Badass Memes… 

Unfortunately we are surrounded by predators, people that have forgotten how to give and just take.

Kindness is a gift not something to be used, abused and then sucked out of you by those that think you are weak and they can use you.

If you are still kind after all your experiences with those that are unable to see you for who your are… A person that is still in touch with their heart and soul then it is their loss not yours.

There is more hatred in this world than love right now but many are sick and tired of living like that.

Never feel bad for helping the wrong person that took advantage of you. your energy will come back from another direction.

You are seen, you have a tribe and those that choose love over hate are growing in numbers…

Kindness is a special strong kind of courage that those of us possessing it just have to get more skillful with our boundaries and who we help.

Those with hearts will never forget you and maybe that small thing you did inspired them to makes changes…

Love to you spiritual warriors out there… Abi