Badass Memes… 

We have a different soul/spiritual path as empaths to narcissists and psychopaths.

It’s obvious when you think about it isn’t it? Anyone that is interested in the details have a listen to the karmic return which validates everything I rant about and have discovered along the way on my path.

Empaths spend the beginning of their life trying to fit in and wondering what is wrong with them. They adapt, self-medicate, some even turn into narcissists themselves because feeling and being surrounded by so much toxic energy causes a shut down.

The journey of the empath is to survive their abuse, to share their story, regain their power and have self worth. To cultivate strong boundaries and shine a light in a world that so desperately needs it.

We are ever growing in presence and awareness. It never stops, only deepens.

Narcissists are stuck in the mind. They analyze everything and ‘think’ everyone is like them. They judge you by their morals of which they have none.

Empaths have moved beyond that and into their hearts but allow narcissists to continue to bully them until they finally get the message that they are actually here to stop that shit by finding another way and that starts with healing themselves and realizing they have so much truth and love to share.

Narcissists can’t do love. They haven’t reached their hearts.

When sharing your story or truth there will always be haters. I see corruption and I say ‘no’. If my actions offend others by pointing out BS it says more about them than me.

Authentic people add. They discuss and they bring attention to subjects that enrich. They don’t have to agree on everything. We are all different.

I can’t stop calling out the new age scene… I’ve only just began!!

Love me or hate me at least I’m real. I have shit. I do dumb stuff. How I handle it is what makes me me.

Just saying on a rainy day in Thailand.



KeePing it ReaL!!