Badass Memes… 

There is no true power in hiding. You hide away because you are ‘scared of what others will think’, scared of being ‘mocked.’ Fuck that shit.

You’re scared of admitting you day/year/life sucks… Because people are plastic – they want to ‘pretend’ everything is fine… Fuck that shit too. Feelings are real. Shit feelings count – it means you have feelings in the first place – that’s a rare gem in human zombie land! Anyone judging you for that is obviously emotionally constipated! Fuck that shit too

Your power isn’t in your denial. It isn’t in hiding because of what others think. It isn’t in the latest paycheck/promotion or (for some) lipstick.

Your power is in YOU.

There’s a huge freedom in expressing yourself. You may lose friends but it makes way for real people because if they can’t handle you they were fake in the first place. (Fuck that shit?)

By being YOU – you give a gift. YOU inspire others to be themselves… Be BOLD. Be REAL. You have so much more to give than you realize…

And real people shine. They have power because they have an inner freedom. They know themselves… It takes courage to break away from social conditioning but once you do it’s so fucking liberating!!!

So once again… Fuck that shit anyone with me?



TruE PoWer!!