Badass Memes… 

You know who your friends are and who cares about you when you are the one in need.

Everyone wants to be around you when you are happy, upbeat and life is flowing…

When you fall, stumble or the shit hits the fan thats when you get to really know who cares, who disappears and the worst.. the ones that kick you when you are down.

The latter appear to think they are entitled to your time, love and attention. But when it comes to you, you are low on energy, need a hug or just to be heard, somehow they manage to turn and twist everything into something about them.

It always feels much worse if you then feel like you have to defend yourself or justify your feelings. We all have crap days and it’s so much more painful if you then have to deal with someone demanding your attention and then blaming you if they don’t get it.

Never undervalue your self worth. You deserve better especially if you are empathic and absorb others emotions easily.

Stay true to yourself and be strong in who you are. Shit days happen and so do shitty people. Remember those that treat you good and bin the others. You deserve the best.



Shitty PeoPle!!