Badass Memes… 

Shame… It’s used to guilt trip, character assassinate, emotionally blackmail, manipulate and control. It starts in childhood ‘what will the neighbours think?’ and progresses to ‘do as you’re told, don’t ask questions’ and then before you know it instead of seeing the real you – you’re put into some kind of box of ‘how you are supposed to behave’.

If you aren’t hurting anyone else then how you live your life is your choice. Don’t put yourself down – we live in a system where everyone will do it for you.

By all means if something sucks speak up – I put all my skeletons out of my cupboard years ago – it’s all blogged on my website and when you own your shit it changes you. I never claimed to wear a halo, sit on a white fluffy cloud with angel wings playing a harp. If you think there is someone out there doing that… run. Denial is much more insidious than authenticity, honesty and having a wild side.

Conformity and attacking others for being different or not scared to be themselves is just a waste of time. Not everyone is ever going to like you – the more you are you the more you threaten people that aren’t being themselves.

Don’t buy into bullies because thats the game behind shaming – it may be covert it may be blatant but the real problem is taking on the projections and opinions of people that have no idea what it is like to walk in your shoes feel what you feel or have lived your life.

Of course if it’s corporations, systems and cruelty then shame away – we need to expose whats really behind all this personal persecution and stop attacking each other.

Being yourself and being different isn’t a sin it’s actually a gift in a world that wants to condemn, judge and control.