Badass Memes… 

Sometimes we just need to hear this. Our soul craves connection and is part of our being that is starved of love. It can often feel like we are in a soulless society where a huge percentage of people are running from one fix to another to feel good.

It’s always temporary because you can’t ‘fix’ your soul by seeking superficial highs that supersede a crash and equally as savage low but many keep trying to fill the void inside that way.

The emptiness inside is from a lack of connection and now with ‘distancing’ and ‘enforced isolation’ the feelings of struggling, surviving and loneliness can be amplified.

Your soul is precious and even though you can feel all alone – there is an entire world out there also struggling with feeling unloved, unrecognized or just plain lonely.

The human condition and system is created that way. We can only change it by beginning to connect and come together.

So here’s my message today… Incase you haven’t been told in a while. You are important. You matter. And you are stronger than you think.



You MatteR!!