Badass Memes… 



Let’s make this clear…

Toxic people that blame others for their wounds, attack, blame and verbally vomit their wounds with ‘passive aggressive’ behavior are part of the problem in this world.

I was like that. I did the work. Years of self healing because I didn’t like the person I’d become. I was a walking ‘wound’ ready to erupt at any provocation and when you do that you create more pain and more abuse.

I didn’t want to be an abuser. I wanted to be an inspirer. I wanted to help others. What my heart told me was more important than my corrupt, damaged, nasty little ego!!

This isn’t about peeps that expose and crack the whip. Those guys deserve a medal for being brave enough to challenge the beliefs and indoctrination that our world has been brainwashed with.

I’m talking about the wounded that need help, are unable to move beyond their pain and still live in fear, loneliness and their own ‘prison of hell’ and do nothing about it.

Those that attack behind a keyboard or are unable to control their emotional outbursts, or (as our culture allows) use passive aggressive tactics to piss off others. Enough. Grow the fuck up.

Working on the shadow is the toughest work of all. It takes huge courage, determination and can squeeze you emotionally like a sponge but healing from your particular brand of pain and trauma frees you.

When you hurt you hurt others around you. It’s like a disease. That’s how this world operates and until we address ourselves the cycle continues.

Big love out there to those that are pushing for change, constantly seeking growth and self improvement, care about this world and what’s happening. You are doing something – you are the braves ones.

We don’t always agree with each other but we all have the same intentions at heart. Our paths aren’t always easy but at least we have the balls to deal with what we are and what we want to become.



SpirituaL GanGster!!