Badass Memes… 

The biggest mistake that many peeps can make on their spiritual journey is that if someone treats them badly they can blame themselves or make excuses for assholes. New Age has systematically brainwashed us into giving away our power by creating expressions such as: ‘this is a lesson you need to heal within’ ‘focus on yourself more’ and ‘have more empathy for others’ leading to enormous spiritual bypassing of yourself and your personal boundaries.

We all have wounds that need healing. That doesn’t mean you have to invite assholes into your life. They are going to piss you off anyway. You may change most assholes don’t. It is not your job to teach them how to have values and morals.

If you are already focused on your wounds it doesn’t mean you have to ignore an assholes behavior. If they have no respect for you they will continue to disrespect you.

You can have empathy for assholes without having any contact with them and you will have so much more peace in your life.

The world is full of beautiful souls and a lot of assholes. Assholes are not going anywhere. The biggest lesson you can learn is how to spot them faster and again… stay away!!

The hardest mission of all is to love yourself and to value YOU. The wounds are far easier to heal once you close the door to people that aren’t nourishing your soul and begin to surround yourself with those that do.

You can heal, grow and learn on a spiritual lesson through love or continue dealing with assholes and learn from triggered and constant pain.

The choice is yours chose wisely.



SpiriTual BypassinG!!