Badass Memes… 



So I got asked a good question yesterday… What’s the difference between your Spirit and Soul.

For me and the way I work the soul is like the vehicle of energy that we journey onto this planet with. It’s a collection of experiences and karmic learnings – feelings/sensations etc that we vibrate. An old soul has been here many times before whereas a new soul is ‘young’ and less experienced.

It’s my feelings that a soul is here purifying itself and ‘waking up’ or ‘becoming conscious’.

Can we be disconnected from our soul? Yes. Sociopaths and Narcissists are perfect examples.

Can our soul be damaged? Yes. Mine was totally violated – that’s what Satanic Ritual Abuse, any form of trauma or control is designed to do. Depression for me is like cancer of the soul

Can we heal our Soul? Of course its genuine form is pure and it is part of us way beyond the mind and ego. Mine is happy again!!

We resonate with similar vibrating souls… Soulmate, Soul tribe… And I feel the heart and Soul are intrinsically connected!!

The Spirit however is very different!!!

The spirit can’t be damaged. It’s like an eternal flame that never changes. A part of us that is always connected to consciousness, source.

It can jump out of the body when threatened. I find many clients have their spirit in their throat energy meridian or third eye because the spirit is quite stubborn and if it doesn’t like a situation will try and escape!!

Feelings of disconnection when the Spirit isn’t fully in the body can also lead to feeling fragmented.

The spirit is a primal part of you, the shamanic, the subconscious… My spirit is very naughty. It’s what kept me alive when the rest of me, mind, emotions and soul just wanted ‘out’. My spirit refused to give up.

The spirit is badass It refuses to be tamed… free spirit being the perfect example!!

Heal your soul, your soul has a conscience and fly with your spirit…

There are many energy bodies, we are amazing beings! But here’s my interpretation of these two…

Dance with your spirit and feel with your soul



FRee SpiRit!!