Badass Memes… 

It’s time we get real about this. Regardless of whether someone is sensitive to energy or they don’t even know about it psychic attacks is very real and a loop that runs from human to human whenever we are in lower emotions and our thoughts are contaminated with anger, fear or hatred.

We are in a matrix system which is within a soup of unconsciousness also called the morphogenic field so our thoughts and emotions travel.

There are those of course that knowingly attack others however most of the world has no idea that they are attacking – they are just miserable angry and stuck in a drama loop.

There are ways to clear your energy after a bad day around unconsciousness and miserable humans. One way is to shower with rock salt and clean your vibration. Others sage themselves after an interaction that is unpleasant. Our energy is so important and how we interact in this world with toxic humans is always not to play.

Yoga builds personal power, meditation clears the mind… Massages ground. Epson salt and aromatic baths relax and most of all be kind to yourself and those around you.

If someone is challenging – small doses!! Walk away from the malicious and know you are much stronger than you are led to believe… Don’t buy into the new age dogma that because you are attacked you attracted it. The matrix system is set up to attack anyone that is focused on raising their vibration, looking for peace, purpose and love.

Of course healing your inner child and seeking help and healing will always provide shifts and changes in your life. Don’t forget who you are… The sovereign part of you is peaceful and loving at core and that’s the part that you really are…

Take care of yourself. Know you are human and make mistakes and never stop learning. When we begin to work together thats when the miracles happen.

Stay true to you – you’re worth it



PsyChic AttacK!!