most of us have learned to deal with truth is to deny, defend or attack. Human nature! We haven’t been taught any other way.

Our world is based on deny, defend, attack the very lies we have been fed. Wars run on this system. People fight each other this way. No one is taught to be open minded and curious – that’s seen as ‘weird’ or ‘activist’ because if you’re different you obviously ‘have issues’…

Times are changing. Lies are being exposed. Just because the truth hurts it doesn’t mean you can hide behind deny, defend or attack. We all do it!! I’m guilty as charged!!!

All I’m saying is it doesn’t work. Truth can be very ugly, that’s why New Age fails us. Love and light doesn’t heal truth. You can’t cover it up in a pretty band aid. Awareness cuts through bs and consciousness is increasing.

2017… The year of new beginnings. Truth can’t be ignored anymore. It’s in your face. What are you going to do about it?

Keeping it Real Being Myself

Living a Lie

The messenger always gets shot because unless you are emotionally mature and focused on growing and being the best version of yourself, we are living in a world full of quick fix brats.

I use the word brat because emotionally a lot of peeps stop growing at around 3 years old when their feelings and emotions weren’t validated by their parents.

This is when instead of giving their children the time and connection they needed, they were fobbed of with a toy or sweets or punished… something to shut them up.

This actually is a disease and pretty warped when you think about it. Children don’t need objects – they need love and connection.

Instead of growing emotionally the child eventually shuts down emotionally and feels entitled later on in life. It creates me, me, me, meeeee…

It’s how narcissists are created and actually very sad and painful. How can they show empathy if no one taught them or gave it to them?

I had a crazy upbringing but I was really fortunate with my mum and empathy. She sat me down and told me that animals had feelings too… she and my grandparents taught me that it didn’t matter what colour someone’s skin was or if they had a disability – that they had feelings too…

For that I am extremely grateful.

The peeps that throw their toys out of the pram and project their nasty outwards are still emotionally around 3 years old. That’s why they have an inability to be objective or keep an open mind…

Again (I always reiterate) it is so important to heal those childhood wounds or you just vomit them on everyone else.

We all shut down one way or another throughout our childhood but how we deal with that is again what makes us who we are today…

We need to stop pampering and indulging it just allows the cycle to continue. The truth either hurts because someone is not seeing you for who you are, they are intellectualizing which makes it their projected mind truth (so it’s not true at all) or a blind spot has just been hit!!!!

Truth is the most important weapon we have in moving forwards, our personal truth, speaking our truth and conveying our message… Don’t ever shut down because of someone else’s tantrum.

Don’t be scared to be a messenger – we need you!!

Love and Light Namaste

Spiritual Narcissists

Definition of a spiritual narcissists:

1. Spectacular at pointing out everyone’s else’s blind spots with sayings like; ‘Just for your awareness I thought you should know…’

2. Verbally vomits ‘love and light’ in every direction like it’s a missile launcher when clearly the love is buried deeply beneath layers of seething passive aggressive anger and denial…

3. Blames everyone else for ‘spoiling their bliss’

4. Intellectualizes everything and because of that ‘thinks’ everyone else is like them therefore doesn’t listen and constantly projects…

5. Lacks empathy because they haven’t discovered that other people have feelings too…

6. Forces their spiritual findings on others when it clearly hasn’t worked for them…

7. Will blame, deny, attack, whine, whinge, complain and manipulate rather than even consider that another perspective may enable them to grow, evolve and learn…

8. Usually has learned one or two healing modalities such as reiki and is now a master shaman…

9. Knows the entire bible of yoga darma complete which Indian names so they can be more spiritually knowledgeable than anyone else so they can pamper their superior attitude of ‘being better’ which obviously misses the point of yoga entirely…

10. Has their heads stuck so far up their own arses they are turning inside out…

Sound familiar?

Love and light and blessings… Namaste x

Stop waiting

You Have The Power

Keeping it Real Being Myself

Soul Path

We have a different soul/spiritual path as empaths to narcissists and psychopaths.

It’s obvious when you think about it isn’t it? Anyone that is interested in the details have a listen to the karmic return which validates everything I rant about and have discovered along the way on my path.

Empaths spend the beginning of their life trying to fit in and wondering what is wrong with them. They adapt, self-medicate, some even turn into narcissists themselves because feeling and being surrounded by so much toxic energy causes a shut down.

The journey of the empath is to survive their abuse, to share their story, regain their power and have self worth. To cultivate strong boundaries and shine a light in a world that so desperately needs it.

We are ever growing in presence and awareness. It never stops, only deepens.

Narcissists are stuck in the mind. They analyze everything and ‘think’ everyone is like them. They judge you by their morals of which they have none.

Empaths have moved beyond that and into their hearts but allow narcissists to continue to bully them until they finally get the message that they are actually here to stop that shit by finding another way and that starts with healing themselves and realizing they have so much truth and love to share.

Narcissists can’t do love. They haven’t reached their hearts.

When sharing your story or truth there will always be haters. I see corruption and I say ‘no’. If my actions offend others by pointing out BS it says more about them than me.

Authentic people add. They discuss and they bring attention to subjects that enrich. They don’t have to agree on everything. We are all different.

I can’t stop calling out the new age scene… I’ve only just began!!

Love me or hate me at least I’m real. I have shit. I do dumb stuff. How I handle it is what makes me me.

Just saying on a rainy day in Thailand.

Quote: Her past tried to dim her light and turn her cold but she had too much spiritual gangster in her.

Spiritual Gangster

Let’s make this clear…

Toxic people that blame others for their wounds, attack, blame and verbally vomit their wounds with ‘passive aggressive’ behavior are part of the problem in this world.

I was like that. I did the work. Years of self healing because I didn’t like the person I’d become. I was a walking ‘wound’ ready to erupt at any provocation and when you do that you create more pain and more abuse.

I didn’t want to be an abuser. I wanted to be an inspirer. I wanted to help others. What my heart told me was more important than my corrupt, damaged, nasty little ego!!

This isn’t about peeps that expose and crack the whip. Those guys deserve a medal for being brave enough to challenge the beliefs and indoctrination that our world has been brainwashed with.

I’m talking about the wounded that need help, are unable to move beyond their pain and still live in fear, loneliness and their own ‘prison of hell’ and do nothing about it.

Those that attack behind a keyboard or are unable to control their emotional outbursts, or (as our culture allows) use passive aggressive tactics to piss off others. Enough. Grow the fuck up.

Working on the shadow is the toughest work of all. It takes huge courage, determination and can squeeze you emotionally like a sponge but healing from your particular brand of pain and trauma frees you.

When you hurt you hurt others around you. It’s like a disease. That’s how this world operates and until we address ourselves the cycle continues.

Big love out there to those that are pushing for change, constantly seeking growth and self improvement, care about this world and what’s happening. You are doing something – you are the braves ones.

We don’t always agree with each other but we all have the same intentions at heart. Our paths aren’t always easy but at least we have the balls to deal with what we are and what we want to become.

2016 Outlaw Memes


‘When injustice becomes law… REBELION BECOMES DUTY’

Honesty and Authenticity is where your true power lies


There is no true power in hiding. You hide away because you are ‘scared of what others will think’, scared of being ‘mocked.’ Fuck that shit.

You’re scared of admitting you day/year/life sucks… Because people are plastic – they want to ‘pretend’ everything is fine… Fuck that shit too. Feelings are real. Shit feelings count – it means you have feelings in the first place – that’s a rare gem in human zombie land! Anyone judging you for that is obviously emotionally constipated! Fuck that shit too

Your power isn’t in your denial. It isn’t in hiding because of what others think. It isn’t in the latest paycheck/promotion or (for some) lipstick.

Your power is in YOU.

There’s a huge freedom in expressing yourself. You may lose friends but it makes way for real people because if they can’t handle you they were fake in the first place. (Fuck that shit?)

By being YOU – you give a gift. YOU inspire others to be themselves… Be BOLD. Be REAL. You have so much more to give than you realize…

And real people shine. They have power because they have an inner freedom. They know themselves… It takes courage to break away from social conditioning but once you do it’s so fucking liberating!!!

So once again… Fuck that shit anyone with me?

Trying to tame a free spirit is like telling the wind to stop blowing


It really is time we start thinking for ourselves…

The thing I find out about most people’s beliefs is that if you don’t get curious about why you have them there’s no room for growth.

Many beliefs we have that we ‘just accept’ aren’t even ours. We accept our parents beliefs during childhood. What teachers tell us at school. Then there’s mainstream media, the governments, corporations, religion… The list goes on…

Questioning beliefs, challenging rules, research and calling out bs doesn’t make you crazy or even a ‘conspiracy theorist’. It’s a sign of intelligence and evolution within.

To blindly follow the ‘rules’ and ‘do as you are told’ is insanity… If the ‘rules’ worked our world wouldn’t be full of cruelty and wars… We are actually in a world of insanity pushing for ‘truth’ right now…

Some say ‘love’ will change the world. I say TRUTH – which is trusting yourself and loving yourself and this planet enough to wake up and start caring enough to start asking questions, by following your truth you begin to take back your power. All the while you are following what you are told, doing what others tell you to do – you give your power to others…

Thoughts for the day…

I saw that Karma



People often ask me what I think about it and to me it’s just cause and effect. ‘What you give you get.’

You can’t escape from Karma because it is the result and consequences of your actions and intentions. Yes… Nasty thoughts and intentions even if they aren’t acted out, if they are projected outwards and create a harmful vibration that is an energy you created and in order to retain balance it will be projected back.

For me it’s about the vibration you create in your life. The higher your vibration you exist in the more you can create ‘good karma’ (effects).

There can be instant Karma. Let’s explore a day that sucks!! You slept bad. You wake up cranky. You’re out of balance. You stub your toe getting out of bed. Burn your breakfast. Sleeping badly wasn’t necessarily your fault but you feel like shit and shitty circumstances are what you are getting!! That’s an instant reaction to your vibration.

Then there’s collective Karma. That truly sucks because the humans on our planet that control it are hellbent on destruction and disempowerment. That is not your fault. We are all recipients of collective Karma. The way to counteract that is by what’s happening right now. An awakening of whistle blowing, exposing and changing the vibration in this world.

The more we wake up collectively and begin to live differently from a space of peace and love, truth, authenticity, the more we can change the nasty vibration these sociopaths have inflicted on the planet.

That means changing the vibration within you. You are not responsible for all the shit that happened to you. To tell a child that has been abused that they are reaping karma and that they deserve it is just New Age ignorance. But if you carry trauma. You are responsible for healing it so you don’t vomit it back into the world. I don’t believe that all bad things that happen to us are because of our own karma. Collective Karma of humanity is powerful.

Past life Karma. I don’t believe in the bs we are fed that we have to come back to this planet with no memories of our past lives. I also don’t believe we have to come back here. For me this planet is Luciferian and ‘everything’ we are told is lies. That’s another subject.

Maybe you had a past life where you were disconnected from your feelings so you broke a lot of hearts. To reap what you sew the next lifetime could be one where you fall in love constantly and your heart is broken periodically. The Universe is always seeking balance.

It’s a multifaceted subject but the basic rules are: every thought, action and deed that create vibrations in this world create an energetic chain reaction that is like a boomerang. Sooner or later it will come back to you…

To change your karma you change yourself. That can be self healing, meditation, yoga, therapy, diet, vibration… There are many ways and it isn’t always easy but it is possible.

I’m sure there’s a zillion things to add please feel free… This is just my perspective.

Evolution is the secret for the next step


Anyone with me?

Oh and I forgot to add… Whistle blowing, truth telling, non conforming to a system that only cares for those in control, rebelling and defying large greedy corporations and corrupt sociopaths…

She has this innate ability to be herself

Be Your Magical Self

True self value means loving yourself beyond compromise, limitations, boundaries and ever accepting second best in ANY capacity.

So many people accept situations that they don’t agree with because they are scared of losing someone/something…

You never evolve by not choosing you. Your spirit is priceless – those that recognize that are your Tribe.

Anything else is bs…

Rise to your true potential of magical self within…

quote: Don't try to understand me with your logic, feel me with your soul.


Something to remember because if you let fear stop you from being courageous you miss the opportunity to learn and grow within yourself.

Holding back and playing safe is easy.

Often when we step out and face courage head on we are exposing part of our soul and that means being vulnerable – but that’s where true power lies…

It’s definitely a time for all of us to meet courage head on. The world needs us free of dogma, inhibitions with an open heart and mind.

Courage often means going against the ‘norm’ is that such a bad thing? To be true to you?

Give me an honest person any day opposed to a fake smile and avoidance of self!!!

Courage is raw, authentic and juicy – it enriches the soul…

Sunday musings from a rebel heart!!!

Trying to tame a free spirit is like telling the wind to stop blowing

Free Spirit

So I got asked a good question yesterday… What’s the difference between your Spirit and Soul.

For me and the way I work the soul is like the vehicle of energy that we journey onto this planet with. It’s a collection of experiences and karmic learnings – feelings/sensations etc that we vibrate. An old soul has been here many times before whereas a new soul is ‘young’ and less experienced.

It’s my feelings that a soul is here purifying itself and ‘waking up’ or ‘becoming conscious’.

Can we be disconnected from our soul? Yes. Sociopaths and Narcissists are perfect examples.

Can our soul be damaged? Yes. Mine was totally violated – that’s what Satanic Ritual Abuse, any form of trauma or control is designed to do. Depression for me is like cancer of the soul…

Can we heal our Soul? Of course its genuine form is pure and it is part of us way beyond the mind and ego. Mine is happy again!!

We resonate with similar vibrating souls… Soulmate, Soul tribe… And I feel the heart and Soul are intrinsically connected!!

The Spirit however is very different!!!

The spirit can’t be damaged. It’s like an eternal flame that never changes. A part of us that is always connected to consciousness, source.

It can jump out of the body when threatened. I find many clients have their spirit in their throat energy meridian or third eye because the spirit is quite stubborn and if it doesn’t like a situation will try and escape!!

Feelings of disconnection when the Spirit isn’t fully in the body can also lead to feeling fragmented.

The spirit is a primal part of you, the shamanic, the subconscious… My spirit is very naughty. It’s what kept me alive when the rest of me, mind, emotions and soul just wanted ‘out’. My spirit refused to give up.

The spirit is badass It refuses to be tamed… free spirit being the perfect example!!

Heal your soul, your soul has a conscience and fly with your spirit…

There are many energy bodies, we are amazing beings! But here’s my interpretation of these two…

Dance with your spirit and feel with your soul…

There has to be a revolution a revolution of consciousness

Revolution of Consciousness

Welcome to Planet Earth… A planet where everything we are told is fake.

There is a war on consciousness going on right now. It weaves itself into our lives from the second we are born. We are drip fed religion, told that wars are to ‘protect us’, fed contaminated poisoned food, forced to be in ‘schools’ where our creativity is strangled and we are brainwashed into thinking it’s wrong to be individual. Pumped full of chemicals, vaccines, pharmaceuticals because vaccines make you sick…

Everything in this world is tailored to ‘dumb us down.’

Becoming conscious means when you first see through the lies – it’s scary. I think that’s why so many people stay dumb. The truth hurts.

Despite that I do believe an awakening is happening. It starts with knowing something is wrong to then seeing something is wrong. The right information comes at the right time but it only starts there…

It’s not about ‘becoming spiritual’. New age is also fake. It keeps people passive and thinking ‘love will conquer all’. That’s when the heart meridian begins to open but it isn’t enough. Love is nothing without personal power and action.

Spirituality lives in the heart. Anyone can be spiritual – it just means you’re connected.

There’s more to go. You move down into your solar plexus energy meridian and that’s where you develop your personal power.

That’s where you start saying ‘no’. This energy meridian is the most damaged because all of your life you’ve been shut down from your true self. This meridian is about taking back your power.

Love hard but be fierce with your time and energy. Consciousness is about owning you and taking action whatever that may be to push this revolution of consciousness forwards…

Without the whistle blowing and all the shit in this world coming to the surface we can’t fight for change and whatever that way is; through awareness, changing diet, self healing, protesting, exposing… Action needs to be taken. I recommend all of the above.

We all have a part to play and we all need to create change within us and in the world in order to see it through…

I care about this planet. Every morning I cry about some new piece of cruelty that is committed by sociopaths and ignorant people. And every day I ask what can I do to help/change/fight what’s happening?

Becoming conscious is the revolution that’s needed to take action because conscious people are what’s going to stop the slaughter of this planet.

Conscious people don’t need ‘leaders’ we don’t need slavery. We know that this is all bs.

My thoughts for the day…

quote: Don't try to understand me with your logic, feel me with your soul.

Soul Magic

I really do feel that what’s happening now is a time of soul awakenings…

It’s a minority right now because let’s face it – it hurts. Yes when our hearts open and we delve into our inner beings we also experience deeper love, deeper joy… We value and appreciate little things we may not have noticed before… BUT it fucking hurts!!!

To connect with your soul means connecting with others, with Gaia… It means following your truth even when others oppose you, misunderstand you, troll you…

And yet when you do listen to your soul, you can’t go back to an empty life. Because that is what your life is without your soul… Empty

Sending love out there to this amazing tribe of activists, animal lovers, spiritual warriors, Mystics, whistle blowers, time changers… Those that are true to themselves, authentic and real… 

We may need a healthy ego in order to exist on this planet but reclaiming your soul and opening your heart is where the deepest most beautiful power comes from…

When injustice becomes law.


Isn’t it about time we see what’s happening and make it our duty to do something about it?

Standing Rock is the perfect example of how fucked up our world actually is.

This has been going on for a long time and those that have been rebelling and spreading awareness have been called ‘crazy’ and deemed as ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Now it’s in our face. It’s more than ‘whistle blowing’ without ‘proof’. It’s there for us all to see… It’s actually happening everywhere…

It’s US, the people that need to change. Those doing this are stuck in money, power and greed. They don’t give a fuck.

I do. Do you? Thoughts?

You will be too mcuh for some those aren't your people

Like Minded Souls

I hear a lot of people struggling to be heard. Getting told they are ‘too sensitive’ or being inflicted with other people’s projections of how they see them instead of taking the time to actually listen and really hear what they’re trying to say…

It’s not hard. You just have to shut up instead of waiting for your turn to speak, interrupting and imposing your point of view.

For those of you struggling… If you are constantly feeling misunderstood or frustrated by interactions with certain humans. Sometimes it’s just better to move away and gravitate to like minded souls that can ‘hear you’ and take the time to get to know you…

You’re not too much. Congratulations for being honest about being you. Nobody does it better

Just saying…

When life is in limbo and everything seems to be going wrong. Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter. Hang on in there it's closer than you think!

Limbo Land!!!

Limbo land!!!!!! I’m in porch purgatory right now… Meaning I’ve done so much emotional work on clearing my own fucked up path that I am ‘post’ a lot of core wounding from my past and in a ‘void’. Sucks!!!

When you realize you built your world on lies, inherited other people’s limitations, continued to manifest situations in your life that drew attention to more wounds, (anyone self healing gets this)!! And before the ‘new’ can take place you are purging your past…

So many people I know are in this space of nothing happening while they are going through shit for their own reasons… It appears to be a time of facing our deepest emotions and fears…

What I love is what I’m seeing around me…
More people just being honest with how they feel, what they have been through. More people getting real and not giving a shit about what others think!!!
Such a messed up time and yet so incredibly amazing what is coming out if it with the people around me…

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