Badass Memes… 

Boundaries are one of the toughest things to learn for many and if that isn’t tricky enough as we grow, change and shift so do our boundaries… What I would put up with 10 years ago is very different to what I will tolerate today.

One thing that I’ve clearly noticed is that if you state your boundaries and they are disrespected or someone tries to manipulate you into feeling guilty or unreasonable for requesting something as simple as… ‘I’m busy right now. I need to focus my attention on work and will be in touch soon.’ then this is a person that has no boundaries of their own and therefore very little respect for anyone else’s.

If you constantly need to repeat yourself or explain yourself then at some point you will feel drained, frustrated, irritated or… all 3. It is a form of energy vampirism. It can also lead to an outburst of anger where you can then get blamed for being unreasonable by a manipulator.

Unless you are a parent and responsible for the upbringing of children who demand a lot of love, care and attention you are not ‘energy food’ or ‘an emotional babysitter’ for another fully grown adult.

Healthy people will respect your boundaries. True friends will support you and encourage you. Those are the people that are important in your life! The others just like any forms of energy vampirism will find new food to feed from…

When being nice isn’t appreciated and seen as a weakness making a stand is a perfectly natural thing to do.

Stay cool, be strong..



Making a Stand!!