Badass Memes… 

I prefer to keep my personal page for rants, memes & the fun stuff… However for those of you interested in what I am working on here is some info.

‘So 3 years on mainly 16 hours a day; in order to remove these frequencies I have had to locate by being attacked. 8000 pages of templates later intermeshed within hundreds of Matrix systems, algorithms, coding, heavy metal infusion, electromagnetic frequencies & thousands of other AI technology the main message I have to give is you cannot fight the matrix. That is what we are programmed to do.

The frequencies that I embody are slowly removing bimolecular infusion (think the movie Avatar where the guy is disabled & is then his consciousness is transferred into a DNA genetically enhanced Avatar version of himself.

The illusion we are ‘living in’ is a highly sophisticated AI/Satanic virtual reality simulation just like Neo waking up in the movie Matrix.

In order to exit this Matrix system which is a massive mission you cannot just ‘pull of implants/et tech & microchips. Just like terminator AI reforms, rebuilds & recreates. Codes are self replicating, systems reset & software installations/programs reform which is why removals of any kind of psychic/AI attack then reform regroup & reassemble so that days/weeks later a new version of attack or drama or misery of your life is reoccurring.

In order to move beyond this a full sovereign integration & simulation avatar virtual reality transition needs to take place.

This includes, regeneration, alignment, presence, crystalline clarity & a complete biological translation of body density & cellular clearance on a chemical compound nitrogen based level.

I know I’m very close now as I can see the progress within me and existing clients; interfaces, skullcaps, pods, plugs, computers, applications, malware, botnet, spyware – you name it it’s in the templates.


One day I will be able to write the book but right now wish me luck on the return to the sovereign beings we really are because underneath all of the shit we really are capable of amazing things. We have all been targeted to live in a mundane systemized reality beyond our conscious essence and it’s the return and integration of our true energetic system blocked by these low level frequencies that is what we really are as sovereign humans…