Badass Memes… 

Truth. It isn’t easy because we live in a world that is based on lies.

Truth hurts. Truth exposes. It makes you squirm inside.

The way most of us have learned to deal with truth is to deny, defend or attack. Human nature! We haven’t been taught any other way.

Our world is based on deny, defend, attack the very lies we have been fed. Wars run on this system. People fight each other this way. No one is taught to be open minded and curious – that’s seen as ‘weird’ or ‘activist’ because if you’re different you obviously ‘have issues’…

Times are changing. Lies are being exposed. Just because the truth hurts it doesn’t mean you can hide behind deny, defend or attack. We all do it!! I’m guilty as charged!!!

All I’m saying is it doesn’t work. Truth can be very ugly, that’s why New Age fails us. Love and light doesn’t heal truth. You can’t cover it up in a pretty band aid. Awareness cuts through bs and consciousness is increasing.

2017… The year of new beginnings. Truth can’t be ignored anymore. It’s in your face. What are you going to do about it?



TruTh Hurts!!