Badass Memes… 

Women have been spoon fed ‘fairy tales’ from childhood that a prince will come and rescue her. Real life isn’t like that. In order to be ‘rescued’ you have to be a ‘victim’. For a start no-one is responsible for your unhealed emotional crap except you.

Healers also fall into the trap of rescuing friends/family/loved ones that aren’t ready for change or to step up and take responsibility for their own situation and then wonder where they went wrong.

We are not responsible for the pain and trauma that happened to us in our childhood but we are responsible for how we deal with it. Rescuing continues the rescuer/victim cycle. Many are happy playing the victim.

Sympathy is energetic food and rescuers also get caught into ‘feeling needed’. No-one wins in the end because the cycle continues. We all need help but be prepared to do what needs to be done yourself to heal – healers of all kinds open doors, shift energy, allow new perspectives but you gotta walk through that door and be the warrior you really are inside.



The ResCue TraP!!