Badass Memes… 

These guys are harder to spot than your average Narc. This is because they know how to use vulnerability as a weapon.

A covert will steal energy by playing victim or finding ways to bait you for a reaction. It’s always a ploy to knock you off guard so that they have you confused or wondering if you are the problem.

You can feel like you’re going insane because at the same time they can be incredibly charismatic and complimentary. If something doesn’t feel right it is usually because you are noticing red flags. You see a covert narc like a full on narc runs entirely on a false sense of self. They need other people to fill their ego because inside is a gaping black hole of unhealed childhood wounds. If you stop feeding them they will jump to another person or find another way to attack you.

The best thing with games is not to play. It can be tough, almost brutal if then go ‘full attack’ as many have large followings and will try and turn people against you but whatever their game is it’s better to step back and let them run out of steam/find someone else to parasite from/fall on their own sword. Eventually they will. Your time and energy is too precious to feed into any drama they are creating. Trust that those that really know you will see things for what they are and carry on doing your own thing. The less steam they have to run on and ‘reactions’ they can feed from the faster they will look for a new target.

Keep your power and get some popcorn, stop giving a shit about what other people think of you and watch the movie play out. There’s always an ending and at least you kept your dignity and held your space. You are always much stronger than you realize and the only person you owe anything too is yourself. Stay cool life can suck and we don’t have a handbook however we can choose to say no or not react and stick by it.

You owe it to yourself.



CoVert NarcissisT!!