Badass Memes… 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just express ourselves honestly and speak our minds without being somehow rebuked or dismissed or offered unsolicited advice that totally detracts from the message we are conveying?

Maybe how we feel and express ourselves as long as it’s not violent or purposely hurting another human is ok. Perhaps we are sick of being hijacked with passive aggressive, spiritual bypassing crap that is regurgitated from some new age dogma that avoids emotions and feelings and glosses over reality with patronizing and vomit inducing phrases such as ‘you are too negative’, ‘you’re manifesting your reality right now’ and ‘think positive’.

How about Fuck off. What if we have a rant. We feel like crap. Get it off our chest and with the right support or a friendly ear we then feel purged. Even elevated which leads to making better decisions, feeling more aligned and then maybe we can be positive.

That does’t happen if some twat is bashing us with some puke orientated new age biblical hippie book that is aimed at covering up our feelings and denying that as human beings if we dare to express ourselves on an emotional level we are somehow not as evolved as ‘these special enlightened beings’ that are pooping rainbow clouds.

Being true to yourself and allowing yourself to be you is what makes you YOU and if you cover up your emotions and stuff them down inside of you at some point they bubble up and project themselves outwards in something akin to the tasmanian devil.

Please be yourself and stay away from those that are unable to see anything from anyone else’s perspective but their own. It’s better you really do take some new age advice and allow them to pass by like chocolate coated fluffy clouds.



Mega RanT!!