Badass Memes… 

Boundaries… Basically how much will you tolerate from another human? Because boundaries are where you draw the line to what is appropriate and acceptable to you.

Respect and boundaries go hand in hand… if someone disrespects your boundaries and reacts in a toxic way you just found out where their respect for you ended.

If it’s someone that truly cares about you and you need to express yourself or say no to something then you guys will figure it out. Communication and expression is something that we all struggle with at times as for most of us our childhood conditioning has always been ‘do as you’re told’, ‘children should be seen and not heard’ etc This is embedded deeply into our psyche.

Redefining boundaries and learning respect and love for you is an ongoing process.

If your boundaries are violated and you say no then you have just done yourself a massive favour… An energy vampire will always find someone else. Remember your vibration, your energy and your soul truth is precious – stay on your path and true to yourself…

Quote @mindfulboundaries

Seek those who ‘feel’ you, those that ‘see’ beyond you and into your soul – those are the people who you meet on a frequency level of love and connection. The others? They will find their own tribe who enjoy the drama of attack and control.




SettinG BounDaries!!