Badass Memes…


We all have a soul purpose although many are lost because the matrix system is created via separation.

This separation isn’t just the system we live in, the unconscious vibrations around us & childhood traumas that still tell us we are not good enough and don’t deserved to be loved.

We are separated internally, energetically & from our true natural core essence and alignment. Think of being turned inside out and upside down. Ego is separated from observer, energy bodies and meridians are separated from each other… The human biological infrastructure and its systems are separated through medications, trauma, vaccinations and no longer communicate in unity.

Humans are separated and fighting about who is right – some are at war killing each other. Others are fighting about the system, what to eat, religion, health & it goes on and on…

What works for one human may not work for another. Everybody’s blueprint is different just like snowflakes – no 2 humans are the same. Our healing journeys are all unique.

This is the game of the matrix system to create isolation, disconnection, anger, hatred and judgment. As I mentioned before divide & conquer is the ultimate ploy.

There are many that are helping others with their experience and knowledge. Many feel a calling to pull away from drama & conflict, to move beyond constant pain and suffering that has no point.

If we are focused on hating and judging each other our attention is not focused on the most important person here… You and why you are here.

Everyone is healing and becoming conscious at different paces and whatever path you are on remember that who you are is hidden from you.

This matrix system is a loop in the mind & neurotransmitters that keep you away from your heart because the human heart is the biggest weapon against the world we live in.

There is a fight, a war against consciousness – those that separate and judge have missed something very special – everyone has insecurities, many have health or mental/emotional issues but deep down inside we all feel the same pain of separation – it’s through connection that healing takes place.

It’s by uniting and embracing our differences and really hearing each other that shifts occur. We are in a world where we need to start working together instead of being right or wrong. Always be open for change, shifts happen when we really start hearing instead of waiting for our turn to speak.

When we connect from the heart with an open mind we learn. The matrix loses its power. Thats sovereign synergy – thats also part of our soul purposes because the desire to create a world thats a more harmonious place is within us all.

Be unique, be different, don’t stop searching & most of all know you are not alone. Don’t buy into the matrix game.



MaTrix MissioN!!