Badass Memes… 


People often ask me what I think about it and to me it’s just cause and effect. ‘What you give you get.’

You can’t escape from Karma because it is the result and consequences of your actions and intentions. Yes… Nasty thoughts and intentions even if they aren’t acted out, if they are projected outwards and create a harmful vibration that is an energy you created and in order to retain balance it will be projected back.

For me it’s about the vibration you create in your life. The higher your vibration you exist in the more you can create ‘good karma’ (effects).

There can be instant Karma. Let’s explore a day that sucks!! You slept bad. You wake up cranky. You’re out of balance. You stub your toe getting out of bed. Burn your breakfast. Sleeping badly wasn’t necessarily your fault but you feel like shit and shitty circumstances are what you are getting!! That’s an instant reaction to your vibration.

Then there’s collective Karma. That truly sucks because the humans on our planet that control it are hellbent on destruction and disempowerment. That is not your fault. We are all recipients of collective Karma. The way to counteract that is by what’s happening right now. An awakening of whistle blowing, exposing and changing the vibration in this world. The more we wake up collectively and begin to live differently from a space of peace and love, truth, authenticity, the more we can change the nasty vibration these sociopaths have inflicted on the planet.

That means changing the vibration within you. You are not responsible for all the shit that happened to you. To tell a child that has been abused that they are reaping karma and that they deserve it is just New Age ignorance. But if you carry trauma. You are responsible for healing it so you don’t vomit it back into the world. I don’t believe that all bad things that happen to us are because of our own karma. Collective Karma of humanity is powerful.

Past life Karma. I don’t believe in the bs we are fed that we have to come back to this planet with no memories of our past lives. I also don’t believe we have to come back here. For me this planet is Luciferian and ‘everything’ we are told is lies. That’s another subject.

Maybe you had a past life where you were disconnected from your feelings so you broke a lot of hearts. To reap what you sew the next lifetime could be one where you fall in love constantly and your heart is broken periodically. The Universe is always seeking balance.

It’s a multifaceted subject but the basic rules are: every thought, action and deed that create vibrations in this world create an energetic chain reaction that is like a boomerang. Sooner or later it will come back to you…

To change your karma you change yourself. That can be self healing, meditation, yoga, therapy, diet, vibration… There are many ways and it isn’t always easy but it is possible.

I’m sure there’s a zillion things to add please feel free… This is just my perspective.