Badass Memes… 

You can be with someone and know they’re not really there. The system we live in has cultivated that from childhood – the lack of presence to each other. A television in every room, a phone that’s in everyones hand or maybe just circumstances where a person has lost their connection to themselves.

Life gets tough and people numb down whether it’s self medication, a broken heart, dreams or promises that never happened. Whatever the situation for many it’s easier to disconnect than face the pain within.

It’s tough to see people you love suffering and just as tough to be the one that watches them fade away.

In the Eastern world they say there isn’t enough food. In the western world there’s not enough love. If you don’t love yourself you will always unconsciously push away those that truly love you and thats most of this world.

A traumatized childhood means that the child doesn’t stop loving they just stop loving themselves. We all deserve to be loved, to feel love and to love ourselves and yet so many are lost that they have yet to find themselves.

Connection is precious – never stop feeling your heart – if you love someone and let them go if it’s meant to be you will find a way back to each other and those that have lost and loved – never lose faith in yourself. When the heart heals only take the good because if you loved and you did everything you could you didn’t fail – you just stepped closer to a part of you that opened another piece of your heart.

Humans aren’t taught how to connect on a deep level – we are all still learning but connection is where your true core resides…

To all those who have loved and lost