Badass Memes… 

Strong women (and men – maybe it should just be humans) support each other because uplifting, kindness, inspiring & encouraging each other to follow their dreams, purposes & direction in life is what gives that extra strength when you feel like you can’t go on.

The weaker versions use criticism, jealousy & competition to darken their hearts & they lose. They lose because they lost their path, maybe they were never on it. They lose because they chose themselves and their own insecurities in a world where we all have them.

When you help another, you stick up for those too tired or defeated to move forward that you know are precious in your life or have something amazing to share you immediately bring you back to your own connection and heart and soul.

That doesn’t mean selling your soul, there are people that will never change – choose those you vibrate with & stay away from those that drag you down.

A conscious world means changing the old pattern of ‘building up & tearing down’ we see it everywhere all of the time. Even a smile can change someones mood in a moment of need… Happy Sunday peeps



StronG WoMen!!